Presidential in France: what if Sandrine Rousseau wins the environmentalist primary? -!


/ France Report Published on: 20 / 08 / 2021 – 23: 40 The primary candidate ecologist for the French presidential election of , the former spokesperson for the green party EELV Sandrine Rousseau, on 12 July 2021, in Paris. AFP – GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT The summer days of environmentalists end this Saturday 21 August in Poitiers. A concluding Saturday after two days during which attention was focused on the candidates for the primary. A candidate arouses a lot of enthusiasm: Sandrine Rousseau, who digs an original groove, that of ecofeminism. Reporting. With our special correspondent in Poitiers, Aurélien Devernoix “Hello. Today, 17 h 15, Sandrine Rousseau’s carte blanche … ”It’s hard to miss them: omnipresent with their red scarves with white polka dots, the supporters by Sandrine Rousseau tow, challenge, persuade. And according to François, it works rather well despite the lack of means and notoriety of his candidate. “It arouses curiosity, so it’s quite easy,” he says. Because the economist has a discourse that contrasts with her competitors: more radical on ecology, capitalism, more open also to other struggles and especially feminism, she who had left the party after revealing that she had been sexually assaulted by the elected ecologist Denis Baupin. Candidacy taken seriously by Joadot and Piolle “I have been in extremely strong and powerful societal movements like #MeToo,” explains Sandrine Rousseau. Basically, all these societal movements only say one thing. It’s: “We don’t want to be dominated anymore.” And in fact, it’s an extremely powerful slogan and that’s what I’m wearing in this primary. An eco-feminism that resonates with young activists and elected officials. “It was a bit of an activist love at first sight,” assures Harmony Legendre, deputy mayor of Bordeaux. And eco-feminism is really about attacking predations on women’s bodies, predations on resources, predations on places of life. For me, this is really obvious. “Less than a month before the primary, will the temptation Sandrine Rousseau have time to settle? His candidacy is in any case taken very seriously by the teams of Éric Piolle and Yannick Jadot. ► To listen to and read also: Presidential in France: distance duel between Jadot and Piolle during the summer days of the Greens Source: www.


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