Prnt Sc Codes 18+ Lists REDDIT [2021]

Prnt Sc Codes codes randomprnt. sc/ab1234prnt. sc/ab1235 – prnt sc gx5060prnt. sc/ combinations. Hello everyone, my name is yaara and I have a gift for you today so I was in Tech Talk because it’s the best website to create content and I’ve seen it..

Prnt Sc Codes 18+ Lists [2021]

Is the prnt SC real?

Basically, there’s a screenshot utility called Lightshot, and it has the option to upload your images to the web. is a screenshot utility that allows you to quickly customise screenshots, and upload them to the internet. These images can be found on a website called, and they’re publicly available.

this thing that if you type in the Google key or in T Dot SC slash and js8263 codes inappropriate random
prnt. sc/ab1234
prnt. sc/ab1235
prnt sc gx5060
prnt. sc/ph6638 combinations

then you put two letters to ronimal whenever you want, I’ll do KL and then

four digits, so it could be four numbers four letters or a mixture of four

Letters and four numbers, so we go to 69, a logo, I guess, and we enter it.

it gives you a random screenshot now you’re probably thinking why the hell

Anyone want to do this but was playing with it on my ragu phone?

For example, say O T 69 69 if you stay, you may find a [ _ _ ] as strange and as I

I was playing and technically you could find someone like bang

the seat is fun, but also dangerous and if you are

wondering what this [ _ _ ] is or where it’s coming from if you’ve ever

you pressed ctrl on your keyboard and pressed print screen, take a screenshot of

your computer just like, Yes, looks like a screenshot on a phone, accept it as

it makes screenshots of your computer screen and then yes, but apparently this website

I can take them and it’s a little worrisome because I use the print screen a lot like this js8263

I do not know what kind of [ _ Prnt Sc Codes 18+ Lists _ ] I’m going to be screenshot, but it pops up, so I thought

Prnt Sc Codes

we only used the skill en masse as well when I was playing, I just wrote as Carson

like a mess, I was squeezing like youtuber names and [ Prnt Sc Codes 18+ ] and I wrote

Carson and obviously lately there’s a lot of Carson and it’s drama, so I wrote

I miss it and I have a blurry message because you can write it yourself and see

what he says Let’s try aa 69 69 you do it when he’s 25 and you know you’re

Very stubborn, but the world is not as black and white as you do.

I see the guy’s a team or I was waiting for you to make a move and I know and I know

what I’m talking about sure not all the guys who don’t

want sex is gay is called Respect Respect Wait Don’t comment

you have a tick-tock I’m tick-tock like it’s a weird website.

what abc123 is okay, I don’t care Phoebe, it’s not okay, TV, no, what [ –Prnt Sc Codes 18+-__ ]

If anyone knows this man, what is that curse? Damage Oh my God LuAnn

vasconcelos Schermerhorn sorry Miki 800k I do not want to look

on that we go for number 105 anyone who speaks Russian or any language

that’s thanks lmao 90 I see how it is but only nobody come beep I’m going to

the dispensary right now, what a king, what an absolute Chad and a ray of calm.

That’s a bitch lasagna office and come on, baby, I’m coming, what if they’re gonna

What if it’s semen inside the

tipi good good work oh is this no one has sequels that’s very

old side effects that’s what it is let me go LM or P door Hello

how nice, why would anyone see that? What is this [ _Prnt Sc Codes +18_ ]?

Illuminati hit Park Season 9 Why does that lover fight well?

don’t talk lyrics oh that’s right after Nice That’s right

thirteen morning number oh [ _ _ ] I have to blur this I mean it’s a bank

details, but I don’t think, hopefully, I don’t think anyone can get

money with this Hello Again Robbie, what was he looking at?

Apple iPhone 7 minecraft something subscription csgo

He fixed what this golden Hawkman is buying for $ 90.

Okay, please, no one uses bank details. I think he used an alert.

To be honest, we know he’s going to JPMorgan Chase Bank and his name is Robbie and he

it’s a cat, oh, we got more bank details, apparently, a friend of 20 years after Windows 7 in

2019 let’s poop 67 let’s see the 6

well, that’s getting blurry erotic stories oh my God Adult Friend Finder

Carol James, does anyone want to e-mail you and pretend to be a lover?

funny or Enkidu is oh my ass what about the ass food that come to poop pizzas?

in Bom bom boo boo be Barbies who say PE or three five six so basically I’m

always a point to this video on camera, but you can find fun things that you can

find news you may like porn you can find people but you can also search bank

details and private information private messages you know it’s strange like me

imagine if everything that screenshots on your phone were uploaded to a website

Can you imagine how dangerous that would be, so I guess no, that’s a beautiful man?

– woman, I do not know, a lot of that is just games and my crush sucks a lot.

he said, but a lot of that is just Minecraft, I’m like dota and like everyone

these weird things I’ve never played so you can find

you can find fun stuff in it and you can find porn, but like I said, You can also

find bank details and a lot of private [ __ ] that probably shouldn’t be in the

Internet, but it’s fun to play with weights, you can find it with your

friends, but be careful, [ _ _ ], be careful if you ever use the print

screen and of course if you are doing this, don’t do it if you find it

know nudes or bank details, do not filter them or do not use them for yours

it benefits everyone, I mean the nudes you probably can

unless you know who you are, in which case you do nothing if it is bank details

just don’t buy anything there, obviously, it’s always gonna be there.

tracked to your location on TV, whatever computer you use, so just

don’t wear that, but overall, it’s pretty fun for about

10 minutes and then you say yes, I’m bored, nice, so if you ever get bored

quarantine, obviously, there are not many things to do, it is something to do, but

That said, it gets pretty boring, you’re probably bored by the

end of this video, but yes, try it, see what you can do and make sure you leave.

anything fun you find in my subreddit link in the description after the presentations

because I really want to see some things, I know you said a [ _ _ ], well, I

I’m not sure I might be the only person on the planet who finds this interesting.

I don’t know, but it’s not that good-bye deal. if you think it’s funny, leave it at the

subreddit is 18 Well it’s not 18 and I really don’t care just post anything that

they literally don’t care a [ _ _ ], so yeah, hit each other, I hope

I enjoyed this video. I hope you’re not going to exploit someone’s bank details, but

I hope you have fun, so thank you all for joining me and otherwise not fighting.

the other day I was looking for a build

the league of legends because if the

quarantine has made me go back to lol I looked

online for a build paralysis

in one of my favorite champions I

found this link in this

youtube video that link took me a

page that I had not seen in my life

seemed like a page that hosted written

online so it caught

my attention and I began to

investigate a little how the

page worked because maybe it could

interest me and I found that

many people were uploading your writings here so

I said let’s try it the process was

very simple you did not strict you

could not edit it you could save it but

there was also an option which was to

load it on your website from the live

search website which is the one we are seeing right

now yes I had the brilliant

idea and I thought why don’t we try numbers

random letters because as we are seeing

all the links are made in a

random way there are numbers and letters so I

said why I don’t upload a channel video

in which I investigate this description

without further ado, let’s go to this

page to see what we

find, we get in the way that

we were going to work in the following way,

you are going to have I have to put this

link that I am seeing here cr at this

point st

bar and then the combination of

numbers and letters that you want whatever you want,

because imagine

I have already been trying with several examples


w and we get a capture of Julian that

this is it’s steam I don’t think it’s

destiny I’m not watching a series I

‘m his sister left if she went to

play it she said look look and not that post

has started talking about pain and my

brother-in-law, well that’s what we can

do in this page not even above

now in quarantine that we can get

bored because we can go looking for

captures not of people of random people out

there around the world who, well, look at animation

at two hours we are watching the

conversation of loli and falling qaeda but

imagine how we put that

completely random combination before because

we can also put even words

imagine my name that is martín

martín and we get here a capture of

boca lis g7 of led from left and I

do not know what is malicious boris for For example you

can look for it now we will do other

examples looking for information about things

but the truth is that this is the language that it

is I suppose it will be because Russian

over there york I say there are millions of

combinations of numbers and letters and

I’m not even sure if we put

something like

it does not come out and it goes through the lime test of no reply

which is to say not answer and this is

Turkish 100% and if we will get bored a lot

because what I say we could translate

this I swear I do not know what people do


getty style is baking marius from coyame &

style this looks like some

clothes doesn’t look like a

good clothes bill because it says xl here

at least but and this that tuvalú reads is lithuanian

the Uncle

7 style this seems to be a

famous page at least style in

which it is in English


and this is when the Caribbean enters here is

when the investigation enters if we get

bored as I tell you a lot and in this

case we are going to We are going to check

what this page is not going to see

or at least see if we have already

managed to see that this person was bought,

which I suppose will be svejk and

yellow, and I will also see if if the

name is vicky it is virtual it

is bay that In the dictionary, let’s see, it’s

a word translated as hello it’s

vicky it’s hello the Lithuanian then the

gods will be called yellow nothing this

sounds more like seeing if indeed

yellow has to be a man a

man 100% a man the Lithuanian marius

is worth Well, from

now on we are going to call our friend marillo if we are going

to investigate what

our yellow friend bought, which is there for you

but we will have to put it in Lithuanian we

have to put it alone

at lt

ok ok This I think is the page

I suppose

wow and it seems that it is the typical page

like this one from asos or from odessa land or

because it has a cost converse uff from

Lithuanian it is difficult for me to try to see

we are going to try to catch references from the

capture to see what we can get it

clear comes a touch

good looking good looking will be the brand

that is worth money euros

then yellow let’s see let’s

see where we can get you from and I think

it is a tribe that has to be a piece

or what is in my separate channel to

know situations of crown wine

we are also going to learn ritual is tribe that

having this style that is I think it is worth

for you it

seems that this ship is that the

hunter or something like that but of course there are

both men and women but we know

that Marius is A material uncle will be a mother

or father, but after the law translate

for women, we don’t have it for

women, that is, it has to be for

men, well, but if it was a

gift, the issue was getting complicated.

here I am going to try to filter it by

58 and we are going to search we are going to see if

we can find it

ok I just realized that the

purchase is screw

we are in 2020 2017 2018 2019 2020

four years have passed so maybe

not anymore They have this that the marinus friend product

but well more or less you

understand how this page goes,

not you search and capture

random ranges and well you can throw yourself here

in the middle now that I have been here for 15 minutes

to find the

yellow jackets my friend and usual you

imagine that yellow of this and no no

because I am not filtering absolutely

anything of it but with numbers and letters

but you can


and here

yes sir guys here you finally

have it finally you have the winners of the raffle

that we did two months before On the channel,

if I’m not mistaken, order they explained at

first why it took so long,

no, you are already seeing them around here.


It is etcetera

but hey basically this took so long

due to the fact that play to return the

page that we exported requested a

part of the draw ended up closing that

we are closing on March 15th if I am not

mistaken at the beginning of March when

the winners were not yet

announced nor They were not selected

much less as from number

4 to number 10 they were random draws

of play pulvett so this has been

like a kind of relationship between what

it cost 20 euros in face start or in

paypal life to return and relate it to the

game random so that you get an

idea 20 euros in paysafecard in play for

veteran like 2 million 500 thousand coins

and a random game here was about

500,000 I think 600 thousand out there that is to say

that the relationship is if their uncles had

given that random game then The price

would be approximately a

few euros, it is worth two three euros than if

there are judges for that pasta and more I started

but what I am going to do is that

you It is related that you put a

game worth five euros so well

if you are part of this list of

winners I would appreciate very much if

you contact me, you are with me or it puts

up to great because many months I followed

stage it is worth many you follow me three or by

instagram or yes no if you do not have instagram

and you did it through

youtube I would like you to send me an

email to this address that you are

seeing the friend here on the screen

I will put him in contact with you I

will tell you what corresponds to you or the part

that The prize corresponds and for others I

answer, you will do it later with the game

that you want so nothing boys

and girls I announce that the next few

weeks we will have the same raffle

of the game we are already finding more

sponsors to bring you little things to the channel

thanks to all for the confidence that you

are giving me in these last weeks

I hope you have enjoyed

today’s video very much remember to subscribe

share it with your friends igos boys and

girls without further delay see you in the

next article goodbye js8263


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Full javascript code is available here: This tutorial works only on your lightshot / / gallery. (available for free on I’ve been using this code in Chrome browser, but it should work just fine also on Firefox. For any questions, please comment below p

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prnt sc gx5060 combinations

prnt. sc/ab1234

prnt. sc/ph6638


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