Provisional portability data for 2021 points to Digi and MásMóvil as winners, but it's too early for … -!

The provisional portability data of 2021 indicate Digi and MásMóvil as winners, but it’s too early for … -!

Hello, Welcome to the TopWhich News site! I will present you all the details of Interim portability data for 2021 point to Digi and MásMóvil as winners, but it’s too early for … -! here.

Interim portability data of 2021 point to Digi and MásMóvil as winners, but it’s too early for … -!

The provisional portability data of 2021 indicate Digi and MásMóvil as winners, but it’s too early for … -! We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Interim portability data for . … -! Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Provisional portability data of 2021 point to Digi and MásMóvil as winners, but it’s too early for … -!

The 2021 has come to an end, and with it, it is time to continue taking stock of how the telecommunications market has moved another year, and what are the preferences of users when choosing a destination operator .

At the moment, it is a brief analysis based on provisional data that Xataka Móvil has had access to, and that helps to clarify key aspects about the operators that lead the line gain , although we will also tell you why you have to take this data with caution , preventing conclusions from being drawn until the CNMC ratifies the data in a couple of months.

Two reasons to take with caution the provisional data

Telephony portability is an important indicator to know the preferences of users when choosing a new fiber and mobile operator, but if what it is about is to know the number of total lines that an operator has gained or lost throughout the year , you have to look at the net profit figures, which also include losses and registration of new numbers, and these data are only provided by the CNMC.

These ups and downs represent differences with the number of portabilities that exceeded in October 70. 000 more lines for Movistar, 88. 000 more lines for Orange and 415. 000 more lines for Vodafone in ten months .

We are faced with data that are provisional, not because the figures given are not real, but because these figures must be complemented to be realistic.

Also, we are talking about number portability. That is, users who change operator and keep the same number. Something that is common in mobile telephony, but not so much in the landline, where the service is not even available with some such prominent operators as Lowi, Simyo, Pepephone or Digi, so the High fiber in those operators do not count as portability nor do they appear in the advanced data.

Movistar, Orange and Vodafone lose, but not as much as it seems

Getting into the nitty-gritty, it is not that in 2021 there are too many surprises in the ranking of winners with regarding 2020, although new actors have appeared such as Avatel , who have broken in with force, already winning half the lines that MásMóvil has won; and Digi , which has overtaken MásMóvil in mobile portability.

Let’s see how each group of operators has been distributed in provisional mobile portability and we will compare them with the official data of the CNMC accumulated until October of 2021.

Provisional portabilities 2021

Official portability until October

Net profit until October


360. 000


342. 70

185. 000

400. 000


165. 000


– 249. 70

– 195. 000

221. 000


– 233. 000

– 195. 000

– 102. 000


– 493.

– 432.

– 362. 000

Regarding fixed broadband lines through ADSL or fiber, it is more difficult to establish relationships with fixed telephony portability , not only because there are operators that do not even offer landlines, but because other landline portabilities do not have to have a broadband line associated with them at home.


Still, to get an idea of ​​how the market is evolving, we are going to buy the provisional results in fixed portability with the total number of official broadband lines registered during the first ten months of the year.

Provisional portabilities 2021

Net profit until October


88. 000

193. 000


223. 000

343. 000


90. 000



– 142. 000

– 104. 000


– 400. 000

– 90. 000

Due to the additions of fiber without landline and the new additions, it is expected that Digi will end the year with n many more broadband lines than 70. advanced in the provisional data, like the rest of the operators will end up greatly improving the advanced data.

According to provisional data, Movistar, Orange and Vodafone add a million and a half lost lines, but official data suggest that the loss will possibly be halved . To confirm this, we will have to wait for the CNMC report with the December data, which will be published in February 2022.