Razer Seiren Mini Review | Best settings & Seiren vs Blue yeti 2021

The Razer Seiren Mini is one of the latest offerings in Razer’s line of budget gaming microphones. It gives you a portable body and solid audio performance that might just exceed your expectations.

In this review, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the Razer Seiren Mini microphone. We’ll be going over key features, who this product is for, how it compares to the competition, and most importantly, is it right for you?

We’ll break down all the aspects of the Razer Seiren Mini, what you can expect to get in return for your money, and help you to decide if the Razer Seiren Mini is the right option for you.

BUY: Razer Seiren Mini

An award such as “Good and cheap” or “Our favorite” is sufficient in the test of although not, a few things speak for the Razer Seiren Mini: It is compact, lightweight and correspondingly mobile, and the table tripod can also be tilted by 20 degrees in all directions. If you are not familiar with the table tripod, mount the USB microphone-thanks to the standard thread (5/8-inch) – on a larger stand or on a microphone arm. It’s just a pity that buttons and additional functions are missing. There is only one shock absorber, which reduces sound-damaging vibrations.

Razer Seirēn X - Black

The recording quality is described as “solid” in the test, but the whole thing could be a little louder. Better ride the Razer Seiren X, the runner – up in the test, which of course is a little more expensive. Buy Official site US$79.99: Razer Seiren X

Razer Seiren Mini Review

With their Seiren series, Razer ventured into the world of microphones quite a while ago and made a name for themselves. Now, with the Razer Seiren Mini1, another representative is added, which this time should not only be chic, but also cheap. What you get for about 60 dolars and what else the Mini has to offer, you will learn as always here!

1. Is the Razer seiren mini worth it?

A Fine Affordable Mic for Streamers and Podcasters

The Razer Seiren Mini is a simple, easy-to-operate, barebones mic. Its price is its best feature, but it’s also a forgiving mic, so users with less general recording and audio experience are likely to get solid results despite the lack of DSP training wheels.

2. Is Razer seiren good for gaming?

Bottom Line. We’re of two minds about the Seiren X. On one hand, it offers a sensible and very usable compromise between full-size, full-price gaming mics both within and outside the Razer fold, delivering great clarity and fundamentally clear and bright recording quality while minimizing setup fuss.

3. Is there software for Razer seiren mini?

What programs can I use to broadcast gameplay using my Razer Seirēn Mini? We recommend using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or XSplit.

4. Do I need Razer Synapse for seiren?

Using the Razer Seirēn on the Mac OS does not require Razer Synapse drivers. … However, installing Razer Synapse will provide you with advanced settings for your Razer Seirēn.

Scope of delivery and processing

You have the choice whether you want the microphone in black, delicate pink or, as in my case, white. The Seiren Mini comes disassembled into individual parts. You have the microphone itself, a small piece of plastic that goes between the microphone and the stand, the stand and a nearly 2 meter long USB cable for connection to a PC or console.

The microphone is fixed. Screw the plastic tube onto the stand, the microphone onto the tube and the cable onto the microphone. Here they came up with a somewhat idiosyncratic solution. The microphone has a recess on the back. Unfortunately, you will find an outdated micro-USB port in it. What is special, however, is that the cable has a suitable shape on the side of the connection that fills this recess so that the look of the microphone is even more uniform. But it just doesn’t look so chic here if you have to rely on any replacement cable.

According to the first impression, you can tell right away where savings have been made here. With the exception of the metal microphone head, most of it is made of plastic. In view of the low price, that’s okay. In order to be able to align the microphone at least partially, there is a small ball joint in the base with which you can tilt the microphone slightly. The practical leeway is rather limited here. The foam rubber on the underside of the foot ensures a firm stand.


In terms of features, the price was limited to the bare essentials. In other words, the microphone can essentially record and that’s it. And that works plug & play. Connect and get started. In addition to the common PC operating systems, this also works on the PS4. The Synapse software, which is otherwise common at Razer, does not offer any special functions and is therefore not required.

There is a 5/8-inch thread at the bottom, which is unfortunately also made of plastic. This gives you the opportunity to mount the microphone on any other microphone arms and stands. Unfortunately, a 3/8-inch reducing thread is not included here.

On the front there is a small status LED that lights up as soon as the microphone is connected. There is no mute switch or headphone output here.

Hidden under the microphone basket, there is a small foam pop screen for essentials. In addition, the microphone capsule is mounted in a swinging manner, so that the shock mount is virtually integrated. We’ll try it out right away to see whether this is sufficient in practice. The capsule itself relies on a hypercardioid characteristic. This means that the side entry field is a little narrower, so that background noise should be dampened a little better, but rear-valued sound is picked up a little better. We’ll also get to that in a moment to see how this works in practice.


So let’s start with the sound itself. As usual, you could hear it throughout the entire video in its unedited purest form. And I have to say, it’s really decent for the price. In terms of detail, the micro does not have as high a resolution as many more expensive microphones, but it still ensures clear and understandable voice transmission. The strong boost in the highs is particularly noticeable, which not only provides clarity but also a little sharpness. Even a little too sharp for my taste, for example when it comes to the S-sounds. Pop filter.

However, I just operated the microphone in the optimal position. Together with the table tripod, it is usually a lot further away and let’s try that out now. Now I have the microphone on the table in front of me. As a result, of course, more space ends up in the recording. In addition, vibrations, for example when I touch the table or tap on the keyboard, are transmitted to the microphone. The integrated shock mount should help against this. And well, of course, it quickly reaches its limits.

You also have something else to worry about. A hypercardioid is quite nice because it is a little more directional. However, this effect disappears relatively quickly at such a large distance. Instead, you have a disadvantage, as the keyboard is usually directly behind it. So now I’m just going to type on the keyboard. And as you can hear, a lot ends up in the recording.

Of course, that is not a problem of little seirening alone. This happens to a comparable extent with all microphones that you position in front of you with such small tripods. Therefore, I would always recommend a separate arm.


So we come to the conclusion. With the egg-shaped series Mini, Razer has launched its most affordable USB microphone to date. It is very simple with the most necessary features and ensures a really clear sound on a tight budget for around 40 $. In order to do justice to its sonic abilities, however, I would always recommend a separate microphone boom or tripod, otherwise, as you have heard, you may have to struggle with other problems.

Razer Seiren Mini (Mercury) – USB condenser microphone for streaming (compact with supercardioid polar pattern, tiltable stand, integrated shock absorber) white

  • ULTRA-PRECISE SUPERNATE DIRECTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS: The Razer Seiren Mini has a smaller recording angle so that it primarily records its own voice and background noises such as typing or mouse clicks are not recorded in the first place.
  • PROFESSIONAL RECORDING QUALITY: Thanks to the 14 mm condenser capsule and a low frequency response, the microphone records your own voice crystal clear, so that all highs and basses are preserved.
  • ULTRA-COMPACT FORMAT: Ideal for minimalist or smaller setups, because it takes up hardly any space and is hardly noticeable in front of the camera – so that the focus is always on what is really important. Easy to take with you if you want to stream in a different location.
  • ROBUST, TILTABLE STAND: The microphone sits on a robust holder, with which it can be perfectly adjusted for your own voice. It can also be detached and attached to a microphone boom or any other microphone stand with a standard 5/8 inch thread.
  • SHOCK-RESISTANT: When things get hot, unintentional shocks can occur. In such cases, the built-in shock absorber can reduce vibrations and protect the stream’s soundtrack from anomalies.

Seiren Mini: Razer’s probably cutest and smallest microphone in the review

As part of RazerCon 2020, Razer presented the Seiren Mini, its smallest and most affordable USB microphone to date, which, thanks to its compact design, will certainly fit into any travel bag, no matter how small, while still providing professional-quality sound. In our test, we checked whether Razer was right with this claim.

The Razer Seiren Mini: scope of delivery

The scope of the Razer Seiren Mini is very manageable. In addition to the condenser microphone, there is a base inside the box with foam on the underside to prevent it from slipping. A threaded connection is screwed between the microphone and the base, the Seiren is already set up and can be placed on your desk. With the tiltable stand (ball joint inside) you can tilt the Seiren X to the angle that suits you.

A nearly two meter long USB cable is connected directly to the underside of the microphone via micro USB. There is a small recess here, which is completely closed by the cable, which is why the simple and compact design is not disturbed. Finally, the scope of delivery includes a thin booklet with product information about the Seiren Mini and the Razer-typical stickers.

Due to the relatively low price, the Seiren Mini is mainly made of plastic, which is hardly noticeable at first glance. The Razer Seiren Mini weighs just 282 grams when screwed onto the base and is around 16 centimeters high and is available in different colors such as Razer Black, Quartz Pink and Mercury White.

If you have connected the microphone to your PC or your notebook, a small LED on the front shows you that it is ready for use. There are no dedicated buttons or other displays on the Seiren. For example, you cannot directly adjust the gain or the volume of the microphone. The latter can be adjusted under the device properties in the sound settings or the respective streaming software (XSplit, OBS) or web conference software (Microsoft Teams, Zoom).

SAMPLING RATE Min 44.1 kHz / max 48 kHz
BITRATE 16 bit
CAPSULES Condenser capsule (Ø 14 mm)
desired weight 282 grams
height 163 mm
price 60 $

“Good sound doesn’t need a big microphone”

Inside the condenser microphone there is a 14 mm condenser capsule which, together with a low frequency response, is supposed to ensure precise and clear sound. The goal is to make your voice sound more natural by making it warmer and more balanced. The Seiren Mini also has a built-in vibration damper so that background noises can be filtered out. This reduces vibrations from external sources.

Due to the precise supercardioid directional characteristic, the Seiren Mini has a smaller recording area than would be the case with cardioids (heart curve), for example. This is also to ensure that your own voice is recorded and that background noises such as typing or mouse clicks do not enter the recording or the stream.

Microphone quality

But how good or bad is the microphone really?

In fact, I’m quite pleasantly surprised at the quality of such a compact plug-and-play microphone. Your own voice is transmitted crystal clear and sounds similarly natural, as is the case with my Rode NT1-A. Overall, however, the Seiren Mini does not quite manage to record the various nuances of the voice in as much detail as is the case with a much more expensive condenser microphone. Nevertheless, it is impressive how high the voice is resolved and made intelligible.

On the other hand, you can hardly change the microphone settings. For example, if you want to mix more bass into your voice, you can neither use an audio desk nor a Razer Synapse.

How you ultimately want to use the Seiren Mini is also decisive for the quality of the recording. Screwed onto the base and placed on the desk, on the one hand, due to the large distance to your mouth, significantly more room reverberation is recorded than would be the case in combination with a microphone boom. On the other hand, typing on the keyboard and clicking the mouse are recorded much better, as is movements that take place on the desktop. As with all table microphones, there is no decoupling by a microphone arm. The Seiren Mini also has a separate pop screen if you position it on a microphone boom very close to your mouth.

Conclusion by Razer Which

With the Razer Seiren Mini you not only have a compact and light setup in your luggage that can be placed almost anywhere and that is hardly noticeable in front of the camera. If necessary, you can also attach the Seiren Mini to a microphone arm with a 5/8-inch thread and increase the quality even more with an extra pop screen. Razer recommends, for example, the Rode PSA1 microphone boom. You don’t even have to have Razer Synapse installed to use the Seiren Mini. As soon as you have connected the microphone to your PC, notebook or PS4 via a USB cable, you can get started.

For a plug-and-play microphone in this compactness and price range, you can safely access the Seiren Mini if ​​you need a really good microphone for on the go or spontaneous video calls that does not take up much space and is ready to use. If you want to stream professionally or record your voice in the highest possible quality, you should spend a little more money on a fixed setup and buy a condenser microphone including an audio desk, microphone arm and pop screen, this will make you happier in the long run.

Razer Seiren Mini vs Blue Yeti

Razer set out to make the perfect microphone for streamers. And with out a doubt the new Razer Seiren X is exactly what a streamer needs right out of the box. The Razer Seiren X Sounds almost as good as the Blue Yeti but it is tiny compared to other microphones on the market. If you’re a new streamer and you’re trying to decide on a microphone look no further than the Razer Seiren X.



Get Them Here:

Razer Seiren X:
Blue Yeti:
Blue Snowball:

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Razer Seiren Mini best settings

At $50 it’s designed to take on the Blue Snowball Ice in the beginner streamer market, offering an incredibly simple setup that’s ready to broadcast within the second you plug in the USB cable. At the same time, the Seiren Mini foregoes all on-mic controls, including a mute button.

Voicemeeter Banana is an Advanced Audio Mixer Application endowed with Virtual Audio Device used as Virtual I/O to mix and manage any audio sources from or to any audio devices or applications.

Download Setting File (Google Drive): Here

Download Voicemeeter: Here


1. Razer seiren mini price

The Razer Seiren Mini, priced at $49.99, aims to be one of the few super-affordable options worth recommending—the leader of the pack being the $50 Blue Snowball Ice.

Portable Mini Microphone – Razer Seiren Mini
The Razer Seiren Mini has a warmer, balanced sound and picks up less background noise compared to the identically priced Microphone S. Compared to the more expensive Microphone Y, the Razer Seiren Mini is comparable in sound quality with balanced amounts of highs and lows.

2. Razer seiren mini xbox

Does Razer seiren mini work on Xbox? No. Razer Seiren Mini has no known compatibility for these two. Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone …
With the Razer Seiren Mini, big sounds can come in small packages. Introducing our ultra-compact condenser mic made for streaming with smaller or portable setups, and capable of producing professional-grade audio—thanks to a supercardioid pickup pattern and a 14mm condenser capsule.

3. Razer seiren mini review Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone …
The Razer Seiren Mini is tuned with a tighter pickup angle, so it can focus on your voice while ensuring that background noises like typing and mouse clicks don’t get picked up. Professional Recording Quality With its 14mm condenser capsule and flat frequency response, the mic broadcasts your voice with stellar clarity that’s filled with …

4. Razer seiren mini argos

Buy Razer Seiren Mini USB Mic at Argos. Thousands of products for same day delivery £3.95, or fast store collection. £49.99 Buy argos

Ultra-precise super cardioid pickup pattern Because this compact condenser mic is tuned with a tighter pickup angle. Big sounds can come in small packages. Meet the Razer Seiren Mini an ultra-compact condenser mic that’s the perfect fit for professional grade-audio with any streaming or video call setup.

Razer Seiren Mini | RZ19-03450 Support
With the Razer Seiren Mini | RZ19-03450, big sounds can come in small packages. Introducing our ultra-compact condenser mic made for streaming with smaller or portable setups, and capable of producing professional-grade audio—thanks to a super cardioid pickup pattern and a 14mm condenser capsule. To guide you in setting up the Razer Seiren …

5. Razer seiren mini setup

How do I set up my Razer seiren?

Connect the microphone to the USB port of your PC using the Micro-USB to USB cable. On your PC, right-click on the sound icon on the system tray, select Open Sound Settings, and set Razer Seiren Mini as the default Input device. Razer Seiren Mini Pop Filter – Mic Foam …
The YOUSHARES Razer Seiren Mini Microphone Windscreen is sure to please. No more PLOSIVES! The Razer Seiren Mini Pop Filter cuts down on wind and other annoying sounds that are not wanted. You can get right up against your Razer Seiren Mini microphone, for whispering, and don’t have to be concerned about your P’s and T’s.

Download Setting File (Google Drive): Here

6. Razer seiren mini boom arm

Mic stand is built with firm metal, double-braced arms and strong spring and can be used for different conditions. 180° foldable arm can be adjustable in full angle. Buy Amazon: Visit site

Razer seiren mini boom arm Razer Seiren Mini Pop Filter with Foam …
High Quality – Razer Seiren Mini mic foam wind cover made from advanced, durable and easy clean quilted material. Perfect Improve – Microphone cover reduces Wind Noise and other unwanted background noise to improve the audio quality of noise cancellation Note – Packing: 1 × Razer Seiren Mini Foam Windscreen, 1 X Razer Seiren Mini Metal Pop filter.

7. Razer seiren mini specs

The Seiren Mini doesn’t magically noise-cancel away all the noise from your best gaming keyboard fitted with those confounded mechanical switches, but the clicks are less noticeable than when using a Snowball Ice.

Razer Seiren Mini Review – IGN
The Razer Seiren Mini is available for $49 from Amazon, Best Buy, and direct from Razer. Verdict Let’s be clear: $50 is a pretty attractive price tag for what’s very obviously an excellent mic.

8. Razer seiren mini stand

Razer Seiren Mini review – SoundGuys
The Razer Seiren Mini’s stand is a little too short. The Razer Seiren Mini has few features, but lacks onboard buttons and inputs, save for the microUSB input. If you want to adjust the gain, you have to use the input settings on your computer—or whatever software you use to record or stream audio.

Razer Seiren Mini Review | PCMag
The Razer Seiren Mini is a simple, easy-to-operate, barebones mic. Its price is its best feature, but it’s also a forgiving mic, so users with less general recording and audio experience are … Razer Seiren Mini Boom Arm with Pop Filter …
Razer Seiren Mini Mic Boom Arm Stand Set The professional microphone stand come with Razer Seiren Mini foam windscreen. No more PLOSIVES! Not only smoothly position the microphone wherever you desire, but also improve the audio quality of noise cancellation easily.

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