Sennheiser CX 400BT Review

The Sennheiser CX 400BT True Wireless gives you total control over an exceptional sound experience. With intuitive customizable controls, long-lasting battery life and a design made for all-day comfort, they are the ideal, uncompromised choice for people that are passionate about great sound.

Sennheiser CX 400BT rev


Sennheiser CX 400BT Review​

Reviewing Sennheiser’s new CX 400BT True Wireless Buds, boasting the same great audio performance of the Momentum earphones on a tighter budget. At £169 they’re not cheap, for sure, but they’re among the best of 2021 at this price for sound quality. I’ve been testing the Sennhesier CX 400BT for a week now and here’s my final review.

You don’t get any noise cancelling or frills with these TWEs, unlike the Momentum True Wireless, but I loved the touch controls. You can also tweak the sound output and those controls using the Smart Audio app, available for Android phones and iOS. Battery life also gets a big thumbs up as the 400BT buds can keep going for around 6-7 hours on a charge, which is above average for most true wireless earbuds.



Sennheiser CX 400BT










Sennheiser CX 400BT












Of course, Sennheiser is up against some tough competition as far as Bluetooth options go. Jabra’s Elite 75T and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are other options at this price, but I really enjoyed the performance of the CX 400BT true wireless all the same. That’s my review, let me know what you think below.

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When first opening up these headphones and taking a look at them, there was already a lot to be impressed with. I really like the case and how the hinge feels when opening and closing, and the magnet latch feels plenty secure.


I love the fact that these charge with a USB-C and not Micro-USB. It is so much faster to charge and that plug is getting to be more and more common.

The earbuds are definitely on the more comfortable side of all the pairs I have tried over the years. They fit comfortably on my first attempt at using them, and stayed put.


I did not have to change any of the earbud pieces, but there are a total of four different sizes to pick from if you find the first ones uncomfortable.


Connecting to my phone was very simple, I had no hiccups there. However as soon as I started playing music, the sound sounded very flat and like it was really lacking.


I immediately went back to the box to find the name of the app Sennheiser recommends using in conjunction with these headphones. It seems like the second the app connected to these headphones the sound improved drastically. It was very odd.


I made no equalizer adjustments from my phone’s sound or my music app. Just simply connecting the app and the headphones got the sound almost to where I was satisfied.


When I found the equalizer within the app, I made adjustments to increase the bass and treble and from there I was very happy with the sound quality of these headphones.


I am a bit of an audiophile and I tend to always turn up the bass and treble no matter what I am listening to and these were no exception. Once I had the headphones sounding the way I liked them, I went through a variety of genres of music, as well as YouTube videos and movies, all sounded fantastic! Watching an action movie was really impressive as the bass was perfect and it felt like surround sound. I swore I could hear every little noise happening in the movie.


Another thing that I loved (found in the app) is the ability to customize the touch controls. I noticed that factory settings of these headphones had nearly opposite touch controls as my other headphones I spend several hours a week using and know the controls really well on.


An easy fix though in the app and within seconds I was able to make the touch controls the exact same as my other touch sensitive headphones. I thought that was a very neat function.


Overall these are excellent headphones, the comfort, the sound quality, battery life, and ease of use make these a no brainer to recommend.

They are extremely versatile, I have been able to wear them while laying in bed, while working out, and while riding a lawn mower and no matter the setting, the sound was great and they stayed in place. I love these headphones.


Hello Beautiful People I am chris from texpert and this week I have been testing the very sexy titled sennheiser cx – 400bts clearly Sennheiser he’s been taking Sony naming lessons, they cost you 169 pounds here in blighty and if you are an audiophile I definitely recommend sticking them inside your head though they arise


against a very tough competition from the likes of the jabra elite 75 t and

Samsung Galaxy Bud Live, so here is my full review of the

sennheiser cx-400bts and all the latest and best technologies, please

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applause now there is no polite way to look at this, but every time I slip the

sennheisers in my head I can’t help feeling like it looks

Someone has pierced my skull with a thick black rod, they are large

fuckers sure and stick out of their locals by

a mile of field, so I certainly felt pretty conspicuous

every time I left the farm, but fortunately these shoots are also super

lightweight at just six grams per piece and are also very comfortable to rock

in her ear holes for a good two three hours at a time helped by the pleasant

rubber silicone tips you can grip on a black option

or white colors here in the UK and just keep in mind that there is no sweat or

waterproof, so it’s not great if you want to venture out in your typical British style

drizzle and certainly not suitable for

jogging or other forms of exercise, whether I’m obviously deeply shattered

about bonding is nice and simple too

all you have to do is hold down both buttons and then when it says

pairing, simply access the bluetooth menu of your

smartphone work done and I have had absolutely no problems with bluetooth

connectivity although, as usual in 2020, I have not exactly had the opportunity to

take a stress test by visiting a busy train station or airport or anything

so you have a complete set of touch

controls here also using the flat edge

on the sennheiser cx-400bts that’s pretty straightforward, just a

a single tap of the bird on the left will pause or play

your music with just one tap the right one will load the Google Assistant

if you double-tap the bird on the left, a hint will be skipped if you double-tap

the right button that will jump you forward on the track and then, if you hold down the button

left button that will lower the volume while holding down the right button

turn up the volume and all that touch base antics

it is fully customizable through sennheiser’s intelligent control app

so I played around with that a bit, I just moved that Google Assistant to a

Tap three times any of the uh buttons but I leave it all

almost as it was and if you decide that you are not a fan of those

touch controls at all, you can’t say nonsense to most, just

disable it completely from the app

also, but I thought the touch controls worked really well, really, really

intuitive there was no learning curve or anything

I understood them very quickly, the only real problem is that there is a

a little delay of a second or so between you know how to touch a button and really

get the answer on your smartphone, which is a bit

infuriating is not exactly panting irritating Humidor

but it is a bit of an insect bear and there are also no senses built into the cocoon, so

uh, your music or audio, whatever doesn’t pause automatically when you pull out a button

an automatic resume, of course, when you push them into either, but again slightly

annoyance nothing more than that now what really impressed me

about the much more expensive boost true wireless headphones from Sennheiser was

definitely the quality of the audio and that’s something that definitely

transmitted to these four more affordable BTS cx-400s, which is not too surprising as

they use the same seven-millimeter drivers

No matter what kind of music you like, you will fully enjoy it.

I made an audio of these bad guys getting inside your locals that I heard

lots of high definition or hi-fi tracks and I was

finding myself simply picking up all these final little details, even in some

from my favorite songs of yesteryear

that I never realized because everything is as clear as Crystal

and within that Smart control app again, it doesn’t really have a

equalizer that you can also play with and, as you can see, I just

given the base a bit of momentum here on the cx – 400 bts, it’s fun, I like it

that little bit of extra photography that doesn’t

make the rest of the range suffer somehow and I also found that whenever

I was using a smartphone that had support for aptx, then I had absolutely no synchronization

trouble watching some netflix or youtube or whatever

uh, however, when I synced it to my redmi nine it doesn’t have aptx

support, I was definitely very out of sync now here at

the cx400bts does not have the active noise cancellation function of those

again, many more premium boost buds, but to be fair, it did

[ _ _ ] all those rumors anyway and these do a really good job of type

of blocking all that environmental nonsense that is happening around you

so you don’t have to turn up the volume to the maximum when you try

listen to an audiobook or a podcast or something in a busy area like a alto

Street I found I could hear everything

nice and clearly at a lower volume as for call quality without real problems

there, or the built-in microphones picked up my voice nicely and clearly

although they didn’t do much to dampen the noise around me either, so

if you’re in a busy area, you might find it a little hard to be heard

As for battery life, I’m definitely more than satisfied, sennheiser.

I calculated that I would get about seven hours of use from the cx – 400 bts

with a full load and I thought it was nice

and then, of course, when they are cleaned to dry, they simply stick

Put them back in the case and that can help recharge them too.

up to two full times, I must say despite the actual case

in itself it is not particularly impressive, it is not very attractive to one who does not

have the dual leds of something like the samsung galaxy buds live to show you

the charge and the status of the case itself and the outbreaks separately and you know

again minor growls, but then the BTS cx400 are not exactly cheap and then when

It’s time to charge the case itself, as you have a Type c

USB port on the back for you to stop using your phone charging or something

so, that will turn them on again in a jiffy and that’s right


there’s my full review of the sennheiser cx400

bts again, great to name guys and I have to say you know what if you’re a

audiophile who wants something that is alone

Minimal first minimal emotions simply very easy to handle and

They will do the job something without complaints about the sound

quality, the battery blade is good so you know the areas you really count on

they definitely deliver, Of course, are not exactly super affordable

you have many other grid options around this type of price

like the jabra elite 75 t’s and samsung galaxy buds live

so definitely compare a bit before you set a lot on one side of the cost

369 pounds are available to book, I think right now, as this video is

live, but they should be sent really very soon, so

If you have the opportunity to use them, definitely leave me your own mini review.

Below, it will be great to hear your thoughts about these bad guys and please do

push, subscribe, ring the notification bell and have a good rest.

from the applause of the weekend everyone loves you then your

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