Seven foods that increase sleep and help you sleep better -!

Seven foods that increase sleep and help you sleep better -!

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Seven foods that increase sleep and help you sleep better -!

Seven foods that increase sleep and help you sleep better -! We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Seven foods that increase sleep and help you sleep better -! Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Seven foods that increase sleep and help you sleep better -!

There are many things that may be interfering with the quality of our sleep, one of these is the type of food we eat before sleeping. If you eat a large amount of food at dinner, it will most likely affect the quality of your rest.

However, there are other foods that you can consume at dinner, as they will increase your sleep and help you sleep better . They are seven foods that are characterized by having a high amount of tryptophan and being easily digestible.

What is tryptophan and how important is it for your night’s rest

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid that our body cannot manufacture, but we obtain it from certain foods. This amino acid, when it is inside our body, allows the body to obtain serotonin. This, in addition to regulating mood, regulates body functions such as hunger, digestion, emotions and sleep.

Serotonin, which is a hormone, can be transformed into another, which is melatonin. This is essential for our sleep to be adequate. Therefore, foods that are precursors of neurotransmitters and that contain a high content of tryptophan are perfect to help you fall asleep better.

In fact, some research indicates that eating foods high in tryptophan that helps the synthesis of serotonin and melatonin, can improve our night rest.

The seven foods that will help you better reconcile sleep

Whole and whole grains

These are oats, rice or whole wheat. All of them contain tryptophan with which , thanks to the fact that it will allow the secretion of serotonin and melatonin, you will notice a better induction to sleep.

In addition, they are healthy and essential foods for our body, carbohydrates have to be present in our diet. In addition, they are rich in vitamin B, which helps regulate and improve the performance of the nervous system.

It is important that you know that eating carbohydrates at night will not make you fat , You will only see that you gain weight if your energy balance is positive. That is, the consumption of calories exceeds the expenditure of energy.

Blue or fatty fish

Omega 3 can help break the vicious cycle of anxiety, in fact, studies have shown how this oil can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Furthermore, a controlled trial investigated the effect of omega 3 acid on 84 participants between 25 and 49 years. They saw a positive relationship between omega 3 oil and sleep in adults .

The fish that have more omega 3 are blue and fatty, these are salmon, tuna, sardines or trout. They can help us fall asleep more easily and have a higher quality of sleep.

Bananas and kiwis

Apart from being very healthy foods suitable for a healthy diet, and containing essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle .

Banana and kiwi are two fruits that some studies indicated can regulate our sleep, improving our night’s rest. This is thanks to its high tryptophan content, thus helping to produce serotonin and melatonin.


Nuts can help you fall asleep, s about all those that said fruit can extract oil . This oil, in the same way that it happens with the heavy blue and fatty ones, can help us to have a better rest.

These so-called oleaginous nuts are walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts and chestnuts. In addition, they have a high amount of vitamin B, which help us regulate our nervous system.

Milk and derivatives non-fatty

Dairy products are a great recommendation when we can’t sleep, because help regulate sleep and sleep better . Its non-fat derivatives such as skimmed yogurts or fresh cheeses are also recommended to improve the quality of our rest.

This is because they are rich in tryptophan, magnesium and zinc. In fact, one study found out how a Mediterranean diet enriched with tryptophan and magnesium improves sleep quality.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are an excellent food that is high in protein, calcium and magnesium . Also, it is high in tryptophan. All this provides an aid to sleep better.

Remember that in the previous section we have seen that magnesium and tryptophan can help you fall asleep, because using these seeds in some of the foods we have mentioned can help you even more.

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