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By Sarah DumeauPosted 5 minutes ago, Updated 1 minute ago The catering professions are also particularly in tension. / MNStudio – The number of unfilled positions increased sharply in the 1st quarter with an increase of 21%. In the second quarter, the job vacancy rate in companies with more than 10 peaked in France. According to figures published by Dares, the Statistics Department of the Ministry of Labor, it now stands at 1.8%, the equivalent of 264. 400 vacancies. This is 21% more than in the first quarter and 20% more than last year in the same period. Above all, it is the highest rate since 2015, year when the investigators’ methods evolved, causing a sharp increase in the number of vacant jobs listed. Read alsoEmployment: this summer, seasonal workers are missing These are vacant positions, newly created, unoccupied or still occupied, but on the verge of being vacated, and for which recruitment procedures have already been initiated – the posts which will become free representing a significant part: 23%. This spectacular increase is paradoxically a positive signal: that of a dynamic job market, since job creations inevitably lead to vacancies, the time to find a candidate – 26% of vacant jobs are thus newly created jobs. The tertiary and commercial sectors strongly affected However, this record rate should be compared with the increase in the use of short contracts as well as precarious contracts, which attract fewer candidates and therefore remain unfilled for longer. Vacancies are particularly numerous in the commercial tertiary sector, where they increased by 31% compared to the first quarter, and in traditionally stressed sectors such as construction (+ 12%) and industry (+ 15%). Read alsoEmployment: the risk of social plans is moving away Data confirmed by the annual survey of labor needs of Pôle Emploi, according to which the sectors experiencing the greatest recruitment difficulties are carpenters, roofers, surveyors and pipefitters. The catering professions (waiters, helpers and apprentice cooks) are also particularly in tension: 180. 410 people in total, especially after 110. 000 employees of bars and restaurants have decided to convert to 2020 and change their life… Source:


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