Sosh review: What are non-binding Sosh mobile plans worth?

Sosh has been on the mobile market since 2011, and orange is orange’s answer to compete with Free Mobile in the market for the best non-binding mobile plans. Young, modern and trendy, Sosh is looking to the future with non-binding mobile plans at very low rates. Its strong point: relying on the first mobile network in France, that of Orange of course.

Why does TopWhich recommend Sosh?

  • 4G packages that can be used anywhere in Europe, without commitment and without price, which doubles after one year
  • Unconditional offers starting at only $4.99
  • The best network coverage in France thanks to the Orange network

How does the Sosh offer work?

Sosh articulates its offer around 3 mobile packages which, of course, are all offered without any commitment. Sosh offers come in three 4G packages that try to cover all uses and needs.

Sosh offers a low-priced package at 12.99 dolars with 2 hours of calls, in France and from Europe with a small 40GB data envelope. It is quite possible to choose it blocked so as not to have any nasty surprises if you exceed in communication or internet.

Sosh has been on the mobile

The third at 16,99$ integrates everything you need to enjoy a very complete package. this offer offers an envelope of 100 GB of data usable in France and Europe and also adds the possibility of making unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines internationally. In addition, calls are unlimited to mobiles and landlines in the USA and Canada, as well as landlines in Europe, Switzerland, Andorra and DOM. SMS are unlimited to European destinations.

The SIM card requires an activation fee, charged 10 $. There is also the advantage of being able to enjoy its package in the same way in Europe and in the DOM as in France.

Now, let’s look at the two packages in promotions offered by Sosh :

  • The first package at$ 15.99 allows us to enjoy an envelope of 80 GB, including 12 GB in
  • Europe. As with previous offers, calls, SMS/MMS are unlimited in France and from Europe.
  • The second package at$ 24.99 allows us to enjoy the same benefits as the previous package with a data envelope of 70 GB entirely in Europe.

Mobile packages suitable for all uses

See Sosh offers: Visit site

Aiming primarily at a young, geeky and tech-savvy audience in its advertising and promotional campaigns, the Orange subsidiary has however been able to adapt its offer to a wide range of uses and needs with its four offers that have the interest of covering and being relevant to the vast majority of us.

From big consumers of mobile data, daily using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, streaming platforms like Twitch, or who indulge in the joys of mobile gaming, to those with more limited needs, Sosh has thought of everyone.

Unlimited calls, option to boost its mobile plan, calls to and from abroad, simplicity of subscription and use, the operator does not try to convince only former Orange subscribers and young people, but all those who seek above all a mobile plan without commitment.

Options to boost your mobile plan

Sosh is among the mobile operators that have deployed as many options as possible to boost all the packages of its offer. No matter which package you choose, you can take advantage of a large number of options, the relevance of which, of course, depends on your needs.

Although most of the options are paid, there are some very convenient free services as is the case with the option of parental control, or Wi-Fi calls, which allows you to make calls through the Wi-Fi wireless network when there is no or little network coverage. As we can see below, these options can be very useful, with the postponement of minutes for blocked plan, voice messaging via SMS that often saves valuable time, or the suspension of Sosh Mobile plan that allows you to stop being taken if you ever need it.

Naturally, Sosh offers entertainment services that many of us can no longer do without. You can subscribe to services like Netflix, OCS, Deezer Premium, or even a TV bouquet to watch on your mobile. Among these services are also Izneo by Fnac, Izneo Family and Kobo audiobooks, Epresse, or Pickle TV.

Of course, the best options to boost your mobile plan according to your needs remain those related to the use of the internet. It is indeed not uncommon for a plan with 100 MB of mobile internet to be too restricted, with uses that evolve over time. You have the option, either to change your plan, or to choose from time to time for options such as the internet pass or the internet option. In short, the internet option allows you to buy 2 GB of additional data each month for 5 $if you have a 100 MB plan. This option is also available for those who do not want to see their connection cut off after exceeding the threshold of 20 or 50 GB, with an offer at 10 $ / month for 5 GB more and another at 25 $ / month for 50 GB extra.

The internet pass is a one-time purchase of an additional internet volume, so it is not in the form of a subscription like the internet option. The price for 2 GB is the same (5$), the offer above is 20 GB more for 25$.

Sosh offer abroad

Boosting your mobile plan obviously also involves offers to make calls to and from abroad. On this point Sosh does not miss the mark with very comprehensive international services benefiting from reasonable rates in view of the competition.

As for calls from abroad, the low cost operator has set up a total of 4 escape passes. It is difficult to list the details of each pass here: the USA/Canada pass is the only one to offer unlimited SMS and calls. The escape pass 1, 2 and 3 includes various destinations such as Brazil, China, Russia for the former, Argentina and other countries of South America and Latin America for the latter and countries such as Cambodia and Afghanistan for the third. For other countries, Sosh has provided a travel and rest of the world pass.

There are also many options to call internationally, and not from internationally this time. There are thus several options to call, for example, to Morocco or Tunisia, with the choice between any operator or only to Orange mobiles. Africa is also in the spotlight with a 3-hour package to Orange mobiles for only 9$ / month.

For those who want to boost their plan to call to Europe, Switzerland and Andorra, the DOM as well as the United States and Canada, Sosh has once again planned everything. Regarding the rest of the world (excluding Tunisia and Madagascar), Sosh offers a package at 14$/month which gives the right to 1 hour of call and 50 SMS.

How to choose your Sosh mobile plan with smartphone ?

The Sosh store contains the latest mobiles of the moment, with a relatively wide selection. However, the latest iPhone and high-end smartphones from manufacturers like Huawei and Samsung are not the only ones to be in the spotlight.

The operator indeed displays a large selection of smartphones at low prices with brands such as Sony, Oppo, Xiaomi, or even the Orange smartphone with the Neva Play and Neva Start. Of course, the shop also contains classic phones, sold for a bite of bread.

Sosh mobile plan with smartphone

Sosh mobile plan with smartphone

See Sosh offer: Visit Site

If you choose a plan with a lot of data, you may still want to take advantage of the best in smartphone currently. That’s good, because Sosh also offers refurbished smartphones in its shop, the ideal opportunity to buy a cheap iPhone!

Many promotions throughout the year

Good deals and the shop of reconditioned products to find a cheap smartphone are not the only promotions offered by Sosh. The operator is indeed particularly active when it comes to offering promotions on its mobile packages.

We have all seen it, Sosh is very enterprising throughout the year, but if you want to get a package at a great price it is during the key periods of the year that you have to scrutinize the offers. We are of course thinking about Black Friday, which has become a must for e-merchants, but also during holidays such as Christmas, or even during Sales.

If Sosh does not hesitate to break its prices during these periods conducive to e-commerce, the fact remains that promotions run throughout the year. The reason is simple : the Orange subsidiary is one of the most committed to the competition and delivers a real war of good deals to its opponents such as Red By SFR, Free Mobile and more recently Cdiscount Mobile.

You can therefore expect at any time to take advantage of inflated offers on mobile internet, with for example double data for the same price, or discounts on permanent offers that can sometimes reach 50% of the base price.

How does the Sosh referral offer work ?

Sosh Mobile is also a very attractive referral program that allows you to get up to 6 months of free subscriptions. Rather than subscribing without taking advantage of it, asking around is not a bad thing especially since Sosh has a large number of customers. A sponsorship is 1 month offered for the sponsor and 1 month offered for the godson, no jealous. However, you can only be a sponsor of up to 6 people in a year.

How does it work ? it can not be simpler, it is enough that the sponsor connects on his Sosh customer account with his mobile number, he then has only to fill in the email address of his godson (also works for Facebook and Twitter accounts). Once validated, the referrer will receive a link allowing him to access the Sosh referral code, a code that will be necessary to fill in when he subscribes to his contract with Sosh.

The only condition to take advantage of the sponsorship is that the referrer must not already be a Sosh / Orange Mobile line holder or have been a holder of such a line in the two months prior to the sponsorship, that’s all ! However, it should be noted that sponsorship is unfortunately not compatible with promotional offers.

Why go to Sosh ?

Smartphones at reduced prices, promotional offers throughout the year, options to boost its package, all this is good, but apart from these arguments that try to offer all low cost operators, why go to Sosh ?

The best mobile and 4G coverage in France thanks to Orange

Inevitably, in addition to the points just mentioned, the quality and coverage width of the Orange network are the concrete arguments of Sosh to convince. Unsurprisingly, Sosh benefits from Orange’s network infrastructure, which is nothing more or less than the first mobile network coverage in metropolitan France.

As we can see on this map grouping 4G, 3G, 2G coverage, as well as cities taking advantage of 4G+ (not all cities are displayed here, only the largest), Orange occupies almost the entire French territory, only a few remote places are still without coverage. While 4G has been deployed almost everywhere, Orange covers 98 % of the territory in 3G and 3G+, 99.9% in EDGE coverage.

This network infrastructure, efficient and relatively well maintained, is finally the major argument that pushes us to change operators. While low cost operators like Cdiscount Mobile use different infrastructures without really specifying which one when taking a plan, or that Free still suffers many criticisms for its 4G coverage, Sosh can boast with and thanks to Orange, to have the NĀ°1 mobile network !

Highly responsive digital customer service, accessible 24/7

As long as one has not dealt with it, one can only be satisfied with a customer service, but it is often another pair of sleeves when one encounters a problem and need an efficient and responsive customer service. The problem arises in many major brands and companies.

Fortunately Sosh mobilizes its forces to try to provide help to its customers and this is felt on the quality and speed of customer service. First there is the Sosh community with a great forum for self-help, but also the tools to manage your equipment, or the FAQ pages that are sometimes of great help. The operator even have a YouTube channel that gather un bunch of useful information via tutorials.

Sosh puts a lot on digital tools and without much surprise most of the requests for help can be settled easily by contacting an advisor via the Sosh support chat. Like other actors in the field, Sosh is obviously present on social networks, it is therefore possible to request assistance on Twitter, in private message. Customer service via chat is accessible 24/7, difficult to do better !

Offer without commitment and customizable

Today when we want to subscribe to a subscription with a mobile operator, many of us turn to non-binding offers and who can blame us? Indeed, since we can easily keep our phone number and the war of promotional offers is raging among operators, we may as well take the opportunity to change the package and operators when it proves relevant ! This is the whole point of choosing a non-binding offer: cancel the subscription when we see fit.

However, Sosh, like its competitors, know how to keep you from leaving. This can be seen in particular through offers offered from time to time, for example to customers who benefit from a promotional offer that expires (after 12 months). Finally, the many services and options available are often a brake to end our package : we do not necessarily want to leave and lose the options we used to enjoy.

A mobile plan that can be used throughout Europe

The mobile packages from Sosh have another asset in their bag, especially useful for those who travel regularly, for business reasons for example.

Indeed, all of the operator’s offers work abroad (in Europe) as in France, which means that you do not need an additional data envelope, nor do you need to subscribe an option for you calls and SMS if you go to one of the 57 destinations included with this offer.

Concretely, you will use your package from abroad in exactly the same way as from France. The countries concerned are all no more and no less than all the countries of the euro zone, including the DOM such as Mayotte and Martinique, the Canary Islands, or the Azores.

Can we rely on Sosh customer service ?
Not all customer services are the same, far from it. If some operators make a lot of talk about them on this point, with a great discontent rate, Sosh does quite well. The various surveys of magazines like 60 million consumers or UFC That Choose Orange class and Sosh among the best on this point, Bouygues closely following them. Let’s take a closer look at why this customer service is one of the best on the market.

100% digital customer service

When you need support, whether it concerns your plan, your mobile or your internet box, you are led first to go to Sosh digital support.

What is it ? It’s simple : the Sosh support page includes a FAQ that answers classic questions such as how to unblock your mobile, cancel a mobile plan, activate a Multi-SIM card, or change offers. So this FAQ already covers most of the classic needs.

To go further, Sosh support offers tools, very useful to manage your account and your equipment. It is thus possible to troubleshoot your services, configure your mobile, check the quality of networks, or even prepare your move very simply.

If all these services are not enough, the search engine on the support page allows you to specify your request and will direct you to the appropriate service. This search engine is very interesting since it also allows you to redirect to the Sosh community forum and therefore meet customers who may have already had the same request as you. All these services are also accessible with the MySosh app, available on Android as well as iOS.

As a last resort, the support chat is available 24/7 ! It must be noted that if this customer service is one of the best, it is first of all because it guides and eliminates the vast majority of problems with these many help pages and its community.

Customer service with a satisfaction rate of over 95%

Before committing to an operator, it is good to know if these customers are satisfied. Naturally, given the huge number of customers, the satisfaction rate cannot reach perfection. At Sosh, the customer satisfaction rate is over 95%.

This flattering figure is due to several factors. First of all, the wait time for help is relatively low thanks to the responsiveness of digital customer service, whether by email, via the MySosh app or the support page, or via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Then, it must be said that Sosh manages to eliminate many requests for assistance thanks to the tools, its FAQ and the community forum. The support pages are indeed very comprehensive and help in 90% of cases to solve your problem.

Finally, clients with a pressing need to have an advisor by phone are reduced to the most laborious requests for help. On this point, it is clear that Sosh does its best to satisfy its customers.

The Sosh community to the rescue

As mentioned above, the Sosh community is particularly active on the self-help forum and many topics are resolved. Users, customers, technicians and advisors meet on this forum to help those who request it.

An effective way to resolve a breakdown, ask technical questions, or find your way among the services offered by the operator.

The means available to subscribers to contact Sosh customer service
There are many ways to get in touch with Sosh customer service.

Among them are social networks (Facebook and Twitter) where you just need to send a private message request to have a quick response, online chat with an advisor, accessible from the support page or the MySosh app and to finish contacting customer service by phone via 3976 to talk with a technician, or by dialing 740 to benefit from automated customer service.

Customer service technicians are also present and active on the Sosh self-help forum.

You also have two different numbers to contact customer service on the phone. The one that allows you to be quickly put in touch with a technician is the 3976. This number will be useful to you in particular to have help for the commissioning of your equipment, following a mobile breakdown, or to settle billing or collection concerns.

The 740 is an automated service : it is a voice server. It can help you get there to manage your plan, or perform simple maintenance operations.

These two numbers apply to metropolitan France. Outside the territory, it will be necessary to dial the +33 9 69 39 39 00 instead of the 3976 and the +33 800 100 740 instead of the 740.

Sosh: practical guide for your questions and procedures

Before you get to contact Sosh customer service by phone, chances are you will find the answers to your requests on the internet ! Through the Sosh support page, but also thanks to the various tutorials we have set up. Find all our Sosh tutorials below.

How to activate your Sosh SIM card ?

You just received your SIM card and you do not really know how to activate it ? We detail the method to know how to activate your SIM card from your customer area or through the automated telephone service. Our tutorial also discusses the activation of SIM cards as part of the multi-SIM option.

How to recover your RIO code ?

The RIO code is essential, at least if you want to take advantage of the portability of your phone number in order to be able to keep it. Discover how to recover your RIO Sosh code in less than a minute thanks to our article.

How to migrate from Orange to Sosh ?

Sosh being the subsidiary of Orange, it can logically be said that the transition from an Orange package to a Sosh package must be facilitated. This is the case and our article will show you how to migrate from Orange to Sosh without any difficulties.

How to log in to your Sosh customer area and manage your account ?

Sosh provides us with a relatively complete customer area, which, however, remains clear and easy to access. Sometimes it is still possible not to find what you are looking for, that’s why we explain how to connect to your Sosh customer area and manage your account.

How to set up your Sosh answering machine ?

Have a personalized answering machine, know the features of your answering machine, activate the option of voice mail by SMS, all relevant things to know how to set up your Sosh answering machine and take full advantage of it.

How to configure the Sosh APN on your smartphone ?

It is not uncommon to be faced with malfunctions of the MMS service, sometimes even the mobile internet. For this reason it is important to know how to configure the Sosh APN on your smartphone. For the record, we are not talking about the APN of the camera of your smartphone, but about the Access Point Name, an indispensable feature to take advantage of your mobile plan.

Our opinion on Sosh Mobile

In view of the elements that we discuss in this article and our experience with the Orange subsidiary, what to think of the offers and services offered by Sosh mobile ?

In the first place, it must be noted that Orange has managed a master stroke with the launch of Sosh. Focused on youth, Sosh has managed to establish itself as a reference within the landscape of tricolor mobile telephony. Although Sosh had a saw-tooth launch, not least because of offers that were only significantly more enticing than those of Orange mobile, the landing of Free in this market will have given it the opportunity to adopt a strategy and catalog much closer to customer expectations.

Today Sosh is among the best low cost operators on the French market, first thanks to Orange’s network infrastructure, which is none other than the network that offers the best coverage and the most rigorous quality of service, but also thanks to its “all digital” strategy with particularly effective dematerialized services.

Naturally, the attractive and competitive prices of the various offers of the operator are serious factors to finish convincing customers. With its catalog divided into 4 non-binding offers, Sosh covers the majority of needs with rates ranging from $4.99 to $ 24.99 per month for its most complete mobile plan. The latter price may still seem a bit high compared to some offers found among competitors, but promotional offers and other good deals are legion and it is finally quite rare not to be able to take advantage of it ! These “limited series” offers are very generally distinguished by a larger data envelope, sometimes reaching double what is offered with the package at 24,99 $, for a price that can easily be divided by two. No doubt that at this price, this kind of package makes many happy.

Sosh would be in a position to be a leader in this market even if its prices would be higher. The reason is simple : Arcep’s various surveys and studies show that Orange has the best network infrastructure, which allows the operator and its subsidiary to be present where others are absent, but also to offer much better speeds in most cases. To summarize in a few words : only low prices make it possible to say that Sosh is a low cost operator, the quality of services and network being finally at the same level as those of Orange.

Sosh is absolute rubbish. Pathetic service. Orange have set this up purely to profit from without actually delivering a service. It’s despicable to treat customers this way.

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