SteelSeries Apex 3 Best Gaming Keyboard Review Reddit

Keyboards are an essential part of a successful gaming experience, and the SteelSeries Apex 3 is a relatively affordable option. Membrane switches provide a quieter and responsive clicking sound, and they might even help you game.

In this article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the SteelSeries Apex 3. We’ll be going over key features, who this product is for, how it compares to the competition, and most importantly, is it right for you?

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We’ll break down all the aspects of the SteelSeries Apex 3, what you can expect to get in return for your money, and help you to decide if the SteelSeries Apex 3 gaming keyboard is the right option for you.

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My apex 3 finally came in! (Before anyone starts saying why didn’t I get one of their mechanical ones I prefer the feel of membrane and didn’t have too much money to spend for a keyboard)

Buy Amazon SteelSeries Apex 3 UK

Wow, never thought i’d hear that from anyone. I respect your decision, but have you tried a mechanical keyboard? If not, try one.

My friend lended me his for a month when he was on an international vacation, and I used it for the entire month, gaming and doing normal computer things like writing and doing school work. I had a cheap Logitech membrane, and when I got back to that one when my friend needed his keyboard back I preferred the membrane.

SteelSeries Apex 3 Review

The SteelSeries Apex 3 gamer keyboard is positioned as the entry level of the Danish manufacturer. Taking up the design of the Apex range, he intends to convince players looking for a keyboard that does not make in the outbid. We propose you to discover it in detail in our complete test.

In the range of keyboards from SteelSeries, the Apex 3 is the cheapest model. Priced at $ 39.99, it features a plastic chassis and membrane keys that ensure splash resistance and a controlled noise level.

It thus perfectly accompanies the new mouse gamer Rival 3. If the latter strongly convinced us, it is now worth checking if the contract is also fulfilled for this new keyboard.


Presented after the Apex 7 and Pro, which occupy the top of the range at SteelSeries, the Apex 3 is based, however, the general design of the new series of keyboards manufacturer’s Danish.

SteelSeries Apex 3 Review 1

This new keyboard therefore incorporates the typical form of the range Apex introduced with the Apex 750. It benefits from a plastic plate bent at its ends on which are taking place in the 104 keys membrane keyboard. Not in the surfeit of visual artifice, this Apex 3 has a design that is decidedly understated and goes everywhere.

The keys are based here on the white patches integrated directly into the cuts made on the chassis. It is below the plates slightly translucent that are actually hidden the RGB LED illuminating on the keys in 10 distinct areas. If the rendering is very compelling, the characters on the keys are missing slightly for clarity. Damage.

Please note that the use of buttons to the membranes allows the Apex 3 to be certified IP32 and therefore withstand splashes. The most clumsy of you will enjoy the serenity of their drink, even in the midst of a party.

SteelSeries Apex 3 test

In terms of ergonomics, the chassis offers by default a slight curve, avoiding the fatigue of the joint. As on the rest of the range, a wrist rest snaps to excellent the invoice is supplied with the Apex 3. It has a coating-type peach skin and is therefore logically a nice addition to an already compelling.

In all cases, the height, which is not negligible in the chassis makes use of this wrist rest are absolutely essential. Also note that the keyboard has two folding feet to the lift on the rear for more comfort.

A format quite classic, the Apex 3 hasno action button (macro) can be configured, an important point to take into account for your use. It does have a volume control wheel and a button action to manage your multimedia software preferred.

SteelSeries Apex 3

Once again, just like the rest of the range Apex, this pattern of ” 3 ” has as its frame of several chutes to make it out the USB cable of approximately 1.80 m to the choice left, right, or center. An important characteristic and that we would find among all manufacturers.

Always under the chassis, the different rubber pads associated with 800 grams of the keyboard allow him not to slip during use, as well as on a desktop than on a mouse pad.


Just as the Rival 3 that we can test out lately, it is necessary to turn to the driver SteelSeries Engine to configure all aspects of the keyboard. After a quick update of the firmware of the keyboard, it is immediately detected and configurable.

The interface we leave here the possibility to configure each key individually. You can assign any other key on the keyboard or different features, pre-configured in the keyboard. In the same way, the macro recording is logically part of it.

To note, also, that the Apex offers a feature to record macros on the fly, directly from a keyboard shortcut, without having to use the software. An interesting feature, although it remains limited because of the lack of dedicated keys to these macros.

If the keyboard is therefore equipped with a wheel and a button action dedicated to the multimedia controls, it is unfortunately not possible to assign other functions. It would for example have very well been able to imagine that this wheel in an editing software, for example.

Beyond the configuration of function keys, the driver SteelSeries Engine also enables you to manage the RGB lighting on the keyboard. This lighting is spread over 10 areas on which we can define the choice of colors or fixed-effects “animated”. As for the rest of the devices of the brand, the light effects here can still be synchronized with your other devices.

All the settings mentioned above can obviously be saved in profiles, which may be associated with a game or an application. The idea is to associate a light and functions as a function of the use of the keyboard.

The answer remains the same in relation to the software SteelSeries which remains a reference in the market of devices for players. The configuration of the Apex 3 is very simple, and most beginners will find there without a problem.


Before going in detail about the performance of hits from the Apex 3, it is important to clarify that we are here in the presence of a keyboard equipped with keys to membranes. It is a type of button that team most of the keyboards to the general public that are in general more accessible, but less powerful than the keyboards mechanical acclaimed by the players.

In practice, these keys offer a touch soft enough and, finally, typical of the membranes. The keys requested and supported loud enough for the keystroke is registered. Nevertheless, a slight tactile feedback is felt at the point of activation of the key, which brings a slight surplus of comfort when playing and writing.

This tactile feedback is normally a characteristic of the mechanical switches of the type ” brown “. The race of the key is linear up until the time when the entry was saved by the keyboard. It is at this point that a slight resistance is felt, to give a “touch ” that the strike has been taken into account by the keyboard.

In writing, the Apex 3 is doing very well, precisely because of this return touch typists will appreciate. The reactivity of the membranes is logically not as good as mechanical switches classics, but it remains on something quite honorable.

For what is the use of gaming, Apex 3 comes out rather well. If it does not logically from the reactivity of mechanical switches, the proposed experience on the latest Call Of Duty still quite acceptable.

Beyond the functional aspect, these keys membranes provide a comfort auditory non-negligible. And compared to other keyboards of the game, the Apex 3 is very quiet and will hammer the keys during a party wild without disturbing the people present around you.

Final note

The SteelSeries Apex 3 is an excellent membrane gaming keyboard that offers a simple and neat design. Simplicity seems to have been the key word when designing the latter, even if it does not forget the attributes of a good gaming keyboard with its quality RGB lighting.

On the performance side, membrane keys fare honorably with a pleasant strike and responsive enough to satisfy most players.

Its price however remains quite high since for almost 49 $, it will be possible to afford a mechanical keyboard offering more features and having a much more interesting typing experience. A price that is also very surprising since this same keyboard is offered for only 39 & 49.99 dollars on the other side of the Atlantic.

SteelSeries Apex 3 Gaming Keyboard FAQ

Is the SteelSeries Apex 3 worth it?

The SteelSeries Apex 3 is a good gaming keyboard with rubber dome switches. It has a good build quality despite its budget price, and it also comes with a nice magnetic wrist rest. Overall, it’s a good option for those on a budget or just don’t like mechanical keyboards.

Does the Apex 3 have mechanical switches?

SteelSeries‘ new budget-minded keyboard boasts some impressive features, even if they come with a few concessions. However, a lack of mechanical switches can’t keep us from whole-heartedly recommending the Apex 3.

Does SteelSeries Apex 3 work with Xbox one?

USB connectivity. Spill resistant. Compatible with PS4. Compatible with Xbox One.

Is the apex 5 Quiet?

Let’s kick off with the fact that it is quiet, whisper quiet. This is thanks to SteelSeries‘ Whisper-Quiet Switches rather than the hybrid mechanical switch seen in the Apex 5 or the OmniPoint adjustable mechanical switches featured in the Apex Pro.

Can I remove Apex 3 keycaps?

When replacing keycaps, it is recommended to use a keycap puller, and to only pull straight up to remove the keycap. Removing the keycaps by hand can cause damage to the key stems. The Apex 3 uses proprietary keycaps that cannot be removed or replaced.


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