Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight. Capcom takes the fight from the streets to outer space in one of the … -!

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight. Capcom takes the fight from the streets to outer space in one of the … -!

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Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight. Capcom takes the fight from the streets to outer space in one of the … -!

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight. Capcom takes the fight from the streets to outer space in one of the … -! We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Street Fighter 6516: The Final Fight. Capcom takes the fight from the streets to outer space in one of the … -! Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight. Capcom takes the fight from the streets to outer space in one of the … -!

Believe it or not, Capcom continued the Street Fighter brand on the NES before the worldwide phenomenon that would revolutionize video games was unleashed. A non-legitimate original sequel? Rather, something very different : Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight is a lost branch of the well-known saga. A great game loaded with cyberpunk action that takes place in a dystopian and not so distant alternate future: year 2010.

One year before the debut of Chun Li , Blanka or Zangief in the arcade halls and three years after Ryu left him a not so pretty I remember Sagat on the chest, the ex-martial arts champion known as Ken started a spectacular interplanetary crusade dedicating himself to kicking cyborg butt, eliminating aliens and ultimately to desperately tackle an emerging threat known simply as parasites.

A Ken who, like RoboCop himself, is half human half machine ; and that after leaving behind his past as a street fighter, he decided to lend his very particular skills for combat and others gained through implants and improvements to the Galactic Police under the code name of Valentine Type MX-5.

An intergalactic avenger who fights without removing his sunglasses, determined to cleanse different worlds of powerful threats and beings capable of annihilating entire species. And, for practical purposes, the protagonist of one of the action games more difficult and strict to the controls ever published for the 8-bit Nintendo.

Because Capcom has already accustomed us to the challenges with the NES with Ghouls’ n Ghosts or Mega Man. A whole generation of players got used to that standard of difficulty. But with Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight got a lot out of hand, Much. His acrobatic matches, the system The progression of progression and the intensity with which the enemies attacked required mastery with command only available to the most vicious and those willing to sacrifice the tips of their left thumb. Something that has not changed over the years.

Ken, from street fighter to interplanetary avenger

Is the year 2010 and space travel is a reality . For years, humanity has dedicated itself to exploring the cosmos and making contact with new forms of life, acquiring technology and knowledge that have completely transformed society. However, not all alien species are peaceful, not all earthlings have good intentions.

New frontiers, yes, but also new problems . Complications on an interplanetary scale. And it is right there where the jurisprudence of an elite group simply known as enters the Galactic Police . However, even this has been overtaken by a new viral threat known as parasites . A being that takes over living bodies and provides them with an insectoid exoskeleton of enormous destructive capacity.

To great problems, great solutions. Cyber ​​cop Ken , who once participated in the tournament Street Fighter and former United States martial arts champion, has been tasked with stopping the growing threat of the parasites, facing them planet to planet through a system of portals that connect the different known worlds.

Ken has personal interests in this mission : the parasites claimed the lives of Troy , his best friend since his academic years. What the police cyborg does not suspect is that this crusade motivated by revenge and the survival of humanity itself will lead him to face the most powerful beings in the known universe and, finally, discover a truth that will make you question your own existence.

Acrobatic fighting, cosmic strikes and cybernetic reflexes

Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight is a very difficult game to pigeonhole . Although action is the predominant element, the term that best defines the game experience would be the acrobatic fight : our premise, in essence, is to eliminate all the enemies that appear on the screen, survive their attacks and, finally, cross the portal that will appear on the stage before it closes.

To activate the portal, which will only be open for ten seconds, we must go through multi-level platform stages. In some the scroll of the screen is an added risk and others are conveniently closed, but all offer cornices, hanging platforms and places to hang while we reduce everything that moves on screen . A succession of aliens, mutants and parasites that serve as an aperitif for the appearance of a powerful enemy equivalent to the classic Final Boss.

That said, what makes Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight, beyond its levels or its brand new songs that radiate the essence of the NES, is Ken’s mobility and attack system: as we mentioned, the combats are acrobatic , so that we must dodge the attacks very well while taking the initiative by projecting bursts of punches.

In fact, calculating the jumps well, knowing how to do cartwheels or master the scenarios based on taking advantage of each surface is absolutely essential. Not only will we have to have reflexes to avoid receiving damage, but also a special skill when placing effective blows and attack with great precision. Even on less powerful enemies.

However, there is an additional item: this cybernetic version of Ken possesses the ability to upgrade to get certain Power Ups , which allows you to extend the range of your projectiles , increase its damage, or acquire the ability to perform a flying kick while performing a backward somersault.

Our hero can upgrade up to five levels , but if he receives a hit he will lose an upgrade in addition to the Health; and if he loses all health he will start the same level with the base skills. It is not that he is defenseless precisely, but the game will be uphill until we have a more or less decent offensive capacity.

Elements that, combined with an insistence and a very offensive enemy predisposition, make Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight in one of the most challenging games ever made for the NES. Of course, once you master mobility, the rest of the 8-bit action classics will be little more than a walk and, almost inevitably, you will end up missing the repertoire of acrobatic attacks in other similar games.

A Street Fighter outside the fighting saga set in a 2010 that never was

Unlike Super Mario Bros. 2, the events of Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight are not a bad nightmare of the Ken we all know. However, both games have three elements in common: the Japanese versions overcame the difficulty, the American versions brazenly took advantage of the success of other sagas and despite the fact that a completely absurd location was made , nobody cared the least in his day.

From here you have to make a mandatory paragraph: being really fair, Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight , released in Japan as 2010: Street Fighter, actually has no link whatsoever with Capcom’s fighting saga or games related to his universe such as Final Fight or Rival Schools. The closest thing to a nexus is found in a couple of cards of the main characters recently created by Capcom’s own Japanese division as a curiosity and that, for practical purposes, do not change anything.

However, Capcom USA’s in 1990 did not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the slipstream of the original Street Fighter from 1366 (or its homemade version, Fighting Street ) and his own Final Fight in locating the game for the United States and, in the process, tying certain ties – blatantly ambiguous – with both games implying that the protagonist was Ken himself after undergoing numerous cybernetic implants.

What’s more, if today we go to the eShop and see the file of Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight for the 3DS Virtual Console or Wii U we will see the following description.

Ken , the character from the Street Fighter ™ series, stars in this side scrolling shooter. This time he has transformed into a bionic being with a mission to avenge the death of his friend. The aliens have taken over a serum that gives superhuman powers, and Ken must stop their feet fighting them from planet to planet. That said, juggling the names and backgrounds of the characters was very common on the NES and even more so on the part of Capcom. After all, the American division originally left the Poison genre on the air, renamed three of the four bosses of Street Fighter II and located for the West names of well-known sagas such as Mega Man (Rockman) or Resident Evil (Biohazard). And none of that transpired in his day.

The funny thing here is that the Capcom USA localization introduced a great series of changes that go beyond dropping a connection between the Street Fighter of the arcades and Street Fighter 2010. To begin with, the main character was not even named Ken, but Kevin Straker. And beware, his best friend is not named Troy either, but in the Osaka company they were kind enough to call him Dr. José.

And it doesn’t end there: the background of the story, the succession of events and the unexpected end of the game were completely accommodated for the occasion by Capcom USA both in the manual and in the texts on the screen. As far as playable, the two versions of Street Fighter 2010 were identical, but the funny thing is that each game told a different story.

Which one are we left with? Well, that depends on each player. Although, the game never reached European territory in physical form (in the old continent it was only edited for Nintendo Virtual Consoles), everyone is free to embrace the plot that they like the most with a single exception: Capcom has made it clear that, as it happens with Mike from Street Fighter, the Ken from Street Fighter 2010 is not the same character from the well-known fighting saga.

Street Fighter 2010: one of the most difficult video games on the NES

Capcom has brought Street Fighter II to virtually every console. From the SNES to the Game Boy through the 3DO. The arcade hit has been published, between bespoke deliveries and compilations, up to four times on Nintendo Switch and we dare not rule out that at least two more reviews will come out in the coming years. And yet the bespoke NES sequel is one of Capcom’s great forgotten and Nintendo’s 8-bit.

Because Street Fighter 2000: The Final Fight, which for all intents and purposes is the first official sequel to Street Fighter (actually Final Fight is another game that set in the same universe) does not even appear in Capcom’s art books and official compilations of the saga.

If it weren’t for the Virtual Console, the legacy of Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight would have been forgotten. And although its difficulty is Machiavellian , that some continuity has not been given to that The universe is a shame: his game proposal is brave and daring, his music shows how good the Capcom musicians were at squeezing the possibilities of the NES (at the height of the OSTs of Mega Man and Ducktales) and was able to contribute very interesting ideas for a console to which 1990 had already been given the generational change in Japan .

Yes, Capcom published a Street Fighter on NES even before launching Street Fighter II . Before the saga reached that overwhelming success that even led to the existence of countless unofficial clones of the arcade hit for the NES. But, as we said, Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight is neither a continuation of the original (despite what Say Capcom USA in its day) not a Spin Off, but something else.

An experience of acrobatic fighting different enough to Street Fighter so there are no connections beyond your own title. But also interesting, original and challenging enough to deserve a new chance.