Stroller Reviews 2021: Which is the best?

Whether rompers or the perfect wall color of the nursery – mums in spe love to prepare a pretty nest for the mini-me. Fathers are often more cautious on this point. But not when it comes to the stroller. Whether car or buggy, car remains just car.

It is interesting, however, that the dad interested in form and functionality still does not have the last word when buying a stroller. According to the experience of the manufacturers, the women ultimately decide what is bought. They are usually also the ones who cruise the most with the vehicle through the area.

We have tested the most common strollers for you in detail. We focused on combination strollers, which can also be converted into a buggy. At first, we believe in every test: the differences cannot be so great – and each time we are taught something better. This is also the case with the strollers. The price range ranged from around 200 dolars to about 1,200 dolars.

1. UPPAbaby VISTA​


Featuring an adjustable design, this stroller grows with your child. Comfortable basinet keeps the baby comfy, while the thick wheels offer smooth maneuverability over any terrain. Accommodates children from 3 months 16.75″W x 33.5″H X 24″D Weight capacity up to 50 lbs. Weighs 26.3 lbs. Aluminum/polyester/leather Imported Includes bassinet. UPPAbaby VISTA: Review

2. Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller​

Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller

Due to high demand, Mockingbird strollers will not be available for purchase through Babylist until early June. We’re sorry for the inconvenience! Mockingbird’s Single-to-Double Stroller has all the features parents love about the Single, with the added benefit of being able to add a second rider. Mockingbird Single-to-Double Stroller Review..

3. Nuna MIXX​


Nuna MIXX Stroller Supermarket. Train. Playground. For quick trips out, weekends away, and everything in betweenthe Nuna MIXX is the one. Plus, its smooth maneuverability allows you to push with one hand, for some fun spins along the way. Or for when you need to double back to pick up that dropped bear.Designed with all the little details in mind, so your adventures in parenthood can be that much easier. Nuna MIXX Stroller Review

4. Chicco Bravo​

For older babies and toddlers, the Chicco Bravo Quick-Fold Stroller features a multi-position reclining backrest, five-point harness, child tray with two cup holders, and large adjustable canopy. For older babies and toddlers, the Chicco Bravo Quick-Fold Stroller features a multi-position reclining backrest, five-point harness, child tray with two cup holders, and large adjustable canopy. Chicco Bravo Review

Is Chicco better than Graco?

The Chicco KeyFit 30 is a convenient, compact baby car seat that will fit in most vehicles including some two-door cars. It is a higher priced infant car seat than the Graco Snugride 35 but has also won multiple awards as one of the best infant car seats on the market.

What is the difference between Chicco Bravo and Bravo le?

The Chicco Bravo Le is an upgrade of the Chicco Bravo, and as such, it is no surprise that it costs a bit more. For the extra price you get an extra, reversible seat insert, an extendable visor with a peekaboo window, extra zippered storage, and a child’s drink tray.

5. UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller​

Parenting is full of adjustments like learning to function on little sleep or never leaving the house again without an arsenal of supplies. Fortunately for parents there’s been no compromising with the CRUZ. Its streamlined design gives you more without weighing you down. So stroll down bumpy city streets. Maneuver around crowded malls. Load your basket with your diaper bag, toys, groceries and whatever else you need.

Performance Travel System. The MESA infant car seat snaps directly into the CRUZ stroller creating a Performance Travel System that is the ultimate in portability and safety. With adapters, the CRUZ is compatible with select Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, and Cybex infant car seats.

Do you really need a combi stroller?​

For those who do not want to deal with a new mobile base every few months, combi strollers have proven their worth. Your advantage: With a single purchase, your child is mobile until he or she is safely on foot. From the first day of life until early kindergarten, one is perfectly covered with a combination device, the stroller grows with the child, so to speak.

This all-inclusive offer makes it possible to convert from baby tub to baby carrier for the car and to a buggy or sports car. In some cases, the manufacturers offer a fixed and ready-made 3-in-1 package including accessories, partly only frames, tub and buggy are included in the price. Baby carrier and extras can then be purchased. This is also different for our models in the test.

What speaks against a station wagon? That you usually have to reach deeper into your pocket than for a simple recumbent stroller and a single buggy. And for a relatively short time. Because the lying function is only needed until the child can sit on his own. This is usually the case at some point between 6 and 9 months. From then on, you can walk the baby in the sports seat through the area – or in a buggy.

If you prefer to carry your child in a baby carrier at the beginning anyway, an expensive combi stroller is not worth it.

combi stroller is often heavier and – even folded – bulkier than a simple buggy, but more comfortable.

Tips for buying​

Every family is different: some just go shopping at the door, the others have a dog and are constantly on the dirt roads. The first thing to do is consider where to use your stroller. Do you live in the city or in the countrysideDoes the car often have to be in the trunk or does it almost always stay assembledDo you have a detached house or do you live on the fourth floor without a lift, so do you always have to drag the tub upstairs? It depends on whether an easy-to-convert model is better for you or one that can be stored quickly and easily in the car.

What does he look like?​

Sounds superficial, but it should not be underestimated: you have to like the new stroller. Even the most practical vehicle doesn’t make you happy if you get annoyed with the optics every time you walk. Thank God there are more than enough pretty and functional models. By the way: Plain plain colours such as beige, dark blue, black or grey are not as fashionable as colourful camouflage patterns, but you can drive a station wagon per child for up to four years. You don’t get enough of classic tones that fit any outfit.

What does it weigh?​

For us, one of the main arguments when buying – because not every subway station has an elevator. Not always is a nice helper around the corner, who carries the car up the ten stairs to the pediatrician’s office. We don’t always want to get muscle soreness in the boot of the Hieven. Women in particular are dependent on a light part so that they do not contract a herniated disc with the increasingly heavier child, including the car. Every kilo less counts – as long as the quality does not suffer from it and you can drive the little ones around up to at least 15 kilos. Models with aluminium frames usually weigh less and do not rust. Steel frames are resistant, but usually heavier.

Does size matter?​

And how. Both in the set and in the combined state. The narrower and smaller, the faster and more relaxed you are by car. Whether in narrow supermarket streets, in the subway, on the train, in the hallway of the apartment building or in the café. As for the trunk, measure it accurately before you buy it. This saves you nasty surprises. But: A large seat in the buggy is more comfortable for the child than a skimpy square of fabric. In the case of the baby tub, the »Stiftung Warentest” recommends a length between 78 and 80 centimetres and a width of up to 35 centimetres. When it comes to convenient steering, long people need at least 1.10 meters of grip height. It is also great and back-friendly if the tub is slightly higher. With the buggy, however, the toddler is happy when the seat is lower, so that it can better climb into it itself.

How comfortable is it in everyday life?​

In the stressful everyday life with baby and toddler, parents need nothing that further complicates their lives. This applies in particular to the stroller. That’s why everything has to be simple and fixed. So check your favorite model in advance – always with weight in it – in the store or when buying online directly when unpacking: What settings are possible? How easy is it to adjust the backrest? Can your child sleep flat in the buggy later? Does the car make a high-quality impression? Are sports cars and tubs comfortably upholstered?

Can the handles be easily adjusted to your size? Is the handle non-slip and comfortable in the long run? Does the suspension fit so that your baby is not shaken wildly in the car? Can the seat and tub be rotated in and against the direction of travel? How complicated is it to dismantle and re-build the tub? How easy is the change from tub to car seat or buggy? How relaxed is the vehicle? Is it complicated to identify the front wheels? This is important in winter when there is snow. Does this only work by hand or more user-friendly with the foot? How can the top be folded back and forward? Does it provide enough shade? Is the tub cover equipped with buttons or a more practical zipper? Is the safety bar foldable to better lift the child in? Does the material have UV protection?

Which tyres are better?​

As a rule of thumb, large wheels are heavier, but safer and are easier to steer – especially in off-road areas – than small wheels, which are often far too close to each other, are therefore not so resistant and like to block on gravel or grass. Front swivel wheels, which can rotate 360 degrees, are great and manoeuvrable on asphalt, but should also be able to be detected in order to make better progress on gravel or in the snow mud.

Strollers usually come with either air, hard rubber or plastic tires. Air tyres are wheels like bicycles. Your advantage? Even in the terrain, they spring top, protect the child well from impacts and can be easily pushed. Just like with the bike, they like to get a plate for it. And you have to inflate them from time to time.

You don’t risk a plate with hard rubber tires. However, these are especially suitable for the city. Because they don’t spring anything off and pass on any unevenness directly to the occupant. Plastic tyres can only be found in low-cost cars, because they only have disadvantages.

Is he safe?​

The most important thing to get your child safely from A to B is a good parking brake, a five-point suspender strap and a safety bar in the buggy. Reflectors do a good job, especially in winter or at night. An existing TÜV and/or GS seal is a sign that safety standards are being adhered to.

As for the safety of parents, folding the car often turns out to be a nasty finger-squeezing trap. Don’t go! Because such a combi stroller also costs a few euros, you don’t want to let it be stolen right away. That’s why think of a crackproof bike lock.

What is the manufacturer’s service?

Renowned companies often offer a good repair service, extensive spare parts and a service number. With a no-name model from China, you can’t be sure. Also for reasons of sustainability, we recommend that you spend a little more money and drive the vehicle for longer than throw away the whole car at the first material damage. When purchasing, also find out about the warranty. Most companies offer 24 months. A manufacturer in the test even advertises with a lifetime warranty.

How long is the delivery time?​

It is best not to order the stroller only when the contractions are almost already beginning. Experience has shown that it takes longer, sometimes weeks to months, for the desired model to arrive.

How we tested​

We have taken all the above criteria into account in our test. We set up all the strollers and tested them first with a baby bath. If there was a baby carrier for the car, we also looked at it. Afterwards we converted all the strollers into a buggy. It was easy at times, sometimes complicated and sometimes only with united forces.


Because a stroller with a load rolls differently and usually better, we either drove our one-year-old test child sample with our one-year-old test child or – if the cute guinea pig went on strike – a box of apple juice chorale in tub and buggy. At a beer box, Munich passers-by would probably have looked less irritated.

There were also astonished glances at the second series of tests in the Old Botanical Garden in Munich’s city centre. There was our terrain course with stones, roots, gravel, lawn sand as well as everyday and natural obstacles to test not only the urban but also the terrain-suitable application area of each individual model. And so, again and again, passing park visitors looked into the strollers and wondered if they were only grinned there by a plastic foil wrapped in red bricks.

Finally, we folded up all the combi strollers and tested how well they fit in the trunk of a small car. We tested this with a Mercedes A-Class. Everyone went clean, but for some the trunk is just like that, with others there is still a little space – and for some you need more handles than with others. We thought it was good if you didn’t have to take off the wheels.


The assembly is quick and easy. The stroller is set up with a few simple steps. The aluminium frame is very robust, looks more like a slightly crowded buggy in which the baby tub is located. It consists of tense fabric covers and a rather thin mattress. There is also a slightly thicker cover. This is enough for small and rather summer trips. In winter, however, it could get a bit cold. An extra blanket could help.

Despite the small wheels, the riding comfort is surprisingly good. The Yoyo+ makes a good figure on the road, but also in the terrain. This is ensured by the really well balanced, relatively small and very manoeuvrable rubber tires. They roll loosely and easily through gravel, over meadows, roots and edges. Because: They have a special technology in which the tyres adapt to the ground and allow more or less tyre play accordingly. So you don’t have to lock or adjust the tire. Very practical. A red, small lever on the rear axle between the wheels is the brake – it can be operated with one foot.

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