Superman, Batman … All DC series on HBO Max -!

Superman, Batman … All DC series on HBO Max -!: All the details about Superman, Batman … All DC series on HBO Max -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Superman, Batman … All DC series on HBO Max -!. Here’s what you need to know about Superman, Batman … All DC series on HBO Max -!, Here are the details … If you like superheroes , Disney + is an ideal platform to watch Marvel series. But it is not the only one if you want action, powers and villains and we can see DC series on HBO Max of all kinds and for all audiences. Classic and essential movies like The Dark Knight or Batman Begins but also others like Joker or Suicide Squad. Or beyond the cinema with these DC series where we will see Superman, Batman, Batwoman and the others.

For adults or for the little ones who are fans of superheroes and want to enjoy the adventures of the mythical Teen Titans Go or the superheroines of DC Hero Girls, among others. Classics or new must-have titles that we find if you have a subscription to HBO Max and want to make the most of it.

Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is a comedy by 2019 available on HBO Max based on a group of DC superheroes . Following the events of the Titans, Doom Patrol is a crime-action series in which the members of the patrol have come together to investigate all kinds of phenomena. They have received a commission that will change their life in a film of dark humor, of action and, of course, of superheroes. The Doom Patrol made up of “outcasts with powers” is made up of superheroes like RobotMan, Elasti Girl, Beast Boy … All of them are part of this Warner series with three seasons available on HBO Max.

Platform : HBO MAX

Year: 2019

Chapters : Three seasons, 34 episodes

Duration : Between 50 Y 60 minutes per episode

Theme : Superpowers, comedy

Age : For older than 16 years

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One of the best series of the year 2019 was Watchmen with its premiere on HBO to cover the work of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Eight episodes in total of a series that seeks to show what happens 24 years after the events of the comics it is inspired by. And he takes us to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to show us an alternate reality of the United States. In this alternate reality of about eight hours the vigilantes are treated like criminals. For many, one of the best miniseries in history and, without a doubt, one of the essentials if you are looking for DC series on HBO Max. In addition, you will be able to see it in a weekend.

Platform : HBO MAX

Year: 2019

Chapters : One season, eight chapters

Duration : Between 50 Y 60 minutes per episode

Theme : Science fiction, superheroes, alternate reality

Age : For older than 18 years

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One of the most legendary DC series if you look at HBO Max is the one starring Kate Kane. She, like Batwoman, protects the streets of Gotham. The series set in the Arrowverse has been available since the year 2019 and currently has three seasons with 50 chapters in total. In it, we will see how Kate Kane (played by Ruby Rose in the first season and by Javicia Leslie in the second) faces her demons in addition to those that exist on the streets of Gotham. Bruce Wayne’s cousin will uphold social justice and has been trained to protect everyone around her

Platform: HBO Max

Year: 2019

Chapters: Three seasons, 45 chapters

Duration : Around 40 minutes per episode

Theme : Superheroes, Gotham

Recommended age : For older than 13 years

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Krypton is a DC series that works as a prequel , as a prequel to one of the most mythical superheroes of all time: Superman. He tells us what the world would be like if Superman had never existed, two generations before his existence. And the protagonist is Seg, the grandfather of the man of steel. Seg-EI must decide about his future, must choose if he wants to save the planet or let it be destroyed to save the future of his grandson . There are only two seasons available and twenty episodes in total.

Platform: HBO Max

Year: 2020

Chapters: Two seasons

Duration : Around 40 minutes

Theme : Superheroes, Superman prequel, powers

Recommended age : For those over thirteen years old

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Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois is one of the superhero series that we can see on HBO Max and that tells us what life is like for Clark Kent and Lois Lane as a family. They return to Smallville with their children, with Jonathan and Jordan, in one of the last series of DC Comics released on the platform. The family of superheroes must not only face the day-to-day problems in a normal family but they also have to deal with supervillains, use their powers, save the world, protect themselves from all those who they want to kill them.

Platform: HBO Max

Year: 2021

Chapters: One season, fifteen episodes in total

Duration : Between 35 Y 45 minutes per chapter

Theme : Superheroes, classics

Recommended age : For those over thirteen years old

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One of the best DC series on HBO Max is Supergirl, a superhero series in which the main character is kara Zor-El. She was also born on the planet Krypton, c omo Superman. But he escaped from it. Of course, he did not arrive at the same time as his cousin because until he reached Earth he had a problem in the ghost zone. Now, on our planet, he wants to hide his powers to fit in with society, to be like everyone else. But he will realize that his superhuman abilities can save all the people around him in one of the best superhero series for the whole family and with five seasons available and almost 100 episodes that we can see on HBO Max in the Warner collection.

Platform : HBO Max

Year: 2015

Chapters : Five seasons, 60 episodes

Duration : Between 40 Y 45 minutes per episode

Theme : Superheroes, powers, family comedy

Age : Recommended for people over 12 years

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If you are looking to bring DC series closer to the little ones, there are cartoons that we can see on HBO Max with funny episodes suitable for the whole family.

Justice League Action

The best-known characters of the DC universe are the protagonists of these short episodes of ten minutes, ideal for the smallest of the house to familiarize n with all the universe. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are in charge of leading the great heroes of the universe to put an end to their worst enemies. Only ten minutes per episode in these little shorts of adventure, action and powers.

Platform : HBO Max

Year: 2016

Chapters : A season, 52 episodes

Duration : Ten minutes per chapter

Theme : Superheroes, cartoons

Age : For over seven years

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Teen Titans Go

Teen Titans Go is one of the funniest series if we look for superhero cartoons. In this case, DC series to watch with children. Captained by Robin, it tells the adventures of Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg. An everyday adventure comedy that tells what these superheroes do when they are not saving the world. Short episodes of about ten minutes and more than 300 available if we are looking for a production that It will appeal to the smallest of the house but it will not bore the adults: adventures, intelligent dialogues, funny situations.

Platform : HBO Max

Year: 2013

Chapters : Seven seasons, around 345 episodes (not all available)

Duration : Ten minutes per chapter

Theme : Superheroes, cartoons

Age : For over seven years

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Super Hero Girls

Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Bubleebee, Supergirl, Xatanna and Green Lantern. They are the protagonists of Super Hero Girls, one of the best animated DC series that we can see on HBO Max if we want superheroes of Cartoon. They are six teenagers, six normal and ordinary girls who go to high school (Metropolis High School) but have a peculiarity: they can join forces to destroy all the villains of Metropolis, use their superpowers. Decisions, problems and day to day as teenagers but also with their secret identities and facing villains like Harley Quinn.

Platform : HBO Max

Year: 2019

Chapters : A season, 52 chapters

Duration : Ten minutes per chapter

Theme : Superheroines, cartoons

Age : For over 7 years

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