SupRemo and Uranium Backup: business continuity for SMEs -!

SupRemo and Uranium Backup: business continuity for SMEs -!: All the details about SupRemo and Uranium Backup: business continuity for SMEs -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about SupRemo and Uranium Backup: business continuity for SMEs -!. Here’s what you need to know about SupRemo and Uranium Backup: Business Continuity for SMEs -!, Here are the details … In the world of information technologies, it is very important to keep up to date and evolve as technologies advance. In addition, it is very important to evolve in order to provide good services to our clients, so it is very important to develop our strategies and, above all, to give continuity to business processes to minimize downtime or inefficiencies in information systems. The Nanosystems company has specialized in the design and development of IT solutions for more than 35 years, providing a very complete software suite to support companies in their digital transformation and their security.

What products does Nanosystems currently have?

Currently Nanosystems has SupRemo software, a software that allows us to access and control devices remotely. We also have the Uranium Backup software, a complete backup suite that will allow us to keep all our files, databases and even virtual machines safe.

SupRemo Control

SupRemo se focuses on safety, reliability and also on fluency. In addition, it not only allows us to remotely control a PC, but also to transfer files by copying and pasting or dragging, chatting with the remote user, configuring unattended access to carry out work remotely without problems, we also have a free unlimited SupRemo contact list. Other very interesting functionalities are that it allows us to view reports to monitor use, the version for companies allows us to add a logo of our company, in addition, it allows the integration of CRM / RMM through the command line. Finally, we have fully automatic updates.

SupRemo is compatible with the main operating systems, so it is compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS and it even has applications for mobile devices with Android and iOS. This is one of the best solutions for the home environment, since it is completely free, but also for business environments because the commercial version is very cheap compared to other software with similar characteristics. In fact, the paid versions that can be purchased are quarterly or annually and it is possible to obtain them from of only $ 5 per month .

So it is not only one of the best solutions for professionals and IT teams, but it is also very cheap for small and medium-sized companies.

A very important element to underline is that, before proceeding with the purchase, the software allows you to enjoy 21 days of free trial, so you can test all its features beforehand. In order to launch a remote connection, it is only necessary that both machines have the program installed and that the ID and password of the computer to be reached are known.

You can access the Official website of SupRemo Control where you will find links to download it.

Uranium Backup

The software Uranium Backup is a complete backup solution. Nowadays, making several backup copies of the most important content of companies is critical: the threat of ransomware can cause us to lose all our data if we do not have a good backup policy. This software is very easy to use, powerful and very versatile to make backup copies of any type of data, including backup copies of databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, Exchange, and it is also capable of making copies of machines virtual ESXi and Hyper-V.

This software allows you to configure various destinations for these backups, including the cloud, NAS servers, external hard drives, FTP servers and much more. In order to provide confidentiality to these copies, we have the possibility of encrypting them with a master key, so that no one can access the information contained in them. Uranium Backup is a one-time payment software with very simple license policies: in fact there are no subscription plans and the licenses are for life. In addition, the purchase of a software license includes all updates and qualified technical support. Also, this program has the particularity of being very cheap compared to the main competitors: in fact, it is possible to find versions with prices starting from only 80 $.

We recommend you access the official website of Uranium Backup where you will find all the details, the different versions of this backup software, and everything you need to purchase a license.

SupRemo Console

SupRemo Console is an integrated solution for simplify the management and monitoring of resources in companies. This IT management platform is very advanced and easy to use. This all-in-one tool allows us to manage our team, proactively monitor devices, both ours and those of our clients, with the aim of providing the best possible service to employees and clients.

With this software we will have the possibility of:

Monitor connections, both incoming and outgoing, on the devices of our employees and customers. This is to detect unauthorized intrusions. Manage technical support requests. Configure, install and deploy SupRemo remotely. Verify the status of the monitored devices, configuring custom policies to protect them. Manage and monitor the backups scheduled with Uranium Backup, to control that they are being performed correctly.

Thanks to SupRemo Console, we will have many benefits, such as:

Minimize the costs of the infrastructure Eliminate downtime. Expand and make more efficient s services we offer to customers and optimize the interventions of the customer service team. We recommend you access the official website of SupRemo Console where You will find all the details about this solution for IT equipment.

Why choose Nanosystems?

This company is more than 80 years of experience at the service of IT professionals in small, medium and large companies in any sector. Their solutions are aimed at providing the best stability and speed, security, ease of use and also very cheap solutions. The Nanosystems team has a Reseller program that is dedicated to IT companies to use their solutions . In this Reseller program we will not only have very important discounts, but also premium support and an area specifically reserved for the centralized management of all licenses.