The 10 best characters of The Lord of the Rings

The 10 best characters of The Lord of the Rings! We review the most mythical protagonists of the main saga of Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings does not go out of fashion and is still booming and current. We are still somewhat stunned by what has become known. We have learned that an ambitious series is being prepared for this great work by J. R. R. Tolkien and that we will soon be able to advance new details.

At the moment, this new reinvention of The Lord of the Rings will reach a very high production figure and manages a budget of about 500 million by the Amazon platform. Something too high and that will serve to take care of all kinds of aspects that surround the project. Here we gave you 10 ideas about her.

While we wait for the result of Amazon and this new adventure, we go into today to review the great characters that left us this great trilogy of The Lord of the Rings. We will not mention the characters in The Hobbit but strictly those who appear in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And although there are dozens of characters (in a first draft come out more than 25 interesting), it’s time to summarize and explain why we like these 10.

Go ahead that there are many characters that should be left out because this is just a Top 10, from the worst to the best. That said, we could do a Top 25 and some big names would still be missing. Even other testimonials like Tom Bombadil or Arbol are great.

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Are you more of Gollum or Frodo? Gandalf or Saruman? Do you like elves like Legolas and Arwen better? And what do you think of secondary schools like the Boromir brothers or Faramir? Do you feel unconditional about Sam Gamyi or can’t stand it? Let’s see if you agree (or not) with what we leave you in this report.

10. Gimli

Among all the characters of the dwarf kingdom that appear in The Lord of the Rings and his universe, including The Hobbit, Gimli is the most powerful, sly and important of all. He was part of the council of Elrond and his fate led him to be part of the Company of the ring among the 9 chosen. Expert in the handling of the axe especially, his iconic figure is unforgettable. In the movies it was John Rhys-Davies who gave it life in the films of Peter Jackson. The animated version was voiced by actor David Buck.

His funny and hard tones, often facing Legolas and the elves, make him funny but that does not cover that in addition to this he is a loyal guy, very faithful to his friends (he defends Frodo and the rest of the hobbits at all times). Tolkien used Gimli as an example of overcoming, of knowing how to forgive when we screw up and of valuing closely all those around him.

9. Sam

There is a lot of diversity of opinion about Sam, which is always good. Some cannot stand him, others praise him and protect his character, without which Frodo would not have been able to carry out his heroic destiny.

The best thing about Sam is that his evolution. It is like that somewhat lost teenager, with a somewhat cowardly character, settled in his village and his friends, who will have to assume responsibilities and learn. And with this adventure he really learns. Without Sam there would be no Frodo, beyond the theories that each one wants to get. They are a great pair of friends, much more mythical than the one formed by Pippin and Merry, the other two hobbits of the unforgettable quartet. In the cinema, Sam Gamyi was Sean Astin, today in force for series like Stranger Things or The Strain.

8. Saruman

One of the most powerful wizards that populate Middle Earth. The presence of an actor like Christopher Lee on the big screen was decisive for the character to take on a unique personality. Her relationship with good old Gandalf is like yin and yang, pitted against each other but united by a very similar past.

The fact that Saruman happened to be recruited by Sauron gives the whole story an air of epic with a very decent villain who will not make it easy for the components of the Fellowship of the Ring. Saruman is one more piece on this board, controlled by the almighty Sauron, but by himself Saruman is also an important and quite interesting wizard who gives a lot of play.

7. Arwen

The most famous and important female character in the entire saga, with absolute respect for others like Galadriel or Éowyn, of course. Her delicacy becomes somewhat elevated, and it would be good if Tolkien had enhanced her heroic aspect a little more, more than that of a “young” in love with Aragorn, who always weighs more. The daughter of the great elf Elrond is very prominent in Tolkien’s first novel, as well as in Jackson’s first tape.

His best moment, perhaps, is the one that saves Frodo’s life. Her weakest side is that of looking like just a princess in distress who must be rescued, which in the end happens, of course. Liv Tyler was the privileged actress who was able to bring her to life on the big screen.

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