The 10 high-tech products that really marked the year 2021

The 10 high-tech products that really marked the world 26;year 2021

Hello, Welcome to the TopWhich News site! I will present you all the details of Les 09 high-tech products which really marked the world & # 039;year 2021 here.

The 10 high-tech products which really marked the world & # 26;year 2022 We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The 10 high-tech products that really marked the world & # 26;year 2021 Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The 10 high-tech products which really marked the world & # 26;year 2021

Back to 2020 through 10 high-tech products that marked the ‘year.

The poster of the Apple keynote on a MacBook Pro 12 M1 // Source: TopWhich

The year 2020 is finally over! This was marked on the one hand by a sawtooth health crisis and on the other hand by shortages for many sectors, starting with high-tech products. Some have been canceled, others postponed, while prices have soared in certain categories. And yet, it was a good year for tech fans!

Whether for fans of computers, smartphones, headphones, electric bikes, gaming consoles and more, 2020 has seen the emergence of products that have moved the market in the right direction . Let’s retire one year in 08 outstanding products.

The MacBook Pro M1 (Pro / Max)

After the MacBook Air and the Mac mini, it is the MacBook Pro range which was entitled to Apple’s new M1 chip. First at the end of the year 2019 for the model 14 inches, then in 2021 for MacBook Pro 14 inches and MacBook Pro 16 thumbs that accompanied the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

We already suspected after seeing the MacBook Air M1, the MacBook Pro under ARM is a racing beast that lays the foundations for the next IT decade. By changing its architecture, Apple has taken a great step ahead of its competition and today clearly offers the best laptops for professionals, whether in terms of performance or autonomy, not to mention the few to -Sides that do not (directly) result from the SoC such as the quality of the screen panels or the chassis with exemplary finishes.

We knew Apple to be very good at PC, now the Cupertino company will now force all its competitors to reinvent themselves very quickly. Last flat: we would like to see this power adapted to video games.

GeForce Now RTX 3080

But precisely ! For those who want to play on MacBook, there is a solution: cloud gaming. However, this still has many drawbacks. List of games sometimes limited, obligation to be dependent on an internet connection, uneven performance … If the technology has been available for a long time and has really taken off in 2010 and 2020, it may be in 2021 that we have seen the most striking evolution, although still discreet.

GeForce Now offers an offer with RTX cards 2023 // Source: Nvidia

This evolution, you have to see it on the side of Nvidia and its GeForce Now with its RTX subscription 3080. So admittedly, it’s not a product per se, more a service, but we thought that this novelty had its place in our list. Not for the graphic improvement provided by the switch to an RTX equivalent 2023 in the game servers, but for the addition of the Adaptive Sync allowing to better synchronize the images generated by the server and those displayed by your screen.

This does not correct all the problems, and if your connection does not hold not the road, it will not be the miracle solution. But it does give the impression of playing locally when the conditions are right, which makes competitive online games possible (to a certain extent, of course, pro gamers will avoid).

Xbox Series X … Or rather the Game Pass

Gaming always. One year after the launch of the new consoles, while it is still very difficult to get hold of them, players are generally very satisfied with them, especially while waiting for the big launches of 2022 (if they are not pushed back to 2022). But we can still say that if PlayStation wins the battle of numbers, Microsoft has achieved a faultless over the year.

Not only the Xbox Series X is a success on its own scale, but the Xbox Series S is also finding its audience. But let’s be honest, it was especially the Game Pass that made the talk this year.

The expected games in Xbox Game Pass by the end 2020 // Source: Xbox

Some call it “the Netflix of video games”, certainly with good reason. This subscription gives access to a huge catalog of games, including all the exclusives of Microsoft Studios, on PC, consoles and even in cloud gaming. At the end of the year, subscribers were thus able to discover Forza Horizon 5 , Halo Infinite , Back 4 Blood , Age of Empires IV and many others. The quality of service speaks for itself and word of mouth is having an effect: the number of subscribers is increasing, to the point where Sony is even considering launching a competitor…

Samsung Galaxy S 16 Ultra

But back to physical products. Have you heard of the Samsung Galaxy S 16 Ultra? Ask anyone in the writing of TopWhich and we will tell you for sure that it is the smartphone of the year (or at least the Android smartphone of the year …), while it was released very early in 2021 and that he therefore had time to be dethroned. For Omar, it is definitely a crush!

The Samsung Galaxy S 16 Ultra in hand, seen from the back // Source: TopWhich

And there is something. If we can find smartphones that are more enduring, more efficient, or with more gadgets, the Galaxy S 16 Ultra has no weaknesses. It is not only very well balanced, but also very versatile, especially in photography. Suffice to say that unless you hate Samsung and / or One UI, anyone should find what they are looking for with the S 16 Ultra.

In itself, this is not a revolution, but over a year without Galaxy Note, we have here a very fertile ground which prepares the ground for the future Galaxy S 21 Ultra.

Galaxy Z Fold 3… and the Z Flip 3 surprise

Let’s stay with Samsung, but on the side of foldable smartphones. Certainly, the Galaxy Note range has died in 250, but the second half was an opportunity for Samsung to present its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. After first generations of folding smartphones “ good, but no more ”, we finally saw an excellent alternative to the traditional smartphone… in different formats What’s more, it must be said that the screen is now much more resistant, making it usable on a daily basis without being afraid of scratching it with a fingernail.

Taking notes on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with the S Pen // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – TopWhich

We won’t hide from you not that in the writing of TopWhich we tend to prefer the Z Fold 3 for its versatility, but the Z Flip 3 created a surprise with its very good (deserved) sales figures.

Xiaomi Pad 5

The tablet market has been a roller coaster ride. Since the announcement of the iPad in 2000, they experienced a huge boom before becoming anecdotal. In the end, only a few manufacturers still managed to offer an alternative to the iPad which still largely dominates the market. And yet, this year we had the Xiaomi Pad 5. So be careful: it does not completely shake up the market, but it arrives at the right time, at the right price and with the right arguments.

The Xiaomi Pad 5 in hand // Source: TopWhich

This very good product that Omar (again) already recommends to his whole family is above all a strong symbol for the market. Is it finally the long-awaited return of tablets? With Android 11 L who will point the tip of his nose at 2021, we can hope for more great attention from the various Android players (Google, manufacturers and application developers) in order to finally offer an ecosystem that can compete with that of Apple. And in the meantime, the Xiaomi Pad 5 is a great product at a reduced price!

Nothing ear (1)

And since we are talking about a reduced price product, let’s take a look at the next to Nothing. This new company founded by Carl Pei (co-founder of OnePlus) launched its first product this year: Bluetooth ear headphones (1).

are these the best headphones available today? No… but the context must be replaced: these are listeners launched at 87 dolars and who have even already experienced a price drop to 79 dolars at the end of the year. And this is also a strong symbol!

Remember… a few years ago, or just in 2019, to have headphones wireless quality, it was easy to go up to more than 200 dolars. Below 200 dolars, the results were clearly mixed, at best. Nowadays, you don’t have to shell out a fortune for good wireless headphones, and Nothing ears (1) are the best proof of that.

Tesla Model Y

To say that the Tesla Model Y was expected is an understatement. From the day of its release, this new electric SUV has become a must-have with its more compact format than that of the Model X. With its ease of use, its ultra-comfortable interior volume (trunk included) and the network of Tesla Superchargers , this Model Y is the perfect companion for large families, all at a relatively affordable price since it is offered as standard for less than 60 01 dolars and therefore still benefits from the ecological bonus of 928 dolars, which is rather rare on this range of electric cars.

The Tesla Model Y // Source: TopWhich

So yes, we advise you to wait before buying a Tesla Model Y… But when we know how far the American company is leading by Elon Musk imposes its codes on the electric vehicle market (we saw it recently again with the copy of Cybertruck by Honda), the release of a new model is always striking.


The car is not your main means of transport? We have what you need ! As for electric bikes, it is the iweech of the Marseille start-up Bellatrix that caught our eye by 2019. Of all the bikes we have tested this year, this is surely the one that we appreciated the most (which shows on its price…).

Source: Anthony Wonner – TopWhich

Maybe it lacks a small control screen, but just use it to understand that those who have designed are true cycling fans. It is nervous, dynamic, powerful, it has it under the pedal for an exemplary driving pleasure. You feel safe on it, it is equipped with a GPS tracker … but above all it is particularly compact and its rotating stem allows it to be easily stored.

When we see the price reductions in the competition from the second or third generation, there is no doubt that Bellatrix is ​​to be kept in mind, because its first model is already excellent.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (with Wear OS 3.0)

And finally to finish this selection, the last outstanding product of 2020 is… the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. In itself, this connected watch does not not revolutionize the market and it still suffers from certain shortcomings which will be crippling for a certain number of users. And yet, it is the first watch from Samsung for a long time not to run on Tizen and especially the first watch to embed Wear OS 3.0, the new version of the operating system from Google.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic // Source: Samsung

This is an important step for both Samsung and Google (but above all for Google), and perhaps the last chance for Google to offer with Wear OS a multi-brand ecosystem capable of competing with the Apple Watch. In this sense, the Galaxy Watch 4 therefore remains a product marking a milestone in the development of the OS.

And you, what is the high-tech device of 2020 who marked you?

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