The 11-year-old Anna-Chloé case injured in the courtyard of her college is debated

The Anna-Chloé case, years old, injured in the courtyard of her college, debates

Hello, Welcome to the TopWhich News site! I will present you all the details of L’affaire Anna-Chloé, years old, injured in the courtyard of her college is debated here.

L ‘Anna-Chloé affair, 11 years old, injured in the courtyard of his college is debating

The Anna-Chloé case, years old, injured in the courtyard of her college is debated We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The Anna-Chloé affair, 11 years, injured in the courtyard of her college is debated Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The Anna-Chloé affair, 11 years old, injured in the courtyard of her college is debated

The 15 December 2021, Anna-Chloé, years old, was seriously injured in the courtyard of her private college in Chambéry. The mother of the teenager denounces on social networks a “racist attack”. An investigation was carried out by the prosecution, the theory of the accident is privileged.

Anna-Chloé’s story has been around social networks . On 15 last December, the young teenager aged 11 years , who is in sixth grade, goes to his like every day) Le Rocher college , a private Catholic establishment in Chambéry, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Except that on that day the young girl would have been violently attacked in the courtyard of his school. The teaching team immediately called for help. The young girl’s mother, Karen, is also warned by the college’s CPE.

When she arrives there, she discovers with great emotion her child lying on the ground and seriously injured. “I saw a hole in the face with the eye who saw himself from the outside ” , relates the mother in a long post that went viral on social media. Transported to the hospital, Anna-Chloé had to undergo an emergency operation to treat her injuries. A CT scan will show a few hours later that she also has a broken nose .

Racist aggression?

For Anna-Chloe’s mother, there is no doubt: her daughter was the victim of a racist attack . According to her, since the start of the school year, her daughter has suffered “verbal violence racist and even physical ” . Which suggests school bullying . Karen has repeatedly wanted to meet with those in charge of the establishment. They received it once, when one day Anna-Chloé had the courage to defend herself after being insulted by “dirty Negro”.

The mother of the schoolgirl decided to file a complaint and mass broadcast the assault on her daughter so that “justice be done” . Since then, the case has taken on a whole new dimension.

The prosecution evokes the accident

Interested in this affair, the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced this Sunday 16 December on BFMTV the opening of an investigation .

“What I asked the rector of the Grenoble academy is to see with the managers of this establishment what happened and to make an investigation (…) You must first protect this child, and then watch what happened with lucidity “. The first results of the investigation were revealed by the prosecution. And the thesis of the accident is defended , reports AFP. According to the information gathered, the teenager fell on a bench before falling to the ground. Several witnesses even claim that Anna-Chloe was “alone” at that time. The thesis of the aggression is rejected “firmly” by the investigators, specifies the press release. But the mother of the young victim does not believe in this version.

A pot launched and a rally in Paris

On social networks, the story of Anna-Chloé was shared in numbers. Several personalities like Omar Sy, Cyril Hanouna or Alizée reacted and gave their full support to the little girl. Journalist and TV presenter Aïda Touihiri also spoke on Twitter:
“Racism has a face. Anna-Chloé’s, 11 years, should indignant us all. Harassed since the return to Chambéry, she would have ‘fallen’ according to the CPE . What indignity! Shame on those who knew, and who did nothing. Full support for the family. Justice be done ”

Faced with the reactions and the wave of support, a rally was organized in Paris, Sunday 16 December at 13 at Place de la République. An online jackpot has been launched on the Leetchi platform, for “to pay fees and expenses not covered” following the case, as well as a petition on, which got 15 994 signatures.

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