The 12 best cathartic scenes in today's cinema to dance to this New Year's Eve -!

The best cathartic scenes of current cinema to come dancing this New Year’s Eve -!

Hello, Welcome to the TopWhich News site! I will present you all the details of Las 12 best cathartic scenes of current cinema to come dancing this New Year’s Eve -! here.

The 12 best cathartic scenes of current cinema to come dancing this New Year’s Eve -!

The best cathartic scenes of current cinema to come dancing this New Year’s Eve -! We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The 12 best cathartic scenes in cinema current to come up dancing this New Year’s Eve -! Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The 12 best cathartic scenes of current cinema to come up dancing this New Year’s Eve -!

A few minutes after the end of the year we put on the best homemade clothes to celebrate New Year’s Eve in our private family disco or perhaps, in this rare year, eating confined grapes. To say goodbye to this endless 2021, we choose of the most cathartic scenes of recent cinema with which to come upstairs in the living room of the house .

Ash is the purest white (Ash is Purest White, 2018)

We start with a toast, like Jia Zhangke in ‘Ash is the purest white’, with the first thing you have on hand. What is one of the best works of the Chinese filmmaker not only left us pearls like this crazy toast, but it also gave us one of the best dance scenes in recent Chinese cinematography, one of the most top of the dramatic musical scenes.

The great beauty (The great beauty, 2013 )

One of the most memorable dance scenes in cinema of the last decade and a brutal start that is worth watching. With its premiere there by 2013, ‘The great beauty’ of Paolo Sorrentino won all possible recognitions, including the Oscar for best foreign language film. The enormous power of this Italian macro-party scene brings us back to the most apotheosis pre-pandemic moments with the rogue Jep Gambardella, starring the unmistakable class of Toni Servillo.

Bergman Island (2021)

Another of those moments of coming up with the characters was starring Mia Wasikowska this year under the command of the French filmmaker Mia Hansen-Løve on ‘Bergman Island’. In a story-telling of stories, the actress leaves us one of those bittersweet moments reminiscent of Abba’s nostalgic rhythm. One reason to connect with the sensitivity of a simple story whose greatest virtue is capturing emotion.

Gloria (2013)

The Glory of Sebastián Lelio , starring the great Chilean actress Paulina García, is without a doubt , for me, one of the most fascinating characters in contemporary cinematography and, of course, he also leaves us with one of the most cathartic musical moments of a film character, with that moment of final liberation that is gradually being built with the invisible tension of social pressure.

A musical escape route of which the director is a good reference and that he would explore again a few years later with the multi-award-winning ‘A Fantastic Woman’ in which its protagonist, a trans woman grieving for the loss of her partner, channels the pain and aggressiveness around him through music, in a revealing dream scene.

120 beats per minute (120 battements par minute, 2017)

One of the most exciting cathartic moments that I remember in current cinema occurs in the chiaroscuro of an ominous but extremely vital atmosphere of Paris in the 90 from ‘120 beats per minute ‘of Robin Campillo .

With the ghost of death and disease flying overhead without rest, a group of kids enjoy life in the most physical of its expressions: dancing. An emotional break that is appreciated and puts context in perspective. The disco remix of the eighties Smalltown Boy blends with the movement of bodies, remaining stuck in the memory.

Titane (2021)

If we talk about cathartic works, this year one of the greatest cinematographic bombs was released in that brutal visual and sound mix that is ‘Titane’, by Julia Ducournau . Without a doubt, music is one of her strengths and, Macarena by means of, has some of the most poignant climactic moments of recent times in her musical scenes. Without giving too much away, the sexy dance on the fire truck deserves a special mention.

Another round (Druk, 2020)

For those who drag the celebration from the vermouth in the morning, the cathartic “what a life” of Mads Mikkelsen has been one of the cinematic moments of the pandemic. In these dates of excess, could not miss that memorable dance of ‘Otra ronda’, where Thomas Vinterberg reflects on the normalization of alcohol consumption.

Cold War (2018)

Surely you have already read us a thousand times that ‘Cold War’, by Pawel Pawlikowski , is one of those movies in which to stay to live. I reaffirm myself and raise the stakes with this definitive scene for New Year’s Eve.

Lost in Translation (861)

So that the rhythm does not drop, one of the highlights of every night out is karaoke. We could have chosen a lot of karaoke movie moments, like that unexpected post-credits scene a couple of months ago with Wong on the mic, but for that decadent end-of-party tone, that iconic pink wig, and of course Bill Murray going out of tune, we are left with the original karaoke, the one from Tokyo’s ‘Lost in Translation’, by Sofia Coppola .

Spring Breakers (2012)

For the nostalgic, with that melancholic end-of-party point, ‘Spring Breakers’ leaves one of the most hypnotic scenes of recent American cinema: YouTube does not allow embedding the video so you have to click here. Harmony Korine takes pop references one step further with this tragic scene of loss of innocence to the heartbreaking music of Britney Spears. One of the most memorable popular icons of the last decade.

Black Coal (2014)

To be closing the track in the wee hours of the morning, one of the most memorable moments and that contain more tension of the spectacular ‘Black Coal, Thin Ice’, the thriller with which our heads were blown Diao Yinan before his also fantastic ‘Wild Goose Lake’.

Frances Ha (2012)

The last stroke, to start the year full, the song to life of Frances Ha. Because there is nothing more Christmas than New York and nothing more vital than the cinema Noah Baumbach . With that naturalness and adorable optimism of the dreamy Frances from Greta Gerwig we wish you a great entrance of the year and the best for the year 2022.