The best always leave: 14 things we said goodbye to on Android in 2021 -!

The best is always going: 14 things we said goodbye to on Android in 2021 -!: All the details about The best always go: 14 things we said goodbye to on Android in 2021 -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about The best always go: 14 things we said goodbye to on Android in 2021 -!. Here’s what you need to know about The best always go: 14 things we said goodbye to on Android in 2021 -!, here are the details … 365 days go a long way, and if there’s a pandemic involved, it feels like it’s been four or five years. During those days we get to know new applications and games, although we must also say goodbye to apps, services or anything else related to Android.

One year more, we respectfully remember 14 things we said goodbye to on Android in 2021 . Whether they were the best or not, we chose to remember them fondly in this last goodbye before changing the year.


Date of death: 31 March 2020

Twitter bought Periscope at 2015, the live video streaming app, although he never seemed to have much interest in developing it. Instead, they adapted and included Periscope features on Twitter , such as their own live video system, Twitter Live.

Twitter announced Periscope shutdown last year, although the app continued to run until 31 March 2021 . Since then its website has not included anything except a farewell message and the app is no longer available in the app stores.

Google Play Music

Date of death: April 7, 2020

We have given up on Google Play Music four or five times, although the app still clung to life, especially on old terminals that come pre-installed. The final goodbye -now, really- arrived in April. Google Play Music moves aside to make way for YouTube Music.

The latest update to Google Play Music allowed you to erase data and hide the application , with a kind of digital sepukku that is somewhat honorable. I wish all the abandoned apps would get out of the way with such elegance and efficiency.

The spiritual heritage of BQ mobiles

Date of death: 10 May of 2020

To be honest, BQ mobiles passed away in March 2019, after more than half of the company was bought by the Vietnamese Vinsmart. The BQ cell phones then disappeared, but their spiritual successor were the Vsmart phones .

Exactly two years later, in May 2021, Vinsmart got tired of cell phones. By closing its mobile division , BQ’s inheritance ended forever, even if it was under another name. Current terminals will continue to receive support as the company shifts to electric vehicle manufacturing.


Date of death: 31 May 2021

Timely was one of the most promising alarm and clock apps of the early days of Android . It stood out for having a design and animations well developed for its time , to such an extent that Google bought it a year after its launch.

After the purchase, the app was barely updated a couple of times. After many years left to its own devices, this year we finally had news of Timely’s state of health. It was not good. The app disappeared forever on 31 of May.

Google Measure

Death date : June 9, 2021

Google’s measurement application came by surprise in 2018 as a magical way to use the mobile to measure distances with augmented reality . The app worked reasonably well despite not being updated frequently, and suddenly disappeared from Google Play on a gloomy June afternoon.

Google never gave a reason to remove your measurement app and since then we have to use third-party apps like AR Ruler to do the same. We will therefore be left with the question of what caused Google to take these measures, worth the redundancy.

“My applications”, in Google Play

Death date: June 9, 2021

It is a minor change, although after almost half a year has passed since then, still causes some resentment in some users: the reorganization of the Google Play menus that led to the disappearance of the classic My applications menu .

With the new Google Play settings, My applications and games becomes part of Manage apps and device , being more hidden and hiding from the outset which apps have pending updates . Technically you can do the same, but with a little extra touch.

Free Google Photos storage

Death date: July 1, 2021

It was the backstabbing stab of the year: the end of free Google Photos storage. We were anticipated that the day would come from last year, but that did not prevent the blow from being hard. Since last July 1, everything uploaded to Google Photos is deducted from storage . Previously, backup at reduced quality was not discounted.

Thus, the Google shared storage space , which is normally from 15 GB, you will end up filling up sooner or later. You must then make the decision to delete things, look for alternatives or buy Google One storage.

LG mobiles

Date of death: 31 July 2021

After chaining quarter after quarter of losses and trying to get out of trouble with terminals As strange as the LG Wing, LG surrendered in the middle of the year: its mobile division would close the doors on 31 of July.

Existing mobiles are still in operation, of course, and the company even decided to extend the update period and the terminals in stock would continue to be sold until stocks ran out . Then eternal silence.


Date of death: 30 August 2021

The creator of Magisk accepted a job at Google and so they started the changes. Luckily, Magisk would continue to exist, albeit with some changes. To begin with, is not included in the new versions MagiskHide , the system tries to hide that the terminal has been modified.

MagiskHide does not come standard with Magisk, although it is in the hands of other developers to create Magisk modules that have a similar function. Of course, you will not find those modules in Magisk itself, because another thing that left was the module repository within Magisk.

Google Play Movies

Date of death: 23 September 2021

Google has declared war on applications from Google Play. The first to fall was Google Play Music, but it was closely followed by Google Play Movies. This application for buying and renting movies and series more than dying, it transformed .

Overnight, Google Play Movies was transformed into Google TV , an application similar to the previous one, but with a more different design and the same name as the Android TV layer. This makes sense, because if there is something that Google likes more than closing apps, it is confusing their names.

Android Gingerbread and Jelly Bean

Date of death: 28 September 2021

Android advances with new versions every year, but applications can – and should – be backward compatible. This in many cases involves additional code and effort, so periodically support for older versions is removed.

During 2021, Google ended the ability to log into mobile phones with Gingerbread, while ended officially with support for Google Services on Android Jelly Bean. In the latter case, everything will continue to work … until it stops.

Google My Maps

Date of death: 15 October 2021

Google has a certain and deserved reputation of creating apps and then abandoning them to their fate, and a recent example is the Google My Maps app. It was a separate app from Google Maps with which you could create custom maps from your mobile .

The application had not been updated since 2019 and after the abandonment period came the news that would not be updated plus. Whoever wants to make custom maps, use the Google My Maps website, says Google.

Minecraft Earth and Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Date of death : June 2021 and January 2022

A augmented reality games ran out of magic during 2021 and a second year of pandemic. Minecraft Earth fell first, after the pandemic wiped out the two pillars of the game: “free movement and collaborative play.”

Harry Potter Wizards Unite also announced its closure last November, not counting the reasons behind the decision. Of course, at least the game will first conclude its story before the final closure, which will happen on 31 from in ero of 2022.