The co-founder of Twitch has created a store of NFTs -!


Twitch co-founder has created an NFTs store -!: All the details about Twitch co-founder has created an NFTs store -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about The Twitch co-founder has created an NFTs store -!. Here’s what you need to know about The Twitch co-founder has created an NFTs store -!, Here are the details … The world of the NFT keeps growing day after day, not only in price, but also in adoption and number of available platforms. This week we have known the launch of Fractal, a new m arketplace of tokens not fungibles developed by Justin Kan, known for being the co-founder of the streaming platform Twitch . We tell you all the details about this new NFTs store.

Fractal, an NFT video game store

After working on the development of Twitch, it seems that Justin Kan has dumped squarely with cryptocurrencies. The one who co-founded the leading streaming platform is now focused on Fractal, a new marketplace of based NFTs. in videogames .

Not Kan’s first foray into the blockchain universe , since since the beginning of 2019 became an advisor to Theta , a streaming service that uses blockchain technology and where the entrepreneur American joined together to bring the knowledge he possessed after founding Twitch and

Justin has taken advantage of the impressive pull that cryptocurrencies have had this year 2021, and especially the development of the NFT. Its platform will be based on the Solana blockchain for the moment, since, according to the American businessman, it is the network that best responds to the needs of your virtual store . This is thanks to the fact that, at the moment, it is a not very saturated network, with low commissions and very fast, which can put even Ethereum in a bind in the medium and long term.

What can an NFT store like Fractal bring to gaming ?

¬ęThe objective of Fractal is to allow players to own the value of their work in video games . The items they manage to unlock can be sold, bought and traded with other players. In a Medium post, Kan clarified his intentions a bit better by expanding the information “NFTs allow video game companies to turn their in-game assets into persistent platforms on which other developers can build experiences.”

But let’s not kid ourselves. This may sound good, but is not positive for the player, as it can become a double-edged sword. The market for video game NFTs must be positioned as a useful tool if it wants to survive, not as a way in which people who do not love video games deposit their money with the goal of getting performance. For example, having access to a unique skin for a sword in a video game would not be the same as having to buy a unique sword in order to pass us the video game. In the second case, the NFT alone would make any title a “pay-to-win” , and this is what many video game experts are warning about NFTs. In any case, we do not yet know the focus of this new platform or the compatibility with titles, so we will have to wait before making a positive or negative review of these new businesses that are emerging.

Fractal release date

In his own words by Justin Kan, Fractal is coming very soon , but has not specified any date, so it is expected that the platform will open its doors to the public during the next anus 2022.

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