The Echo Dot plummets their price on Amazon: from only € 19! -!

Echo Dots plummet their price on Amazon: starting from just 19 $! -!: All the details about The Echo Dot plummets its price on Amazon: from only 19 $! -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about The Echo Dots plummet their price on Amazon: from just 19 $! -!. Here’s what you need to know about Echo Dots plummeting in price on Amazon: starting at just 19 $! -!, here are the details … Smart Speakers Echo Dot They have become one of Amazon’s biggest hits. The reasons for this are very varied, ranging from having extensive functionality to being quite inexpensive. Well, right now you can get several models at an exceptional price on Amazon … and we will tell you how to take advantage of it.

All models, of course, natively include Alexa . This is Amazon’s voice assistant and it is one of the most complete on the market (and offers excellent compatibility with all kinds of accessories). The fact is that with the use of the voice you will be able to access a large number of possibilities such as knowing information in a simple way and, even, you will establish the configuration of devices such as light bulbs or smart plugs. And, all this, without any complications thanks to a useful application compatible with iOS and Android.

What do the Echo Dots offer

Well, to begin with, they have a particularity compared to other Amazon smart speakers that their dimensions they are very small . This allows them to be placed in practically any place … be it the living room or a bedroom. In addition, their design is quite attractive – so they never clash. And, all this, without missing action buttons to control everything (even the own to disable the microphone to increase privacy) and some useful LEDs that allow you to know the status of the accessory at all times.

With a most interesting sound despite the small which are the Echo Dot, since they really sound better than expected at first, when it comes to connectivity there is excellent news. This is because they include what is necessary for optimal use … and, all this, without putting any cable through (beyond the current itself). This is because it includes both Bluetooth and WiFi to access the Internet.

The models on offer on Amazon

Next, we leave you the links of all the possibilities that are now discounted in the well-known online store, and where you will not have to pay anything for shipping costs if you have a Prime account. The discounts are so important, that surely more than one you value it as an excellent possibility as a gift for the Twelfth Night that is very close to being celebrated:

Fourth generation Echo Dot

It is the most economical option among all the models that belong to the latest version of the Amazon speakers we are talking about. Attractive and with all kinds of functions, its shape spherical makes it an excellent choice. It is very easy to use and a perfect solution to have Alexa anywhere.

Right now you can get it by paying a 50% less than usual, so its price is only 29, 99 dolars . Quite a bargain.

Fourth Gen Echo Dot with Clock

Share all of the aforementioned, but this model has the particularity of including a LED type clock underneath the fabric finish that makes an excellent possibility as an alarm clock. The truth is that it is an option of the most striking and full of functions.

Priced at 39, 99 dolars , which puts a good saving, since the usual thing is to pay 69, 99 $, it is a great possibility that fits with whatever use you want to give the smart speaker.

Echo Dot third generation

It is a model that belongs to the penultimate version of this product range, but this does not make it particularly outdated or lacking in features. Includes Alexa shortcut; it has excellent connectivity; and the sound of this Echo Dot is pretty good. Come on, it gives all that is needed .

Right now its price is simply impressive, since paying 29, 99 dolars you have at home. That is, you save 60% of the than you would normally have to pay.

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