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20 Dec. 2021 at 15: 20

Beatriz Lucas Cabornero

– Chief Editor and journalist at SensaCine

Journalist for 20 years and a fan of Miyazaki. The complete filmography of Leo McCarey is known. She is willing to give everything for her team.

The 29 December premieres in theaters the long-awaited prequel to the ‘Kingsman’ saga, again directed by Matthew Vaughn and with action and spectacularity as ingredients.

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This is the premise that allowed the writers’ imagination to flow to create The King’s Man: The First Mission , the new film in the saga that opened in 2015 Kingsman secret Service. Full of adventure and action, it will hit theaters this 29 from December. In it we will discover in fiction the origins and how the famous independent intelligence agency was created. And with his high doses of adrenaline, his spectacular sequences and his unexpected twists of the script he has all the points to become the perfect movie plan for this Christmas in which although characters that actually existed in history are used, the story is pure fantasy that results of the most amusing in some moments.

The film is preceded by the success of the two previous installments of the franchise, based one and the other on the comics The Secret Service by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. The first, titled Kingsman: Secret Service (2015) , raised 414 million dollars worldwide, while the second, Kingsman: The Golden Circle (14 millions around the globe.

Matthew Vaughn repeats as director

In this prequel he repeats in front of the project which has been from its origins the director and scriptwriter of the saga: Matthew Vaughn . And it will surely sound like you because, apart from Kingsman , has directed titles such as Organized crime (2007), Stardust (2010), Kick-Ass (2010), X – Menu: First generation (2011) or X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). And he’s even already working on Kingsman 3, where we’ll see the Eggsy and Harry Hart played by Taron Egerton and Colin Firth, respectively.

On the left, Gemma Arterton as Polly. On the right, Djimon Hounsou as Shola. In statements to SensaCine on the occasion of a visit to the filming in Turin (Italy ), over there by 2017, the director shared what had been the seed for this The First Mission, set in the conflicts of the early twentieth century, and with ingredients that promise to keep the viewer nailed in the armchair during his more than two hours of footage. “When I was a kid, movies like Lawrence of Arabia (1962) filled the screen and were epic, but not boring, ”explained Vaughn. “And I was thinking that I wanted to bring that back to the genre. I saw The man who could reign (1975) and I loved it as a child. And I saw her again and I thought: ‘I want to do The man who could be Kingsman. ”The Great War, spies and even a Rasputin karate fighter. We visited the filming of ‘The King’s Man: The First Mission’ in Turin

Although without Egerton and Firth due to the jump to the past of the plot, this time the film is headed by names like Ralph Fiennes ( The Grand Budapest Hotel ), Gemma Arterton ( Prince of Persia ), Rhys Ifans ( The Amazing Spider-Man ), Matthew Goode ( The Imitation Game ), Tom Hollander ( Pride and prejudice cio ), Harris Dickinson ( Maleficent: Mistress of Evil ), Daniel Brühl (F alcon and the Winter Soldier ), Djimon Hounsou ( Guardians of the Galaxy ) and Charles Dance (Game of Thrones).

During the same visit to the set, Fiennes, who plays the Duke of Oxford, an overprotective and pacifist father, told SensaCine what fascinated him the most about his character:

I am an aristocrat without remorse, “he indicated. “I am a pacifist and the audience will understand in the first five minutes why. The context is the proximity of World War I. I don’t think I’ll say too much if I tell you that the key relationship in the film is between my character and my son Conrad (Dickinson), who wants to show that he is a brave man, “explains Fiennes. At Hollander’s case plays no less than three roles – King George V of England, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia and Emperor of Germany and Nicholas II, last Tsar of Russia- all of them historical figures, although the story that the film tells is pure fiction

Rasputin, a true martial artist

And until the court of the Romanovs father and son will travel to face the villain Rasputin, in which is undoubtedly one of the best sequences of the entire film. Behind the Russian mystic we find Rhys Ifans, who on our visit to Turin thus justified the fascination created around the monk.

Rasputi n has always been a character who has generated great interest. We know little about his trajectory prior to his life with the tsars or his childhood. But the mark that his figure has left in popular culture is comparable, for example, to that of Charles Manson “, assures the interpreter Rhys Ifans who gets under his skin. “I don’t know the real influence it had on Russian political mechanisms,” he continued, “but had many benefits from the court, which blindly trusted in its powers ”. Beyond the character’s psychology, Ifans had to train many hours to be able to fight in the choreographies that were designed for him. And it is that the team designed their own martial art for Rasputin.

Rhys Ifans characterized as Rasputin. ” We wanted to find a very personal fighting style,” Ifans revealed at the time. “Vaughn, the director, came up with the idea that Rasputin was an excellent Georgian or Cossack dancer. So, over a period of many months, the extraordinary team of specialists invented a martial art that is an amalgamation of many familiar martial arts : judo, ju-jitsu, karate and Russian dance ”. And they succeeded. Rasputin attacks his opponents in a sense of musical vertigo; he spins and dances with them and suddenly, out of that dance, something very sinister comes out. After that comes a murderous blow. He’s a very cruel guy. Every person Rasputin murders seems to die in the middle of a dance. Many with a smile on their faces ”.

Much of the film was shot in Turin, whose palaces had to become Russia, Sarajevo or London. And seeing it is also pure visual recreation.

The result of this The King’s Man: The first mission , about the origins of the famous Kingsman agency, is an adventure film with unexpected twists and a big bet by Matthew Vaughn for a fun and fascinating action model. 49 In short, the perfect choice to see with friends this Christmas. Remember: in cinemas, from 27 from December.

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