The new Samsung Smart TV remote is charged with your router's WiFi -!

The new Samsung Smart TV remote is charged with your router’s WiFi -!: All the details about The new Samsung Smart TV remote is loaded with your router’s WiFi -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about The new Samsung Smart TV remote is charged with your router’s WiFi -!. Here’s what you need to know about The new Samsung Smart TV remote is charged with your router’s WiFi -!, Here are the details … Samsung today announced all the news that will integrate their Smart TV of 2022 , including improvements in the quality of image on the Neo QLED and MICRO LED or new software functionalities. However, one of the most interesting novelties is found in the command , which we will never have to load.

At CES we usually see curious news that the main manufacturers in the world seek to bring into our homes to facilitate our day to day . Last year, Samsung announced the Eco Remote , a battery-powered remote that was recharged via a built-in solar panel, as well as USB connectivity. By USB, charging can be done in just 20 minutes, while in sunlight it can take several hours, or even days depending on the intensity of the sun.

The WiFi and other waves, capable of charging the remote

However, for the Neo QLEDs of 2022 already You won’t have to bother putting your phone in the sun to charge it. Now, the remote control will be charged passively collecting the radio frequency waves that are around us, including those of the WiFi of the router , and converting them into electrical energy. The controller can still charge via USB C port or sunlight , but now it can also absorb light inside our bulbs to charge.

The purpose of this Samsung feature is to avoid the use of AAA batteries. The company estimated in the past that using solar controls helps prevent the generation of 99 million batteries in a period of 7 years . The remote is made with a 24% recycled plastic , and this year it will also be available in white, in addition to black. It will be available in all the new QLED and MICRO LED models of 2022, in addition to The Serif, The Frame and The Sero.

Samsung has tested other passive charging systems

In addition to all these functionalities of passive charging , Samsung has experimented with other systems to charge the battery , such as recovering the movements we make with our hands when we move the remote, or use the vibration that can be registered by an integrated microphone that listens to our voice. However, they have opted for radio frequency waves, as it is more comfortable and effective.

This type of passive charging has been demonstrated in other low-power devices, but this is one of the first business integrations we have seen. Samsung has not detailed what is the passive charging capacity through the waves of the router’s WiFi , but it seems that they may be more than enough to not have to bother to charge the command.