The next projects of Can Yaman: 2 series where we can see him -!

Can Yaman’s next projects: 2 series where we can see him -!: All the details about Can Yaman’s next projects: 2 series where we can see him -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Can Yaman’s next projects: 2 series where we can see him -!. Here’s what you need to know about Can Yaman’s next projects: 2 series where we can see him -!, Here are the details … Can Yaman’s next projects : 2 series where we can see him

By Sara Heredia – 20 Dec. 2021 at 9: 20

The actor from ‘Dreaming Bird ‘o’ Dolunay ‘has several productions underway that will excite fans of the Turkish series.

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5 Can Yaman series that you can see in Spain

If you consider yourself a fan of the interpreter and you have already seen all the series that can be seen in Spain – almost all of his filmography is available -, do not lose sight of his future projects. Can Yaman is developing several very interesting projects outside the borders of Turkey and here we summarize them :

‘Viola come il mare’: a thriller for 2022

In August 2021 Can Yaman announced his new project in Italy. It is titled Viola come il mare and is inspired by the novel The Color of Fear , by Simona Tanzini, a suspense story that has many followers. The story follows Viola, a television correspondent who is transferred to Palermo. There he has to cover the death of a young girl from 20 years and the search for his murderer. The clues point to a successful singer named Zefir, but Viola prefers to investigate on her own.

Yaman leads the cast alongside Francesca Chillemi , with whom she has become very good friends. Filming has taken place between Rome and Palermo for the past few months. “A totally new and beautiful project is imminent, scheduled to start in September. A special thanks to Luca Bernabei and Lux ​​Vide for allowing me my first performance in Italian,” the actor said on Instagram. The series is expected to begin airing in the fall of 2022 .

‘Sandokan’: international project

The great project that Can Yaman has in hand is Sandokan , a period fiction about the famous pirate from Emilio Salgari’s novels. Like Viola come il mare , it is an Italian production whose Recording will begin in the next few months.

Behind the fiction is Lux Vide, a well-known studio that has developed Devils -for Sky with Patrick Dempsey as the protagonist-, season 3 of The Medici , entitled The Magnificent , and Leonardo , the successful series about the Italian genius starring Aidan Turner and Freddie Highmore.

Although many details remain secret, it is known that Yaman will be the protagonist of this ‘reboot’ with Luca Argentero. If we take a look at the company’s previous productions, we can expect the premiere of Sandokan is internationally, so the actor’s fans will be able to enjoy fiction without problems.

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