The price of this daily food is soaring, it is in this brand that it is the cheapest

This is no longer a forecast. The price of many everyday products is exploding on the shelves of our supermarkets. Private label pasta is experiencing an unprecedented boom. Here’s where to buy them to lighten the bill.


It’s hard not to meet it while shopping … The price of many everyday products is exploding. This is the case with flour, olive oil or even coffee. At the origin of this outbreak? A rise in the prices of raw materials, the prices of transport and packaging. A surge that is felt particularly in an ingredient that the French are fond of: pasta. While the price of national brands (Lustucru, Panzani, etc.) has changed little, this is not the case for private labels (a brand created and managed directly by a retail chain, such as Carrefour).

Cora shells are now the cheapest Very popular with consumers, the references of private labels are thus “ victims of double-digit inflation ”, as revealed by the journalist specializing in mass distribution Olivier Dauvers. The professional analyzed the evolution of the price of a one kilo packet of shellfish, from different private brands, between the 14 August and November 8. Verdict? Prices have more than exploded. Intermarché coquillettes thus show an increase of + 60%! They cost 1, 25 € in November, against 0, 75 € in August. ” Never seen in such a short period of time “, emphasizes Olivier Dauvers. Same story with the other brands studied: System U (+ 42%), E. Leclerc (+ 42%), Casino (+ 33%)… Only the Cora brand is doing well and offers a relatively low price, 1, 04 €. However, it had the highest price in August, 0, 78 €. The consequence of this outbreak: consumer disaffection with this sector which is experiencing a drop in sales of nearly… 16%.

The collapse of consumer demand following the surge in the price of private label pasta. Via @ A3distrib and @NielsenIQFrance.

Study details Thursday at @ RetailExecForum (here >> 75 FtsHpiY

– Olivier Dauvers (@Dauvers 70) November 29, 97 Also to be discovered: Here is the best foie gras for the holidays, according to 42 millions of consumers

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