The rebirth of LucasFilm Games: these are the projects at hand and the sagas that must return -!

The rebirth of LucasFilm Games: these are the projects at hand and the sagas that must return -!

Hello, Welcome to the TopWhich News site! I will present you all the details of The rebirth of LucasFilm Games: these are the projects at hand and the sagas that must return -! here.

The rebirth of LucasFilm Games: these are the projects he has in hand and the sagas that they must return -!

The rebirth of LucasFilm Games: these are the projects at hand and the sagas that must return -! We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. The rebirth of LucasFilm Games: these are the projects at hand and the sagas that must return -! Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

The rebirth of LucasFilm Games: these are the projects at hand and the sagas that must return – !

LucasFilm’s legacy in video games is only comparable to the million-dollar licenses it handles and those not-so-well-known games. And, although almost a decade has passed since the disappearance of LucasArts, but the force of the Star Wars brand or the excellence of graphic adventures such as Tentacle Day or Monkey Island is still very present. An extraordinary legacy that will have new life and continuity in 2022 and the years to come.

One of the first bombings of 2021 was the return of LucasFilm Games in style with a new Indiana Jones video game. That, in addition, was accompanied by the end of the exclusivity of Electronic Arts to the time to bring Star Wars to consoles, PCs and mobiles. And although EA did not pay attention to means and expenses when it came to taking the galaxy far, far away from video games, the truth is that the play did not turn out as well as expected.

A year after that surprise, and after several big announcements, a new horizon opens up for a re-founded LucasFilm Games that is still under the Disney umbrella, but has regained its original spirit. And, in that regard, 2022 will mean the rebirth of a company as great as it is deservedly loved. Big words when Xbox Game Studios, PlayStation Studios, Ubisoft and Warner will be fully involved in the process.

And despite the fact that Star Wars is still the star license of the house, LucasFilm Games’ current priority is, according to its vice president Douglas Reilly, to address all kinds of experiences and be present on the maximum number of platforms possible, being loyal to each brand and its fans.

We seek to work with the best teams in their class that can create great games across our IP. We have a team of professionals here at Lucasfilm Games that can work with developers, shape stories, shape creativity, shape games, so that they really resonate with fans and are delivered on a wide range of platforms. , genres and experiences. so that all our fans can enjoy the IPs they know and love And what about what has already been published? As you will see in the video of presentation of LucasFilm Games, games like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Star Wars Squadrons or the recently released LEGO Star Wars CastAway fall under the wing of this renewed Disney video game division inspired by George Lucas’ licenses.

In VidaExtra we have already approached LucasFilm’s past from love and nostalgia and LucasArts, and now we want to focus on its promising future in the video game industry . A future that will continue to grow hand in hand with Electronic Arts through new projects to be announced, of course, but it shines even more by sharing what has already been shown, what was hinted at and what was promised, that is not little.

Precisely for this reason, we have tackled the challenge of shedding light on the new dawn of the company in the most illustrative way possible: gathering all the major projects already announced in the same site and, furthermore, allowing us the whim of recalling three sagas that lend themselves wonderfully to a triumphant return.

Without further ado: below you will find everything that LucasFilm Games currently has on their hands and three very special sagas that, sooner or later, he will have to contemplate bringing back.

Indiana Jones, Bethesda

Who: Bethesda (MachineGames) / Xbox Game Studios Where: PC and Xbox. Other Platforms to be announced Indiana Jones has a very extensive career in video games. From graphic adventures that are positioned among the best of Point and Click to action games of 16 bits, going through more recent adventures more in tune with Tomb Raider and Uncharted. Which, on the other hand, translates into great reasons to celebrate his return.

MachineGames will pick up the baton from LucasArts with a new adventure in which Todd Howard from Bethesda Games Studios himself will be directly involved. Expectations are through the roof , and despite the fact that there is an intentional mystery Around the project, it is clear that those responsible for the brutal Wolfenstein saga know very well how to make kicking Nazis butt a spectacle.

Star Wars, the open world game from Ubisoft

Image of Star Wars Eclipse

Who: Massive Entertainment / Ubisoft Where: Platforms to be announced Ubisoft is unquestionably one of the greatest authorities on open world video games. In fact, the French company has a crazy streak producing between two and three a year. And that means that we can only hope good things for the already announced Star Wars game that will be signed by Massive Entertainment, the studio behind the successful saga The Division.

Neither details nor a simple illustration of the project have been given, although proper names have been put on the table: Julian Gerighty will be the creative director and David Polfeldt will lead the project in close collaboration with LucasFilm. Regarding the game engine, it will bet on Snowdrop , the same engine of The Division , which will guarantee action and ambition in a Open world game set in the galaxy far, far away imagined by George Lucas and in which the narrative will have a special weight.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Who: TT Games ( Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment) Where: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and PC It can be said that we have become used to having games of LEGO Star Wars , and the truth is that TT Games has already brought the classic trilogy and prequels to consoles and PCs; but what The Skywalker Saga offers us is truly groundbreaking: it is the game that seeks to take the action, adventure and humor of LEGO games to the next level.

As you might guess from its own name, this is a total reimagining of the nine films from the Star Wars film saga, from The Phantom Menace to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker; although both the finishes and the ambition put into this complete and unified galactic saga in a single video game that, according to Warner, will offer a new experience unlike any other adaptation.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake

Who: Aspyr Media / PlayStation Studios Where: PS5 and PC. Other Platforms to be announced After years of polishing and adapting the BioWare classic to current systems, Aspyr Media dares to make a clean slate: the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will be a comprehensive update created from scratch of the cult RPG that fascinated to a whole generation. A story that, by the way, takes place 4000 years before the events of Star Wars.

The project is being developed to take full advantage of PS5 technology, with PlayStation Studios involved in its own development. For their part, Aspyr is very familiar with the original material: in addition to having relaunched the two original installments of Knights of the Old Republic , have a great track record preserving the LucasArts legacy with updated versions of Star Wars: Episode I Racer or Republic Commando.

Star Wars Eclipse

Who: Quantic Dream Where: Platforms to be announced The creators of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human know how to combine the pressure of being a great independent studio with its own style and dealing with great productions very well. Star Wars Eclipse adds one more: it will be the first video game set in the He was from the High Republic.

A game in the style of Quantic Dream? Here’s the interesting thing: LucasFilm and the Galo studio promise that it will be an action adventure in which the narrative will not only have exceptional importance, but the story will have tons of ramifications making each decision have a direct impact on the plot. A very promising way to immerse yourself in the golden age of the Jedi order.

Star Wars: Hunters

Who: Zynga / NaturalMotion When and where: Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android A barrage of Star Wars games is coming, and each one will allow us to approach the universe in a unique way. The Zynga alternative, however, is the most curious and original of all: Star Wars: Hunters bets on competitive and team battles through a varied selection of heroes that represent all the nuances of the saga.

We will be able to fight with a droid that is believed to be a Jedi, an imposing Wookiee, a scrap dealer who leads the remains of a Droideka and even a stormtrooper who does not quite assume that the empire has fallen. In any case, Zynga will bet on the free-to-play format and everyone can Give it a try: It is slated for release on Switch and mobiles.

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

Who: Zen Studios Where: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC

From the arcades to the home community: Bringing the galactic saga to Pinball FX with Star Wars Pinball, Zen Studios will bring Williams Electronics’ crazy furniture to consoles with Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure , a very special recreation of the board with realistic physical reactions, classic emotion, lots of nods to the film saga and new effects and animations created for the occasion.

LucasFilm Games: a legacy that must return

While the revamped LucasFilm Games plan will begin rolling out this year, there is still much to be announced and to come. It cannot be said that what has already been announced is little or that it is not unattractive but, in fairness, the truth is that there are too many good opportunities at stake to miss them.

We know that Electronic Arts has new unannounced projects in development related to the Star Wars universe. It is not ruled out that these will appear in parallel to the new film releases. However, at VidaExtra we want to go a little further and give a new chance to three especially promising sagas. What’s more, we are very clear about who we want to shape them.

Monkey Island 3a

Our candidate: Ron Gilbert / Terrible Toybox Ron Gilbert had a concrete plan for Monkey Island 3, but it will never come true. Basically, because Gilbert left LucasArts after LeChuck’s Revenge was published and he is no longer the same person he was back then. However, he is very clear that he would like to do a ” Monkey Island 3a “And how he would do it: classic graphics, challenging but fair puzzles, and the same old hooligan humor. You just need Disney to grant you the license, and we say a resounding yes to everything.

Maniac Mansion 3

Our candidate: Double Fine We don’t know what the scoundrel of Tim Schafer is perpetrating, but Psychonauts 2 has made it clear that it has not lost its touch and can still give us pleasant surprises and genuine fun. Bearing in mind that Double Fine is freaking out in the sequels and revitalizing the classics (including the Remake of The Day of the Tentacle ) it’s time to go back to the Edison mansion to see what’s cooking.

Armed and Dangerous

Our candidate: Insomniac Games LucasArts has an impressive legacy of action games. Some highly celebrated as Outlaws and others not so much (such as their RTX Red Rock from PS2). However, there is one that in the right hands could be a bombshell: the mythical Armed and Dangerous . With the talent and good hand of Insomniac Games for third-person action games, the rebirth of the band of rebels known as the Lionhearts could be a real hoot.