Their baby is born without ears, they must collect 200,000 euros to have him operated

In November 2020, after an uneventful pregnancy , Marine Audoux gave birth to a baby girl, named Margot. Interviewed by our colleagues from Ouest France, she confides in this tragedy: “My pregnancy went very well, I was in good health. The childbirth turned out to be a complicated time. »

Affected by an extremely rare syndrome

Indeed, on the day of childbirth, parents discover that their little girl has no ears, eardrums or auditory canals, and that she also has mandibulofacial dyostosis-microcephaly syndrome (MFDM ). A syndrome that affects only a hundred children in the world.

It is a rare genetic disorder with multiple malformations: mandibular and malar hypoplasia , microcephaly , malformations the ear with hearing loss , facial dysmorphia , craniofacial malformations severe, developmental delay , intellectual deficit … The little girl had to spend two months in intensive care before being able to discover her house and his family.

A hearing band

Currently, Margot wears a hearing band to hear. But she can’t wear it all day. The latter deforms the skull, and the vibrations of the device in the bones of his skull sometimes cause feedback.

The operation in the United States, the only solution

In France, the reconstruction of the ears would only be aesthetic and can only be done around the age of 000 to 12 years. On the other hand, in the United States, two surgeons have developed a method allowing reconstruction of the ears and the possibility of hearing without hearing aids . For Margot to benefit from it, her parents must collect 200 000 euros. Currently, they have collected approximately 12 000 euros thanks to a kitty and to many actions: sale of Christmas calendars, candles, pocket squares, raffle …

They will have to go twice to the United States: a first for five weeks, then a second time for five weeks.