These are the premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon -!

These are the premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon -!: All the details about These are the premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about These are the premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon -!. Here’s what you need to know about These are the premieres of the week on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon -!, Here are the details … An important week is coming for everyone: the week of Christmas Eve and Christmas. And this, in addition to endless meals, meetings and the odd gift, also implies more time to rest, play board games and, why not, enjoy a series or movie peacefully at home. If that’s the case and you want new ideas, we now bring you the release schedule that Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video have reserved for you. Aim.

What to watch on Netflix

These are the premieres that arrive this week on Netflix.

Monday 20 December

If you like Dramas based on true events, you will be served today with American Crime Story: Impeachment , a series that deals with neither more nor less about the famous and controversial Lewinsky case that forever marked the presidency of Bill Clinton. You have the full season (with its 10 episodes) already available on the platform.

Wednesday 22 December

You have to wait until Wednesday to continue with the premieres of the week in the service. That day you will finally be able to enjoy the second season of Emily in Paris , that series with airs of Sex in New York and Gossip Girl who was talked about so much when saw the light last year.

Fan of El Rey? Then you can’t miss this documentary. A filmmaker travels the US in the singer’s Rolls-Royce to visit the most important places and people of this music icon in The King (Elvis Presley) .

Thursday 23 December

On Thursday we have a Swedish crime mystery film that joins the catalog called Vilsen and two documentaries to entertain you: Bikes vs Cars , on the advantages of the bicycle over the cars; and Never die young , an experimental film about the complicated life of the composer Guido Peters.

Friday 23 December

Netflix has decided to throw the remains the day 24 (and that everyone manages the weekend as they want) accumulating the rest of the week’s premieres that day. We thus have the arrival of the new Korean series Sea of ​​tranquility , about a group of space explorers who embark on a dangerous mission at a secret lunar research base.

Also in the cinema segment, the little ones will be able to entertain themselves with Stand By Me Doraemon 2 while “the older ones” do their own with the Spanish To 1000 Km from Christmas -in which by the way the sadly deceased Verónica Forqué appears.

It is not the only premiere of the day. The platform has reserved that day to launch one of its big bets of the season with Don’t look up . the film, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, tells us how two astronomers go on a crazy media tour to warn (and raise awareness) of humanity that a comet is going to hit Earth soon. Directed by Adam McKay, the film is packed with familiar faces like Jonah Hill, Meryl Streep, Chris Evans, Cate Blanchett and many more.

Releases of the week on HBO Max

This is everything that awaits you this week on the HBO Max service.

Monday 20 December

Today Monday you can already enjoy new episodes of Insecure (the 5 × 09), Larry David and from Harry Potter: The Hogwarts Houses Tournament (episode 4).

Tuesday 21 December

Season 4 of Claws arrives tomorrow Tuesday with its first two chapters.

Wednesday 22 December

Wednesday is a day with several releases (of series already in progress, yes) in the catalog. And it is that the firm releases the episode 14 of season 2 of Robot Chicken , the Q3 quarter of Selena + Chef , and the third of the great How to get into a garden (Landscapers) . Also the fans of the specials of Acoustic Home will also be able to see a new installment, this time dedicated to the popular singer Rozalén.

Thursday 23 from December

A new episode of And Just Like That… (you know, the continuation of Sex and the City ) will be available on Thursday next to the second of Hacks.

Friday 24 December

Series Dry Water , Station One (with two episodes) and B Positive (also with two chapters) can be seen with news on Friday.

Saturday 25 December

Chapter 5 of season 2 of How to with John Wilson will be available on Saturday 24.

Sunday 26 December

We close the week with episode 6 of Come on Juan , the fifth of T2 of Beforeigners (The Visitors) and the first season of Lost fag ( Queer you are) .

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

Remember that to see the contents of Prime Video you only have to be subscribed to Amazon Prime (with which you also enjoy other advantages such as shipments 1 free day, access to Prime Music or Prime Reading, among others).

Tuesday 21 December

On Tuesday the film arrives on the platform Being the Ricardos , with Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as protagonists. Directed by famous director Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, The Newsroom, The Chicago 7 Trial), it is about a couple who will have to overcome great challenges as they face together a crisis that could end their careers and another that It could even end your marriage.Based on true events.

Thursday 23 December

Would you like to see some horror? Then his thing is that you wait until Thursday to see A ntebellum . This American proposal, directed by Gerard Bush, tells the story of Verónica, a writer who is trapped in a reality whose mystery she will be forced to solve.