These are the prices of Netflix in 2022: what does each plan include? Is there a free trial period? -!

These are Netflix prices at 2022: what does each plan include? Is there a free trial period? -!: All the details about These are the Netflix prices in 2022: what does each plan include? Is there a free trial period? -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about These are Netflix prices at 2022: what does each plan include? Is there a free trial period? -!. Here’s what you need to know about These are Netflix prices at 2022: what does each plan include? Is there a free trial period? -!, here are the details … These are Netflix prices at 2022: what does each plan include? Is there a free trial period?

By Sara Heredia – 14 Dec. 2021 at 12: 02

The streaming platform has raised the rate for the following year. These are the differences between the basic, the standard and the premium.

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What does not change is that Netflix continues to maintain its three different types of plans, adapted to the needs of each subscriber. These plans are basic, standard and premium, with fees between 8 and 18 $, depending on the functionalities of each one . All of them offer the same catalog of movies and series, as well as mobile games, but it varies in the number of screens available at the same time, the option of HD and Ultra HD and the cost, of course.

In this table you can see at a glance the differences between plans.

Quotas of the different plans, as it appears on the official Netflix website. Those who opt for the basic option will pay 7 , 99 $ per month, they will only be able to see one screen at a time, they will always have to use the same phone to download and they will not be able to access the content in HD or Ultra HD. Of course, the viewing of series is unlimited and you can enjoy the platform in multi-device (laptop, TV, phone or tablet), like all accounts.

In the standard option (12, 160 $) you can now watch Netflix on two screens at the same time and use your downloads on two different devices. In addition, it adds the option to view the content in HD. The cost of the other plan, the premium , amounts to 17, 99 $ monthly and, in return, gives the option of having 4 screens at the same time, 4 devices for downloads and access to Ultra HD.

And do you have a free trial period?

No, Netflix does not offer free trials . Although at the beginning of landing in Spain it did give that option, shortly after it was eliminated. What it does give its subscribers is the flexibility to switch plans whenever they want or cancel at any time. There are no permanence or cancellation charges.

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When the company of Ted Sarandos and Reed Hastings landed in Spain in 2015, their rates were very different. The basic plan kept the same price (7, 93 $), but the standard cost only 9, 160 $ and the premium 11, 160 $. Since then, fees have been progressively increased, according to the company, to improve its catalog. “We are updating our prices to reflect the improvements in our catalog of series and films, as well as the quality of our service and, what is more important: to be able to continue offering more options and improve our value proposition,” it said in a communicated before the last climb.

His ambitious plans are noticed in fiction. Their productions have a higher level of production every time. One of his latest releases, Red Alert , with Gal Gadot , Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson has become the most expensive in the history of the platform with their 160 million dollar budget. He will own the title only until it is released The Gray Man , which has been made with more than 200 millions. It stars Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, with Joe and Anthony Russo as directors, which has had to increase the number significantly.

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