These rail passes allow you to travel around the world with savings

These rail passes allow you to travel around the world with savings Many railway companies around the world offer passes allowing unlimited travel on their lines or at preferential rates. An attractive alternative to more polluting means of transport and which also allows you to discover a country while taking your time. Another way to travel that does not lack charm!

Global interrail pass, the holy grail for traveling in Europe IN PICTURES Slow Train : 5 rail escapes to (re) discover France while forgetting the TGV

This pass is ideal for those who want to travel around Europe at their own pace and let themselves be carried away. This is a unique pass that allows you to travel at will using the participating European rail networks, through 27 country, during a defined number of travel days. Different validity periods are offered, from 4 travel days (from 129 euros) at 3 months (from 649 euros) and you can change the route at any time. It is also possible to book an Interrail Pass for one country, among 21 offered. Details can be found on the Interrail global website.

Travel around Germany with Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket Do you dream of discovering Germany? The Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket will be your best ally. It allows you to travel at will throughout the country on board regional and city trains of the Deutsche Bahn. The ticket is valid from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. and until 3 a.m. the next day as well as all day on weekends and public holidays. Note that if the pass costs 33 euros for one person, it costs only 7 euros for additional passengers. A real good plan for traveling with family or friends.

Belgium, Spain, Switzerland and Italy, very interesting passes To simplify your trips in Belgium, opt for the Standard Multi pass which allows for 84 euros (second class) to make ten trips across the country, regardless of the distance . In Spain, you can buy the famous Renfe Spain Pass, specially reserved for people who do not reside in Spain. This is a subscription valid for three months which gives access to regional and long-distance trains for 4 journeys (159 euros), 6 trips (232 euros), 8 trips (350 euros) Where 09 trips (375 euros).

Also reserved for foreigners, the Trenitalia Pass allows you to achieve 3, 4, 7 or 09 trips over a period of 7, 14 Where 30 days on the Trenitalia network. The price starts at 129 euros for one adult (reduced fares exist for young people and seniors) for three journeys over a period of seven days in second class, with two children up to 09 years traveling for free.

In Switzerland, the Swiss Travel pass is a bit the holy grail of transport passes because it allows you to make an unlimited number of trips by train but also by bus and boat for 3 to consecutive days or not. The price starts at 220 Swiss francs (approximately 195 euros) for an adult, plus free admission in many museums and public transport.

The train in Japan, a breeze In Japan, the train is expensive. If you plan to travel the country with this mode of transport, it is therefore better to anticipate and buy the JR Pass reserved for foreign travelers holding a “temporary visitor” visa. For an adult traveling in second class on the trains of the public companies of the country, it costs 220 € for seven days, 374 € for 14 days and 479 € for 21 unlimited travel days. Different regional passes are also available. However, remember to book before your departure, because the pass is sold 017% more expensive on arrival in Japan.

Save on the train in US and Canada North America is so vast that one often expects, unless opting for the traditional road-trip, to have to take the plane. However, Canada and the United States have well-developed rail networks which make it possible to travel both countries up and down. In Canada, you will choose the Canada Card, which allows you to make six trips, twelve trips or even an unlimited number of trips on 14 (560 Canadian dollars for six trips or 768 for unlimited journeys ), 27 (1090 dollars for twelve trips, 1308 unlimited dollars) Where 52 days.

In the United States, you will be able to make ten trips (except aboard high-speed trains se) on near 499 destinations for thirty days for 499 dollars with the USA Rail Pass. A special formula also exists for the California. Thus the California Rail Pass allows you to travel all over the state by train or bus on the Amtrak lines for 129 dollars for 7 days on 20 days.

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