This is how you can enter Windows 11 into safe mode -!

This is how you can enter Windows 11 to safe mode -!: All the details about This is how you enter Windows 11 to safe mode -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about This is how you can enter Windows 11 to safe mode – ! Here’s what you need to know about This is how you can enter Windows 11 to safe mode -!, Here are the details … Safe mode has always been that ‘wild card’ that Windows users have had to find the solution to a problem in our system. Either due to driver incompatibility, or due to an installed program that has corrupted the configuration of our computer, among other things, entering safe mode can always come in handy, since Windows starts with the most basic configuration of drivers and files .

Entering the safe mode allows you to interact with the system through a limited configuration of drivers, thus filtering those that may have caused an error. It also offers us the possibility of having a little more leeway in case of malware, installed hardware, and more. In Windows 11 they were not going to leave us without this option, and through this This article tells you how to access this mode in the new Microsoft operating system.

Enable safe mode from the configuration menu

To enter safe mode in Windows 11 we have several ways. The first one is to enter the panel of ‘Settings’ of Windows 11, either through the start menu, or through the key combination of ‘Windows’ + ‘i’ . In the menu, in ‘System’ , we scroll down until we find the option of ‘Recovery’ . In this tab, we go to ‘Advanced startup’ and select the option of ‘Restart now’ . In this way, the computer will restart, showing us the configuration menu, where we will have access to multiple advanced tools.

In this section what interests us is to choose the option of ‘Solve problems’ , and in this tab select ‘Advanced Options’. Here we enter ‘Startup configuration’ and press ‘Restart’ . When we restart again, Windows will offer us a list of tools to access. In this case we will have to choose the option ‘Enable safe mode’ , which is the fourth option. Once this is done, we will start the system in that mode.

From Windows shutdown options 11

With the system started we also have access to this safe mode. This time we can do it faster by going to the start menu and selecting the ‘Restart’ option from among all the shutdown options we have. However, before clicking, we will have to hold down the ‘Shift’ or ‘Shift’ key while we give it to restart.

After that, once restarted, the menu that we have talked about will appear. In this way, we will go back to following the steps previously shown, entering ‘Troubleshoot’, ‘Advanced options’, ‘Startup settings’ and ‘Restart’ . Then, when we restart we select the option ‘Enable safe mode’.

Through the ‘msconfig’ menu

Another alternative that we have available to enter safe mode is through the ‘Run’ menu of Windows. To do this, we press the combination of ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ and write ‘msconfig’ without the quotes.

After displaying the configuration menu, we enter the ‘Startup’ tab and at the bottom we will find the option of ‘Safe boot’ . As you can see, we can also limit the safe mode options, or even enable the Internet connection as an additional tool while we are in safe mode.