This type of router is perfect if you want to have more coverage -!

This type of router is perfect if you want to have more coverage -!: All the details about This type of router is perfect if you want to have more coverage -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about This type of router is perfect if you want to have more coverage -! Here’s what you need to know about This type of router is perfect if you want to have more coverage -!, Here are the details … Having good Wi-Fi coverage is essential today. We have many devices connected to the network and not all of them are right next to the router. Now, not all have the same power and therefore the signal does not arrive the same. In this article we are going to talk about why a Mesh router can be the solution to your coverage problems and put aside your old device.

Router Mesh, the best option to have more coverage

The normal thing is that we have a traditional router at home. Basically the one offered by the operator when we hire fiber optics. It does not mean that it is a bad option, since for most it may be enough. But of course, being realistic they are simple devices, which comply with the basics, but do not offer us extraordinary coverage.

That will cause us to have limitations when we connect from a room that is far from the appliance. An example that is often very present is trying to connect a television or video player and see that the signal does not reach well. The same if we have a computer far away, we use a mobile phone or any other device.

A solution to all this is to have a Mesh router. What is this exactly? It is a router that, additionally, has one or more satellites . That is, they are devices that are connected to each other and we can distribute them throughout our home. In this way we can connect from dead zones, where the signal with a traditional router would not reach well, and thus avoid problems.

For all that we have mentioned, Mesh routers are becoming more and more common. Instead of buying repeaters or PLC devices, we can simply choose to change our traditional router, the one that the operator gave us, and thus have a more modern one, with satellites that can better distribute the signal .

More distance and more devices

It must be taken into account that the The first objective of using a Mesh router is that it will extend the distance at which we can connect. If we are far from the router, since there are satellites distributed where we are most interested, we can connect to them and thus have fewer problems.

But beyond being able to extend the distance To connect via Wi-Fi, we will also be able to connect more devices without problems appearing. These Mesh routers usually have 1, 2 or 3 satellites to which we are going to connect. We can even add some more if we need. This also helps to decongest the network and thus be able to connect more devices without problems.

A traditional router may have more problems offering a signal to a large number of devices connected to it weather. At the end of the day, it has more limitations, in addition to being a single device to which all of them will connect.

In short, devices such as Google’s Wi-Fi Mesh system They are very useful to improve coverage and be able to connect more devices in our home without having problems with the wireless signal. They are an ideal alternative to traditional routers.