Tips for using an iPhone in a car without CarPlay -!

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You can create your own version of CarPlay for your car not compatible with this function by following these steps on your iPhone.

CarPlay is a useful Apple function that will allow us to live the best synchronization experience between our car and an iOS smartphone. For that, there is a whole list of iPhone applications that you can use in your car with CarPlay. Unfortunately not all cars in the world have CarPlay or some feature that facilitates the synchronization between the mobile and the car system, and for that we bring you today these tricks to use your iPhone in a car without CarPlay and live a almost smart experience in your vehicle.

To start creating an experience you closest to CarPlay possible in your car without CarPlay, you will only have to have Siri Shortcuts on your device that arrived on iOS 12 and that have a lot of functions to automate processes on your device, as well as the Focus mode that arrived in iOS 15. If you have all this, you can now proceed to create an experience ” CarPlay “in your common car.

Step 1: Let’s start with the Shortcuts app

Create your shortcuts on iPhone

To complete the first part of the process, you will have to follow the instructions below. This time we are going to use the Shortcuts application that is already installed on our device from iOS 12 , so if your device has this version, you should have no problem getting started. Follow these steps to start creating the shortcuts for your own home version of CarPlay:

Open the app Shortcuts . Being located in the tab My Shortcuts and tap on the Plus (+) icon in the upper right corner of your screen. In Shortcut Name write the one that seems best to you. For example, Play Favorites. Tap on Add Action . Type Music in the search bar. One time have the list displayed, look under the section Content the one that says Play music. Tap on the option Music that will appear in blue next to the word Play. From the list that appears, tap on the option Listen . Here, select Mix: favorites . Even if it costs a bit, tap on the little cross that will appear just in the upper right corner. You will have your Shortcut ready, but tap on the Settings icon which appears in the upper right corner, right next to the X. Here, choose ” Add to Home Screen “. Enter the same name you chose in step 3, and tap on ” Add “. Yes, we know that it is quite a few steps just to create a Shortcut for a playlist, but this is more or less the process for any other Shortcut. If you want to continue creating more Shortcuts for other more specific playlists, you can continue doing so, and you will only have to touch the icon created on your home screen to start playing these songs.

Step 2: Edit your home screen with Focus Mode

Configure your screen Start with Focus Mode

This second step will allow you to return to the home screen dedicated to CarPlay inspired Shortcuts . If you do not follow this section, each time you exit any of the shortcuts you will return to the default home screen and, if you are driving, it is not ideal to have to guess on which of all the screens the shortcuts are found. endogenous version of CarPlay.

Once you have all the shortcuts you need on your home screen, you can proceed to create a new screen to sort them all before continuing to the next phase. The steps are much simpler than those of the first phase, and you just have to do the following:

Opens Settings on your iPhone. Tap on Focus . You can select a mode from the list or create a new one using the symbol of Plus (+) in the upper right corner. Under the Options section, select Starting screen. Here, enable Custom Pages . Select the page containing your Car Shortcuts. Ready. Now every time you activate the focus mode that you have configured you will only be able to see the home screen that you have selected in the last step . This will allow you to focus on the route and also maintain order on the home screen each time you exit a shortcut. In case you have not configured it, every time you return to the home screen you will return to the main one, and if you are one of those who have more than one, you could find yourself constantly looking for the screen you need in the middle of the way.

Step 3: Use the Widgets to your advantage

How to include Widgets on your iPhone home screen

Widgets are one of the great Apple additions that came in iOS 14 , and you can fill your screen with them to quickly access them. For example, if you want to access your Spotify while on the road, you can integrate the Spotify Widget to your home screen.

You can also add Wigdets for your contacts, for the Maps application and much more that you need while you find yourself driving your car to your destination. To add Widgets you just have to do the following:

Press and hold an empty part from your home screen. Tap the icon More (+) in the top left-hand corner. Select the Widget that you want among those available in the list. Depending on the application you can select different sizes for the Widgets of your preference, each one showing more or less information on the screen. After this, you will have configured your own version of CarPlay made to measure for your car without this feature natively. Now you can enjoy your daily route!

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