Top100 Best Apps for Android in 2021

The 100 Best Apps for Android in 2021: Need the best apps for Android this 2021? No doubt; Here you can discover a super list with all the most essential apps, you will know different categories like: browsers for Android, the best Android food apps, Android music apps, etc. Pending, because then you will know the list of apps that will be essential on your Android mobile.

List of the best applications for your Android device 2021

Then you already know that these applications are classified into categories, so that you can find what they are looking for easily. We show you the 100 best generic Android applications that never go out of style (the historical ones), and some new essential applications that every Android mobile and tablet should have.

Best Browser applications

We choose the best web browsers that you can use on your Android mobile or tablet. There are 5 excellent browsers for Android that will make you forget Google Chrome:

1. Brave Browser

brave browser Brave Browser is the best browser app for Android 2021 that allows you to browse the internet without being tracked, along with strong security. The app comes with a built-in ad blocker that allows you to enjoy your web browsing without the annoying ads and pop-ups, so because of this, the pages load faster and also save you battery and data.

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2. Firefox

firefox: best android apps 2021

 Firefox Browser is also one of the best browser apps for Android 2020. This version provides more stability and offers different options. The browser is integrated with traditional features like managing tabs and adding bookmarks. Thus, you can organize the web pages you visit, especially if you open many tabs at the same time.

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3. Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge This app is also one of the best browser apps for Android 2021. It allows you to easily sync web pages, bookmarks, and browsing history between your Android device and the Edge browser on your desktop. The main features of the mobile browser include an integrated reading view, news ratings, and a content blocker.

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4. Tor Browser

tor browser: best android apps 2021 Tor Browser is also one of the best browser apps for Android 2021. The browser can effectively block the trackers for every website you visit and the ads can’t follow you. Any cookie you use will be deleted immediately when you are done, it will prevent anyone from controlling your browsing habits.

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5. CM Browser

cm browser CM Browser is a lightweight mobile browser with a built-in antivirus scanner that can protect you from malicious threats. With CM you get a dedicated download manager to save offline online videos and most video files. Adblocker cleans annoying pop-ups, banner ads, and video ads.

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Best Communication applications

Do you need to improve your team communication? In this list you will know the 5 best Android communication applications, they are instant messaging apps:

1. Messenger



Messenger is the best communication application for Android 2021 that will allow us to start text conversations with all our friends within the popular social network. Thanks to this application you can also send and receive text messages from your computer. Facebook Messenger will be great for you if you use Facebook regularly.

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2. LinkedIn


linkedin: best android apps 2021

LinkedIn is also one of the best communication applications for Android 2021, it is a spectacular social network application, it is developed by LinkedIn Corporation. Now you can reconnect with your old colleagues and discover internal connections for a job right on your smartphone device with LinkedIn for Android.

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3. Snapchat


snapchat android

On Snapchat, you can share your captured image moments with your family and friends. And like a real moment, it will disappear ASAP. This app allows you to take photos, share them with others, and unless you have saved it as a screenshot, it will disappear within 24 hours from the photo was first displayed.

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4. Textra


textra sms: best android apps 2021

This app is also one of the best communication apps for Android 2021. Have fun creating and sending text messages with Textra for Android. Text messaging shouldn’t be boring, it should be fun and exciting. This application is an alternative to the standard Android messaging application that is more special and fun.

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5. WhatsApp Messenger


whatsapp messenger

WhatsApp Messenger allows you to make free calls and send messages to users around the world, using mobile data or Wi-Fi, similar to Viber and Skype. This amazing application also allows you to share multimedia content such as videos, photos and voice messages, with no additional charges or monthly subscription fees.

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Best Apps to edit photos

Are you looking for a photo editor for your Android phone? These are without a doubt the 5 best photo editing apps for Android available in 2021, choose your favorite now:

1. Glitch Lab


glitch lab

Glitch Lab is the best photo editing application for Android 2021. You have probably seen applications like this before and the style of the effects offered attracts us all, if you like to make your images look a bit glitchy or retro, this it is one of the most capable and versatile ways to do it. There are over 100 effects and many of them are customizable.

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2. Pixtica


pixtica: best android apps 2021

Pixtica is also one of the best photo editor apps for Android 2021. Take professional photos with your Android device even if you have barely touched a camera with Pixtica for Android. Designed to be intuitive and quick to use, this application makes it fun and enjoyable. You can use this application not only for images but also for videos and GIFs.

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3. Watermark on Photo


watermark on photo

This app does exactly what the name says: it allows you to add watermarks to your photos, but the types of watermarks you can add are quite varied. Not only can you add custom text as a watermark (including changing font, size and color), but you can also use your signature (or any other handwritten text) as a watermark by writing on the screen.

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4. Scribbl


scribbl: best android apps 2021

This app is also one of the best photo editor apps for Android 2021. Scribbl is a photo editor that allows you to add animations to your images. By “animations” we basically mean light trails, but there are several different ways to animate them, numerous colors you can choose from, and you can choose exactly where they appear in images and how big they are.

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5. StoryZ Photo motion


storyz photo motion

Create moving stories from images with StoryZ Photo Motion. A picture can say a thousand words. With StoryZ Photo Motion, it’s more than that, making your images move and interlace into a story right on your Android. Bring your photos to life by demanding in-app tolls such as still images and video overlays.

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Best Camera apps

You are not satisfied with the photos that your mobile camera captures? We selected the 5 best camera apps for Android that can help you get the most out of your camera:

1. Camera MX


camera mx

Camera MX is the best camera application for Android 2021. It allows you to combine effects and live frames. You can even make animated photo slideshows complete with music. It features 20 real-time effects, self-timer, image editor, auto-optimization, various items come when taking photos, and many more.

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2. HedgeCam 2


hedgecam 2: best android apps 2021

HedgeCam 2 is also one of the best photo editing apps for Android 2021. The app offers you a customizable user interface, shot timer, facial recognition, voice commands, automatic image alignment, color effects, ISO and offset. exposure, scene modes, HDR mode, plus much more.

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3. Open Camera


Open Camera

Open Camera replaces your standard camera application with a more intuitive and feature-rich solution. The application offers a variety of features such as manual control over ISO, exposure, focus modes and others; automatic stabilization so your photos are always level; remote controls including a timer and auto-repeat mode and more.

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4. Footej Camera


Footej Camera: Best Android Apps 2021

This app is also one of the best photo editor apps for Android 2021. Footej Camera is a simple yet powerful camera app that brings you great photos and video quality. The app uses burst mode, animated GIFs, slow motion video recording, snapshot during video recording, selfie light, panorama mode, RAW format, and manual ISO.

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5. Bacon Camera


bacon camera

This is an application that offers manual controls for your camera application that supports many practical functions. The application offers you a wide variety of manual controls on your smartphone’s digital camera, such as focus, white balance, exposure compensation, ISO speed, exposure time, and RAW and DNG support.

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Best Food apps

Can’t leave the house or do you want to cook something different? These are the 5 best food apps for Android, they are food delivery apps and recipe apps to enjoy your favorite foods whenever you want:

1. Cookpad



Cookpad is the best food app for Android 2021. It is a food app that allows members to share their recipes and view other members’ recipes as well. Members post their recipes on this site and you will have access to them, the recipes featured do not have to be fancy or complicated, giving an insight into what real people cook in their homes.

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2. Untappd


untappd: best android apps 2021

Untappd is also one of the best food apps for Android 2021. This is a social discovery network for people who love beers. Use the app to find the nearest local bar and check the personalized recommendations and get the beer you like. Then you can also rate the beer, take a photo of it, and share it through the app.

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3. Yelp



With Yelp, users can easily find restaurants, shops, bars, etc. Each location has a Yelp page that includes relevant contact information, photos of the property, menus and prices, and more. The pages also display community reviews and comments to help users find the best place for different occasions and activities.

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4. Kitchen Stories


kitchen stories: best android apps 2021

This application is also one of the best food applications for Android 2021. Kitchen Stories will help you discover new recipes for you to try and learn. Each recipe can be easily recreated and comes with step-by-step photo instructions, HD instructional videos, instructional videos, and more. There are also new recipes and videos how they are added on a regular and weekly basis.

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5. SideChef



SideChef makes it easier than ever to learn how to prepare new dishes. This free recipe app features step-by-step photos, instructions with built-in timers, ingredient-specific video tutorials, and even instructions and voice commands to follow recipes even with your hands full.

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Best Health apps

Every day more people are interested in leading a healthy life. Take care of yourself with your smartphone, we bring you 5 best health applications for Android, classified by: food and diet apps, physical exercise apps:

1. Clue



Clue is the best health application for Android 2021, this is a period and ovulation application that helps to discover patterns, unique in your menstrual cycle. It can predict your period, PMS and calculate when you are fertile. Your moods, cravings, and more are also tracked. This app is scientific, accurate, and straightforward.

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2. Fitbit


Fitbit: best android apps 2021

Fitbit is also one of the best health apps for Android 2021. It helps you track your fitness goals alongside fitness devices and sync them all for comprehensive fitness goal tracking and progress. Track your daily physical activity goals and your progress through the number of steps, distance, and calories burned.

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3. Calorie Counter


Calories counter

This application provides you with an online database of more than five million food entries, along with a simplified database available for offline use. The app allows you to add your favorite foods, add multiple meals at the same time, and even add and save entire meals.

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4. Adidas Running


adidas running: best android apps 2021

This app is also one of the best health apps for Android 2021. Adidas Running is a sports training app that uses Android devices with built-in GPS to map user activities and track their work progress (distance, time, speed, calories, altitude pace and more).

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5. Jefit



Jefit offers you a comprehensive fitness program tracker and personal training suite that remains simple and easy to use with many automated features. This app features body stats tracking, custom workout routines, a massive exercise database, a rest timer, etc.

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Best Music apps

Are you looking for the best music apps to have on your smartphone? We propose 5 applications with which to listen to hits. Learn about the best applications to listen to music on an Android mobile:

1. iHeartRadio



iHeartRadio is the best music app for Android 2021. It brings you thousands of live radio stations, covering a variety of genres, including Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, Rock, Talk, News, Sports, Comedy, etc. It also allows you to customize your own stations with music that you would like to listen to, with content from the best artists of all genres that is played commercial-free.

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2. Jango Radio


Jango Radio: Best Android Apps 2021

Jango Radio is also one of the best music apps for Android 2021. It is a free personalized radio app that allows users to stream music and is guaranteed to be ad-free. It also allows users to create a custom station that plays music from the artist they requested.

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3. Pandora



Pandora lets you listen to your favorite songs from your favorite artists anytime, anywhere. The app offers you thousands of free music just for you to discover, explore the huge collection of apps and find your favorite music and listen to it even on the go. Listen to the recommended stations and find out that you might also like it.

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4. SoundCloud


soundcloud: best android apps 2021

This application is also one of the best music applications for Android 2021. SoundCloud captures and shares your sounds in private or public through networks. You can also access, explore and listen to the sounds of other users who also shared music. Use SoundCloud whenever you find a need or need a tool to save and share your music and songs.

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5. Spotify



Spotify is an Android application that has one of the largest song libraries in the world, with millions of tracks available. Get access to this massive library with this app and stream any album you want, as well as view artists, albums, and playlists, all totally free and ad-supported.

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Best Productivity apps

A review of the 5 best productivity Android apps for organizing notes, syncing your work, managing your finances, etc. What gives you time to do more important things:

1. Evernote



Evernote is the best productivity app for Android 2021 as it helps you delete and remember anything, in whatever form you need, be it text notes, snapshots, recordings, web page clippings and more. This application also allows you to create notes from the images you take.

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IFTTT: best android apps 2021

IFTTT can create simple but powerful connections, known as applets, between your social networks, which can make life easier and more convenient for you. The app lets you make cross-platform posts like uploading Instagram photos as Twitter photos, saving tweets to Evernote, and sharing status updates on Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn at the same time.

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3. Khan Academy



Khan Academy is also one of the best productivity apps for Android 2021, you will have access to lessons on almost any subject you can think of. This online school offers lessons on subjects or topics that can include math, biology, chemistry, economics, and more, with over 10,000 videos and explanations available.

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4. Mint


mint: best android apps 2021

This app is also one of the best productivity apps for Android 2021. Mint is specifically designed to help you manage your finances, making it easier and more convenient than ever to keep track of your money. Financial planning and management will always be important at any time.

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5. Todoist



Todoist lets you manage everything you need to do, by providing you with a simple and elegant to-do list, as well as a life task manager. You can manage your tasks wherever you are, with add, complete and reschedule operations working on your PC, tablet, smartphone, watch and more, even offline.

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Best Art apps

We selected the 5 best Android Art Apps based on their technology, efficiency and interface quality that they offer to the user, as well as their usefulness in artistic practice:

1. Tattoodo



Tattoodo is the best art application for Android 2021, this app allows you to search through millions of tattoo images, images that you can filter according to style, motives or artist. Plus you can also follow the artists, so their latest work will appear in your feed, and you can save images to the boards, so you can build a library of designs that you like.

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2. Houzz


houzz: best android apps 2021

Houzz is also one of the best art apps for Android 2021, it is an app that gives you tons of design ideas that can inspire you for renovation or redecoration. The application allows users to browse a large collection of over 7 million photos that can be browsed by style, room, and location.

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3. Over



Over is primarily designed to add text to images, which you might want to do if you’re making a poster or Instagram post, for example. The app lets you select from a wide range of canvas sizes, including some created specifically for different social media purposes, like Facebook cover photos.

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drawai: best android apps 2021

Digital devices seem ideal for drawing tutorials, although few drawing applications seem to take advantage of them. Instead, they often assume that you already know what you’re doing or will learn outside of the app, while many of the ones they teach you are based on static images and text, but is more interactive.

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5. Desygner



This app is also one of the best art apps for Android 2021. Desygner allows you to be a graphic designer on your phone, but with an intuitive interface and thousands of templates, it is simple enough for beginners to use. You can combine text, shapes, images, stickers, backgrounds, and more to create logos, posters, banners, PowerPoint-like presentations, and more.

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BEST Education apps

What are the top Android educational apps? We selected the 5 best educational Android apps to improve class processes, work on spelling, improve languages or to create multimedia content:

1. MasterClass


masterclass: best android apps 2021

MasterClass is the best education app for Android 2021 as it gives you lessons in various skills, what really stands out is that these lessons are taught by some of the best in the business. You can learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay, for example, movies from Martin Scorsese, tennis from Serena Williams, or photography from Annie Leibovitz.

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2. Mobile Observatory 3


mobile observatory 3

Mobile Observatory 3 is also one of the best education applications for Android 2021, it is a complete astronomy tool, which allows you to see details of the sky as it appears from your location. You can this application to check the names and descriptions of the celestial bodies that should be visible at the current moment, or you can change to a different time or day.

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3. Drops


Drops: best android apps 2021

Applications have revolutionized language learning. Drops offers you a series of language exercises to do every time you use it. One asks you to slide a word to its corresponding image, another asks you to touch pairs of words and pictures, and one splits a word or phrase into several parts and has you touch them in the correct order.

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4. Learn Java


learn java pro

This application is also one of the best education applications for Android 2021. Learn Java is one of the many applications focused on teaching you to code, in this case in Java, but where most take you through small exercises, it has an area coding and an extensive library of tutorials that takes you through the basics and advanced aspects of Java.

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5. flowkey



Flowkey aims to teach you to play the piano, and you can give feedback on your playing simply by listening through your phone’s microphone. It offers you a wealth of video tutorials covering topics like “Note and Rhythm Value” and “Key Skipping”, plus a selection of over 1,000 songs that you can learn.

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BEST Travel apps

Take a look at these 5 travel apps that will be very useful to you. A selection of travel applications that allow you to turn your mobile phone into a multipurpose tool when visiting other cities and countries:

1. Transit



Transit is the best travel app for Android 2021, it is a fantastic aid for getting around, as it helps to plan the fastest public transport routes to a destination. The app provides routes that combine numerous transportation methods, such as shared trains, buses, and bikes, while also including short walks for each stop and wait times.

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2. Skiplagged


skiplagged: best android apps 2020

Skiplagged helps you search for the lowest hotel rates and view rates for flights on specific travel dates. Discover travel deals, discover great hotel rates, and set rate alerts when they drop. Easily search for flights with powerful filters like duration, stopovers etc, then filter hotels by ratings and reviews and save hundreds of dollars through the app.

Download | Android

3. Kayak



Kayak is also one of the best travel apps for Android 2021, it offers the best deals on hotels, rental cars and flights. A quality yet affordable trip is possible with Kayak’s flights, hotels and cars. Find comprehensive, up-to-the-minute flights, hotels and car rentals that cost to get cheap travel deals in a minute.

Download | Android

4. Hopper


hopper: best android apps 2021

Kayak offers you the best deals on hotels, rental cars and flights so you can save the most on your trips. A quality yet affordable trip is possible with Kayak’s flights, hotels and cars. It also provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute flights, hotels and car rentals that cost to get cheap travel deals in a minute.

Download | Android

5. Airbnb



This app is also one of the best education apps for Android 2021. Airbnb gives you a community of trusted users that lists their unique accommodation discoveries through the app or online. You can access their itinerary and the details and instructions of the Host, you can also check user profiles, send messages to potential Hosts, etc.

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BEST Weather apps

If you have an Android mobile and you usually check the weather forecast, there are Android weather applications for all tastes. You can take a tour of Google Play to check the infinity of alternatives that exist:

1. Dark Sky


dark sky

Dark Sky is the best weather app for Android 2021, you can find out vital weather data and see the hyperlocal forecast, find a precipitation map detailing what to expect in the next hour, along with hourly forecasts. Severe weather alerts, customizable notifications, and lock screen weather summaries create a complete weather app.

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2. 1Weather


1weather: best android apps 2021

This app is also one of the best weather apps for Android 2021. 1Weather is a free android app that has a simple but beautiful interface that makes the weather stylish and fun. This 1Weather application offers you real-time global forecasts and alerts with its user interface combined with a powerful set of weather tools.

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3. AccuWeather


accuweather android

AccuWeather provides highly accurate weather forecasts for locations around the world, along with a host of special weather features that vary by location. In addition, it also displays wind and precipitation warnings in locations around the world using an orange indicator card that alerts users with a short summary.

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4. WeatherBug


weatherbug: best android apps 2021

WeatherBug is undoubtedly one of the best weather apps for Android 2021. It features current, hourly and 10-day weather forecasts for all locations, as well as severe weather alerts based on the user’s GPS location. It also provides lightning proximity alerts that detail whether lightning is dangerous and how far away it is, if present.

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5. Weather



Weather is the best known meteorological network in the world. It has all the great features you would expect. Extended forecasts, current conditions, live radar maps, storm alerts, and just about everything you could ever want to know about the weather. The app also includes social sharing features for users to upload images, tweets, videos, and photos.

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BEST Entertainment apps

Apps can help us increase productivity, interact with other users and communicate with colleagues or family members nationally and internationally. Meet the best entertainment apps for Android:

1. Podcast and Radio Addict


podcast radio addict

Podcast Addict is the best entertainment app for Android 2021, it helps you manage your collection of audio and video podcasts, as well as audiobooks, RSS feeds and YouTube channels. The application allows you to search for podcasts from many networks within the application, such as BBC, NPR, TED Talks, and CNN, or you can import podcasts via OPML files.

Download | Android

2. Talking Tom 2


talking tom 2

This app is also one of the best entertainment apps for Android 2021, with this app you can speak and then repeat what you said with a hilarious voice. It’s going to be fun! With this app, you can also play with TOM, pet him, poke him, and also make a paper bag explode, or break a pillow, or even fart.

Download | Android

3. Netflix


Netflix: Best Android Apps 2021

This app is the most popular TV and movie subscription service app. This app lets you access all the movies and TV shows available on the popular on-demand service. With this app, you can instantly watch any TV episode and movie you want, and anywhere and anytime you want.

Download | Android

4. TED


ted: best android apps 2021

This application is the best entertainment application for Android 2021 since with this application you can browse the complete TED video library with subtitles in more than 100 languages. Here you can also download video and audio files and play them in the office without an internet connection. This application has many more functions as well. Install this application now!

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5. IMDb Cinema & TV


imdb cinema tv

This app is also a good entertainment app for Android 2021 and in this app, you can search for more than 5 million movies, TV shows and entertainment shows, and also more than 8 million cast and crew members including celebrities. , actresses, actors and directors.

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BEST Reading apps

The best applications to read books from a tablet or mobile on Android with support for EPUB, AZW3, PDF, FP2 formats and many others. These are the best apps to read books on your Android in your free time:

1. Scribd


scribd: best android apps 2021

Scribd is the best reading app for Android 2021, it brings you books in thousands of titles that you can freely explore and then download to read offline. Use the application for free for a month in a trial version and then if you want, buy the application for unlimited free access and get free books to read as much as you want.

Download | Android

2. Google Play Books


google play books

This app is also one of the best reading apps for Android 2021, you can get your favorite e-books downloaded to your Android easily. Then personalize your experience with custom settings. You can follow your favorite comic series, discover new books to read, and be offered custom selected books that you like.

Download | Android

3. Libby


libby: best android apps 2021

With libby you can have your own library, find your favorite book or author, get some samples, and then borrow to read and enjoy. The application offers you a practical e-book reader and an audio book player. The application is easy to use, it allows you to stay connected as long as you want, it allows you to quickly download to read your e-books offline and much more.

Download | Android

4. FullReader



Without a doubt FullReader is one of the best reading applications for Android 2021, it is an application that allows you to read electronic books, documents, comics, magazines, text files and audiobooks. Supports various file type formats which can include fb2, ePub, txt, PDF, doc, docx, rtf, DjVu, DjV, html, htm, mp3. mobi, xps, oxps, etc, as well as rar, zip, 7z files, which contain files in text format.

Download | Android

5. ComiCat



ComiCat is a new application that allows you to download, read and manage your digital comics. You can easily view your comic collection on its bookshelf and the app provides you with a list of options and features to get the most out of your reading experience. Some of the features are password protection, parental control, bookmarks, Dropbox sync, and much more.

Download | Android

BEST News apps

The paper newspaper worked in the past; Today there are applications to find out about the news. We review the 5 best apps to read news from Android. The best platforms to be up to date with everything that happens in the world:

1. Google News


google news

Google News is the best news application for Android 2021. This sophisticated application will provide you with a positive experience. You will receive almost all kinds of news all over the world. It will ensure that you receive the news from reliable sources. So get the latest and greatest stories of the day on your mobile device from now on.

Download | Android

2. Flipboard


flipboard: best android apps 2021

This app is also one of the best news apps for Android 2021, it is a fascinating news app. Its elegant presentation will captivate you. Its aesthetic interface provides you with various news articles, videos, and sliders. You will get the updated news from reputable newspapers and magazines.

Download | Android

3. AP News


ap news

If you want the best news aggregation apps for your Android device that will provide you with the latest news right away, AP News is the right app for you. Collect and publish all the latest stories and breaking news for you. Intuitively present the news. You will continually receive updated content, which will always keep you updated.

Download | Android

4. Feedly


feedly: best android apps 2021

Freedly is also one of the best news apps for Android 2021, it is an exciting Android news aggregator app that has various discovery features and offers essential tools for the user. Covers a large number of news fields. You can get keyboard shortcuts, multiple layout options, labeling, etc.

Download | Android

5. Pocket



Obviously Pocket is one of the best news applications for Android 2021, if you need to save an article to use it in the future, this is the best news aggregation application for Android. It allows you to keep the selected part of the article and the characteristics of the follow-up story. You can also bookmark and search various popular stories and articles here.

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BEST Security applications

Computer security is not just about anti-malware protection. Meet the 5 best security applications for Android. Discover this selection of security applications in the Play Store:

1. Bitdefender Mobile Security


bitdefender mobile security

Bitdefender is the best security app for Android 2021, it has near-perfect malware protection, very light performance hit, a VPN client, Android Wear watch integration, and robust privacy protection tools, including an app lock. , a Wi-Fi scanner and anti-theft functions.

Download | Android

2. Norton Mobile Security


norton mobile security

This application is also one of the best security applications for Android 2021, it offers the best protection against malware of any Android antivirus application, and its blocking of malicious websites and excellent anti-theft functions. It offers you the privacy you need by protecting you from malicious applications, websites that steal your information and, of course, from viruses and malware.

Download | Android

3. Avast Antivirus


avast antivirus: best android apps 2021

Avast Antivirus allows you to protect your valuable data and prevent others from spying on you. The app helps protect your smartphone and tablet from unwanted privacy phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses like Trojans, it also has call blockers that block numbers you are unfamiliar with and those people you don’t want to contact.

Download | Android

4. Lookout Security


lookout security: best android apps 2021

Lookout is also one of the best security apps for Android 2021, it is a protection app that provides security to your phone against viruses, spyware, Trojans and thieves. This application comes with powerful features like security against threats that can damage all your files; a search locator in case you drop your phone somewhere and a backup.

Download | Android

5. Kaspersky Mobile



Kaspersky security is renowned for its effective virus and privacy protection for most computers and devices. Kaspersky Mobile provides Android devices with robust protection against privacy violations, unauthorized calls, lost or stolen devices, and malicious software.

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BEST Shopping apps

Today we bring you the 5 best Android applications to organize and manage your purchases, so that at least it is not for lack of alternatives. Shopping is easier with the best shopping apps available on Android devices:

1. Amazon purchases



Amazon shopping is the best shopping application for Android 2021, we can search for articles, compare prices, read opinions and place orders from the online shopping giant, directly from our Android. The interface is perfectly designed for touch terminals, so that users can reach any item in the extensive Amazon catalog in a matter of seconds.

Download | Android

2. G Pay


g pay: best android apps 2021

This app is one of the best shopping apps for Android 2021, this Google person-to-person payment app allows you to easily send money without annoying cash or credit card payments. With it you will not have to carry your credit cards, so you can be sure not to suffer theft or loss and lose the money in your accounts.

Download | Android

3. Groupon



Groupon offers users unbeatable deals daily on the best things to do in American cities. It has 50% to 90% discount on offers of services, restaurants and items to buy. There are currently deals available in over 500 cities around the world and in new cities and deals every day.

Download | Android

4. Slice


slice: best android apps 2021

Slice is also one of the best shopping apps for Android 2021, Slice automatically detects your email shipping details and then tracks the packages for you. You can see your products majestically heading to your door, receive alerts when they are delivered, and even receive warnings if they have been recalled or if the price has dropped.

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5. Venmo



There are many ways to pay for things with your phone, but Venmo has a clever combination of clean design, ease of use, and social features that give it a head start. Not long, but it allows you to easily send and receive payments from friends. And unlike other payment systems, it has momentum. This is usually the app where people ask when the group is splitting the check.

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BEST Utility applications

If you are looking bored at your new mobile without knowing what to do, overwhelmed by the number of apps, good news: here are the top 5 really useful Android applications that are worth installing first of all on a new Android phone:

1. Grammarly Keyboard


grammarly keyboard

Grammarly Keyboard is the best utility app for Android 2021, correct your grammar and spelling mistakes as you type. This keyboard is useful for everything from writing emails to composing social media posts to editing long documents. It makes it easy to accept changes or access a card-based interface with more detailed explanations of an error.

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2. Microsoft Launcher


Microsoft Launcher: Best Android Apps 2021

This application is one of the best utility applications for Android 2021, replace your Android launcher with a useful and customizable font. You can view the main list of apps horizontally or vertically, and it includes a sleek alphabetical scroll bar to quickly get to apps.

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3. Network Analyzer


network analyzer

Network Analyzer is an application that will allow you to know various data related to your network connections. This incredible application shows us information about the different connections in the main menu and we can know if a certain network has enough power or speed to connect without problems.

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4. Speedtest


speedtest: best android apps 2021

Speedtest is also one of the best utility applications for Android 2021. Are you curious about the speed of your Internet connection? Speedtest makes it easy to test your latency, as well as download and upload speeds. The app also keeps track of test results so you can compare performance over time.

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5. Otter Voice Notes


otter voice notes

Otter is an automatic recording and transcription service that works in real time. Simply press the record button during a conversation or meeting and Otter will produce a usable transcript a few minutes later. The app is fluid, well-designed, and fast to operate, making it ideal for students and professionals who rely on their devices for their work.

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BEST Personalization apps

With the appropriate app you can greatly change the look of your cell phone. Wallpapers, icons, themes, widgets … Give your Android a different touch with the help of these best Android customization applications:

1. MIUI-ify


miui ify: best android apps 2021

MIUI-ify is the best personalization app for Android 2021, it provides a notification panel and quick settings MIUI 10 style smooth, fast and with native style at the bottom of the screen, which allows you to toggle settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Flash and many more, as well as adding shortcuts to applications and websites.

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2. Betta Fish Live Wallpaper


betta fish live wallpaper

This app is one of the best personalization apps for Android 2021, while live wallpapers may be a bit harsher on battery life than their static brethren, there’s no denying that they often look great, and Betta Fish Live Wallpaper is one of the best examples. Let a betta fish swim around your home screen, with beautiful animations and lots of details.

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3. Abstruct Wallpapers 4K


abstruct wallpapers 4k

Abstruct is the official wallpapers app of the man behind the wallpapers used by OnePlus phones, and includes both wallpapers and many others created by him. At the time of writing, there are over 300 in total and all are available in 4K resolution. They are also absolutely gorgeous.

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4. Resplash


resplash: best android apps 2021

Resplash is also one of the best personalization applications for Android 2021, it is an application that uses content from Unsplash, a site full of photographs of files that you can use for free. This app has a massive library, with over 100,000 images, but it’s still easy to find specific styles of photos by searching or browsing by category.

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5. Widget Drawer


widget drawer

Widgets are a potentially great feature on Android phones, what if you could hide them, but in a place where they are never more than a hit? That is the concept of Widget Drawer. The application places a “handle” on your screen, which is basically a narrow colored line that runs along one edge, and if you slide it, you can see a screen full of widgets.

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✅ Video editing apps

Check out the 5 best video editors for Android phones. With these apps you can make videos and upload them to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We have compiled the best Android video editing apps for you so that you can edit videos cheaply and easily but with quality:

1. VideoShow



VideoShow is the best video editing app for Android 2021, it is an easy to use app that has capable and excellent video editing features when combining videos with photos, music, FX text effects, stickers, GIFs, multiple music, filters. , sound effects, transitions and even live dubbing. It also has facial recognition, unlimited duration, HD export among others.

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2. KineMaster


kinemaster: best android apps 2021

This app is one of the best video editing apps for Android 2021, it comes with useful tools for your project easily, it includes controls for frame-by-frame clipping, hue, brightness and saturation, sound input / output, with handwriting and transition effects, with video rotation, many themes to choose from with animations, with visual and audio effects, with transition effects and more.

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3. Magisto



Magist automatically converts your videos and images into great edited movie works. The app has a host of tools that can help you complete a video project, such as cool graphic effects and music backgrounds. It features great artificial intelligence technology, with video stabilization, filters, effects, transitions, and facial recognition.

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4. Horizon Camera


horizon camera

Horizon Camera is also one of the best video editing apps for Android 2021. The app always automatically levels your videos regardless of the position of your phone and always corrects itself and remains parallel to the ground. Includes front and rear camera recording, 3 video quality options, with 3 leveling modes, and much more.

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5. PowerDirector


powerdirector: best android apps 2021

This video editing app is very complete, we can create our own movies using all kinds of material: photographs, video clips and audio. The only thing we will need to make assemblies with very good quality is time available to make our creations. Anyone who has used Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas will be familiar with the PowerDirector controls.

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🙂 Last words

All these best Android apps are useful and effective. Due to their popularity and use, these apps should be taken into account this year 2021. We have accumulated these best Android applications all the time for you, among the best, that you need to make good use of your smartphone.

best Android apps 2021

The best new Android apps of all time don’t end here, there are plenty of other apps that couldn’t make it to this list, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth trying. You can literally find an app in the Android app store for any of your needs.

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