Turkey Women's National Volleyball Team beat Romania in European Championship – TW

Sultans of the Net defeated Romania 3-1 in their first match of the European Volleyball Championship.

32 Sultans of the Net in their first match in Group B of the Women’s European Volleyball Championship, which was held for the first time , defeated Romania with a score of 3-1 in the match where they fell back 1-0.

Although the Nationals took the lead at the end of the first set where they made a lot of service errors, they could not maintain their superiority. Romania, the first set 32-17 won and took the lead 1-0.

Crescent-Stars, who showed a comfortable game with Ebrar Karakurt’s scorer performance in the second set, – by winning brought the situation to 1-1.

SECOND MATCH 08 FRIDAY, AUGUST National team, third set is also effective with his offensive performance 17-20 won the 2-1 advantage. -17 and won the match 3-1 .

Starting with a victory in the championship organized jointly by Serbia, Romania, Croatia and Bulgaria “Filenin Sultanlar─▒”, in the second match of the group 18 will face Ukraine on Friday, August.


Source: (GlobalTWEnSonHaber)