US military shows military taking care of Afghan children -!


At the same time, moving images of a baby being pushed at arm’s length by civilians towards American soldiers standing on the perimeter wall, protecting the airport in the Afghan capital, have gone viral. In this video published Thursday on Twitter, we see a soldier grab the infant by one arm, and hoist him, his diaper half undone, to pass it over a barbed wire to the soldiers behind him, who then lower him from the other side. Asked about the footage, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said it was an “act of compassion.” Limited offer. 2 months for € 1 without commitment “A parent asked the Marines to take care of the baby because the baby was sick,” he explained at a press conference on Friday. “So the Marine you see stretching his arm over the wall took him to a Norwegian hospital which is at the airport. They treated the child and returned him to his father,” he said. -he tells. John Kirby admitted he didn’t know where the baby was now. “We obviously have the responsibility to return a child to its parents. And I do not know who the father is and if he applied for” a special immigration visa (SIV), I do not have this level of information “, he continued. Friday, the American army for its part published several photographs showing its soldiers attentively taking care of children, in the enclosure of the international airport Hamid Karzai. Heavily equipped, carrying its helmet, a GI smiles at a baby he hugs. On another, two military women also carry babies in their arms while another photo shows a soldier kneeling to give water to a little boy . “This is America that we must embody”, reacted a Republican elected Congressman and veteran in Iraq, Peter Meijer, saying on Twitter “very proud” in front of these photos. A unifying tone far from controversy who have agitated the United States since the capture of Kabul by the Taliban on Sunday and the first images of chaos coming from the airport and its surroundings, where thousands of people throng to try to leave Afghanistan. Joe Biden admitted Friday that this massive evacuation operation was “one of the most difficult in history” and that he could not guarantee “the final outcome”. OpinionsIdeas and debatesBy Yascha MounkEconomyNicolas BouzouTribuneFrédéric EncelChroniqueBy Chloé Morin Source:


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All members of the jackson 5 were born in which u.s. city?

All members of the jackson 5 were born in which u.s. city?