Vodafone TV loses 4 TV channels -!

Vodafone TV loses 4 television channels -!: All the details about Vodafone TV loses 4 television channels -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about Vodafone TV loses 4 television channels -!. Here’s what you need to know about Vodafone TV loses 4 TV channels -!, Here are the details … The channel grids that make up the offer of the main pay TV platforms are constantly changing. It is true that some channels have been broadcasting continuously for years, but others are more ephemeral and others simply reach the end of their life, either due to the disappearance of the channel itself or because the agreement with the television platform has ended without renewal. Be that as it may, today we know that we will enter 2022 with four less channels in Vodafone TV’s television offer.

At the beginning of December we learned that Movistar, Orange and Vodafone were going to be left without two television channels as of tomorrow, January 1, 2022. Today 106 December 2021 is the last day they will be broadcasting, although on some platforms they have already been completely withdrawn to anticipate the game.

We are talking about Fox Life and Traveling . In this case, Disney continues to adjust its television channel offering as it did in France with Voyage. In the case of Fox Life, it is a channel that has been with us for 7 years after replacing Fox Crime in 2014. For its part, Viajar is one of the veterans of pay television in Spain with uninterrupted broadcasts since October 1997.

The content of these two channels will not be lost and we will continue to be able to see it on Fox, National Geographic Channel or NatGeo Wild . In addition, a lot of on-demand content will be available to watch whenever we want through Disney +, the streaming platform that focuses a large part of the company’s efforts. In the case of Vodafone, they broadcast on the dials 30 – Fox Life and 106 – Travel.

Fox Life and Viajar are not the only ones

However, they are not the only channels that cease broadcasting on Vodafone TV. Fight Sports HD and Caracol Internacional have also stopped broadcasting on their respective dials of the television platform. The first one we do not know if it will be due to the end of its activity in Spain, while the second one continues to broadcast on other platforms.

These were located on the dials 253 Y 453 respectively. Joining Fox Life and Viajar make four channel closures on the horn and the Vodafone TV offer will start the year 2022 somewhat reduced. However, we already know that we will have a new channel replacing Viajar. Escapa TV will start broadcasting soon and will do so on the same dial, that is, on the 106.

Escapa TV is a channel on television dedicated to tourism and travel, as well as outdoor sports. Broadcast more than contents of: national destinations, international destinations, towns, cities, beaches, mountains, wine tourism, restaurants, museums, natural parks, outdoor sports, diving, golf, fishing, hiking, climbing, boats, cruises, discovery, experiences and debates tourism.