Volkswagen Passat GTe: a top-notch plug-in -!

Volkswagen Passat GTe: a top-level plug-in -!: All the details about Volkswagen Passat GTe: a top-level plug-in -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Volkswagen Passat GTe: a top-notch plug-in -!. Here’s what you need to know about Volkswagen Passat GTe: a top-notch plug-in -!, Here are the details … Volkswagen reacted very well in the plug-in hybrid market with its Passat GTe, a very practical, complete and bulky model that was observed with great attention for the rest of the range of the VW brand that was about to arrive. With it we have a car that adapts electrified technology, but which stands out, above all, for its good energy efficiency and consumption . We know its technical sheet.

One of the oldest and most successful cars that we can find today is the Volkswagen Passat. A Volkswagen Passat that, after its birth in 1973, now its GTe specification plug-in hybrid refers to it as the main evolution (and on paper, the best) of its previous generations.

And on the PHEV variant, the technology that the public is liking the most, the Wolfsburg firm wanted to enroll in a different way; much more effective, efficient, more complete , and what is more important: with outstanding characteristics that few brands can boast as much and as well as it.

We see it in depth with this Passat, but it is also true that all Volkswagen plug-in hybrids, with the exception of the Touareg, share the same set gasoline-electric-battery-gearbox but with differences in the power and the electric autonomy between each of them, and even with two variants, as in the case of the Golf.

This is why this model is so outstanding and we can say with great truth that it is a car of a high level in every way. This represents the eighth generation of a concept that started almost 50 years and that it has remained in a privileged position over time. Born in 2016 (although in 2019 received different improvements), this was the one that launched the MQB platform, which had a positive impact on handling, a more contained weight and more space. With powers of Zero emissions label and allows autonomy in electric mode of 40 kilometres. Its closest rival is the BMW 330 e.

Type: plug-in hybrid (PHEV) Year of production: 2016 Price: 39. 815 dolars Capacity: 5 seats Power: 218 CV Acceleration: 7.4 seconds / 100 km / h


As we say, this saloon Volkswagen Passat GTe is the natural evolution of the main model of the house that has been on our streets for so long. In fact, in its best days, when it carried only gasoline or diesel combustion engines, it was shown with an image that would last over the years.

That is why we say that this new installment, the most updated and the most recent, has many touches and details that are reminiscent of its predecessor. So much so that we can find in it more than distinctive features of the first. The reason is none other than the great structure and its good visual appearance that clears all its facets: both in the front area, on the grid, the rear, the sides …

In her case, the one from now is seen with a slight change of face, a more casual tone and new lines that make her stand out from the rest. Clear; although its electrification comes from the inside, from the outside it also has to be modified. With a good view as a family car, it stands out its front, of which we have a new grill, more open than the version of the 2014, and new headlights, with LED technology.


As in the Golf or Arteon, the latter being the newest saloon of the house, this model of the evolution of the legendary Passat is dressed with a recognizable elegance as in all cases of the generation. Thus, and unlike previous generations where the evolution was not so drastic, the Volkswagen Passat GTe makes it clear that it is a very different car.

Before him we will see two plug-in versions . One is the one that concerns us, the most direct and the one that keeps the focus and presence the most with the usual model. With other powers, yes, but without straying too far from what can be entirely gasoline or diesel engines.

In this case, this saloon is presented with a combination of a gasoline thermal engine that develops 156 CV, and another electric motor, the one that accompanies him throughout the tour, of 86 kW (116 CV). In total it delivers nothing less than 218 CV , although it is true that it falls below the 245 CV found in models like the Golf GTe.

On the other hand, and joining it, we have the one called Variant . In the mechanical aspect it does not vary, in fact it offers the same performance with the same power (218 CV). What changes is its format, which is made of a station wagon, being much more elongated in the rear area and with some changes in the interior, and a higher boot that reaches up to 650 liters. For the rest, they are two versions that equip the same engines.

Engine and batteries

In any case, the automotive market requires that these models offer top-level performance to the driver. That is why, getting into its guts, this plug-in hybrid technology from Volkswagen incorporates the combination of these two engines.

One is gasoline combustion, a 1.4 TSI gasoline of 156 CV, which is complemented by another electric 90 Kw (the equivalent of 115 CV), and equips a 6-speed DSG double-clutch automatic transmission, specially developed for hybrid propulsion. Thus, the Volkswagen Passat GTe sets benchmarks for efficiency in its segment thanks to the excellent performance of its engines

And it is that, jointly develop up to 218 CV and a torque of 400 Nm. On paper, the benefits sound good as they are appropriate to pigeonhole a vehicle in the sports sector of its segment. To manage them, the Passat GTE uses a six-speed dual-clutch DSG gearbox and an electronic differential, known as the XDS.

When both engines perform at their best, we are met with a forceful push courtesy of the electric motor. This causes the accelerations to occur immediately . In his case, the aforementioned XDS differential is trying to balance the situation, but in very demanding contexts we will experience fatigue of the brakes, which, by the way, have a touch that we will have to get used to due to braking. regenerative. This motor package includes a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 13 kWh . With acceleration from 0 to 115 km / h in just 7.4 seconds, it reaches a maximum speed of 225 km / h.


If we count it as a serious advantage, we have that this plug-in hybrid has three management modes (electric, hybrid and charging) to be able to use the electrical energy at the most convenient time. If the level of the batteries allows it, this saloon circulates in electric start mode maintaining it until 40 km of autonomy (zero emissions).

That union between your battery and the combination of your motors, which gives you the possibility of delivering 218 CV of total power, is what makes the Volkswagen Passat GTe also one of the most comfortable at the level of consumption. Obviously, not close to those that do it at minimum figures, but it does stand in a fairly beneficial middle step.

In this way, in its ‘natural’ state in a hybrid mode, the consumption that can be used will be 6.6 l / 100 km, this in road situations. While in urban use, that figure is lowered to stand at a reasonable 6.2 l / 100 km, as the firm located in Wolfsburg says. Anyway, the brand also points out that in both conditions we could lower these registers to the low 6 liters, as long as our driving is smoother and the terrain does not hinder the vehicle.

Interior and finishes

And if the exterior has been slightly modified, the interior area also does the same. It is true that not as much as some would like, but it does so with somewhat renewed aspects (as far as possible). Anyway, with that Volkswagen Passat GTe what we take with us is that everyone who is in it will look very comfortable and comfortable.

Therefore, we can say that this saloon wins a lot and very well for its great interior habitability . Otherwise it does not vary much compared to the rest of its brothers with a combustion engine. With this, we now give the instrumentation with the battery charge indicator, the GTE key next to the gear selector to activate the high-performance mode, the E-Mode key to control the driving modes (hybrid, electric or e- save, the acronym GTE on the steering wheel and the exclusive upholstery.

As with the rest of the Passat range, the air conditioning vents are integrated into the dashboard in a rather subtle and discreet way that gives it a rather interesting elegant touch. In addition, to increase the elements that improve the design, the model equips a ambient light in blue that surrounds the entire car, starting with the dashboard and ending with the rear doors.


Maintaining the high standards of Volkswagen, the Passat GTe has a generous standard equipment where the LED headlights for low and high beams, the fatigue detection system or the anti-collision braking system stand out. multiple.

Also the system of observation of the environment ‘Front Assist’ with automatic emergency braking assistant in the city and adaptive cruise control ACC, the rain sensor, the ParkPilot in the front and in the rear , chrome profiles and front comfort seats, the latest generation of the DCC electronic adaptive suspension system and the new Volkswagen Digital Cockpit dashboard.

For alternative options (there is only one beyond the standard), there is the digital instrumentation to replace the analog, the multimedia system with a browser and 8.0-inch screen, the ‘ Discover Pro ‘, and the resulting new data projection system (Head-up display).


On the other hand, and beyond the two equipment and their levels that we have with this Volkswagen Passat GTe, as we have seen, the German brand also makes us because we can choose one series of extras that seem perfect to complete our electrified vehicle.

This although the different levels of equipment gave a very well defined and fulfilled set. Therefore, and whenever the driver wishes, aspects such as the digital dashboard can be complemented, this time a head-up display with augmented reality to interpret the signals of the navigator and the key data of the vehicle. It is very similar to what we can see in the most modern electric models, such as the ID.3 or ID.4.

In your case, all units with head-up display will have these functions through a software update, while enabling the augmented reality of the head-up display and the compatibility of the multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Thus, in its latest generation, the Volkswagen Passat GTe also allows remote updates to be received thanks to its connectivity to 5G internet, although we must request this from the dealer.


According to the proponents of this technology, plug-in hybrids combine the advantages of cars 100% electric in daily trips and thermal models when traveling. This is why its maintenance is also quite differentiating.

On the one hand, the Volkswagen brand emphasizes that with this Passat GTe the use of electrical mechanics reduces wear on internal combustion engine parts. In addition, the pads and discs of the braking system last longer thanks to regenerative braking. On the other, the greater weight compared to a thermal model can make the shock absorbers and tires last a little less.

In this case, the German firm estimates that its service battery should be changed every four years, while in the gasoline or diesel versions it is not a component with a pre-established life. This is also seen with the change of the belt, which is shortened from the 116. 000 to the 86. 000 km or 6 years.


However; When making your purchase, an important aspect appears: What guarantees does Volkswagen offer us with this Passat Gte? Well, the reality is that nothing differs from the rest of the models. It is a guarantee that lasts two years (without adding more to what the law dictates) and has no mileage limit.

Covers the repair of damage to the vehicle, caused by a manufacturing fault. That is, maintenance or wear costs are ruled out, unless it is a premature failure of some element.