What does electric car rental insurance include -!

What does electric car rental insurance include -!: All the details about What does electric car rental insurance include -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about What does electric car rental insurance include -!. Here’s what you need to know about What does electric car rental insurance include -!, Here are the details … Engaged in electric mobility, many have chosen to better consider the opportunity to enter renting electric cars than buying one. This is a modality that, without being all new, is seeing a considerable boom on the part of drivers and those interested in this type of electrified vehicles. These, in the same way, include insurance but, how is it and what do they include?

The philosophy of renting earns interest

Interest by electric cars is growing day by day, but users still have some doubts about the best way to access the use of one of these vehicles. That is why renting is a option that is gaining ground among drivers.

However, those who have not yet had a previous experience can be involved in a sea of ​​doubts. One of them, if possible the most relevant, is what the total coverage of a renting includes. Or rather; What can we find in the electric car insurance offered by renting companies.

This has been caused , above all, due to the large initial outlay, maintenance costs or the lack of space in cities where to park it, together with, of course, the development and implementation of new communication technologies. A philosophy that is forcing automotive companies to identify systems to continue to retain drivers.

What is electric car rental

Financing by renting a vehicle is always an option with many advantages. When we talk about renting an electric car, it is even more recommended. However, this service is a medium or long-term lease (between 24 and 221 months) during which You can enjoy a new electric car by paying a monthly fee without entry and with everything included.

Renting cheap private cars is the most profitable alternative to having a new vehicle whether you are private, company or self-employed without the need to make an initial investment. Towards those that are electric vehicles, opting for renting has numerous advantages, one of the main ones being seen in a monthly fee .

This, instead, does not change over the months. With it we will have all the services included so that you forget about maintenance, breakdowns and car insurance. However, at the same time that we hire this type of rental, the companies must include the insurance .

What coverage does it include and its modalities

Currently, all insurance companies are going to offer us coverage for electrified cars. But, in the event that the insurer does not have a specific product, we will have two drawbacks: one, that it will be much more expensive, and the other, that there will be a lack of specific coverage that your new vehicle will need.

Regarding the specific coverage , it is undoubtedly important because the electric car has components that do not exist in a conventional one. Most of the insurers have full-risk insurance without excess, which offers due liability for damages to third parties and the broadest coverage.

Meanwhile, in the event of an accident, directly covers the damages caused to the own vehicle. Other guarantees are also included, such as driver’s insurance (which covers assistance in an accident for the driver and psycho-emotional assistance in the event of a serious accident or theft). They also provide compensation for the beneficiaries of the holder in the event of his death, disability or if the help of another person is necessary. Another very interesting benefit is the subsidy for deprivation of the driving license, which covers the policyholder in case of deprivation of the driving license, as well as the points recovery courses.

It must be taken into account that although the beneficiaries of the renting will be us, the owner of the vehicle and the holder of the insurance will be the renting company itself. At the time of the transfer of the car, the leasing company issues a document of transfer to the end user.