What is Nike Flyknit technology? -!

What is Nike Flyknit technology? -!: All the details about What is Nike Flyknit technology? -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about What is Nike Flyknit technology? -!. Here’s what you need to know about What is Nike Flyknit technology? -!, here are the details … Today’s sports shoes are much more than a tire sole with off-road grip, cushioning for running , colorful design and laces with technical material. Now the sports shoes offer technical specifications that it is difficult for us to identify, so we are going to explain what the Flyknit technology of the new Nike shoes is.

Nike Flyknit is a new way of creating sneakers capable of accompanying us in our daily workouts. Running shoes that go far beyond conventional sports shoes for jogging.

Nike is always committed to overcoming sports, and that message is anchored so much in elite athletes like ourselves when we go for a run or go to the gym. Nike Flyknit already has models on the market for years and we can try them in any physical Nike store, or buy the pair that best suits our needs on the official website and with free shipping to a physical store.

What is it and how does it work?

This patented technology by Nike creates sneakers that look like socks . This is due to the flexibility and freedom of movement that the fabric allows, breathability and support. All this is achieved after the creation of a fabric composed of filaments of thread that fuse lightness with resistance, creating a single piece that remains attached to the foot like a sock. Afterwards, that part merges with the platform of the shoe, as is obvious.

Nike Flyknit technology is inspired by feedback from professional athletes and testers that Nike has around the globe. They need a shoe that fits perfectly to the foot without causing friction, pain and discomfort, and that is so flexible that it seems that we are running barefoot .

These shoes are light, very breathable and hold the foot in the areas where they should to increase the stability of the runner. This is achieved by creating a single piece with different fabric patterns, being tighter in some specific areas, while in other areas that pattern has greater flexibility. This new technology is the result of 40 years of study of the human foot and the feet of athletes, in general.

Running, basketball and soccer

Nike Flyknit technology reaches 3 different modalities where our feet are the real ones protagonists and we must have them well protected, but without losing freedom of movement, stability and comfort.

The available models are Nike for running (models suitable for trail running are included), for basketball and for soccer. For example, for running there are the Nike Air Zoom, the Nike React Infinuty, the Nike ZoomX, among others. For basketball we have the LeBron shoes and for football the Nike Mercurial, the Nike Phantom, the Nike Tiempo Legend, among others.

They are all available on the official website and in selected physical stores . Prices tend to be around between 150 dolars and 250 dolars , in addition, many can be personalized almost at 100%. Be careful because this increases the price, but without dida it is a very special gift.