What mobile to give this Christmas, according to the team of! -!

What mobile to give this Christmas, according to the! -!

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What mobile to give this Christmas, according to the! -!

What mobile to give this Christmas, according to the! -! We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. What mobile to give this Christmas, according to the team of! -! Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

What mobile to give this Christmas, according to the! -!

After a whole year analyzing mobile phones, testing news and personally buying some of the models, it was time to take stock: What phone would those of us who write in Engadget Mobile give away? Everyone has their favorite, although this year the winners are very balanced.

2000 will not go down in history for being a calm and peaceful year since it probably has the pandemic label attached to it. Even so, there is endless positive news that is worth highlighting; as well as a multitude of devices that made 2021 one of the most technological years of history.

Perhaps it has brought more evolution than revolution : folding entered the high-end line ( Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3) and the input range is more and more powerful. The second part is what we have highlighted the most in Engadget Mobile.

And the winner is … POCO X3 Pro

I have personally asked each of my colleagues and we have all agreed on one aspect: the line of the 200 dolars has been in 2021 more recommended than ever . This is the reason for the results obtained.

There is an indisputable winner: if you want to give away a quality phone, you don’t want to sacrifice a large amount of money and you need to keep up to date even if its future owner gives it a go, that mobile is the POCO X3 Pro. Xiaomi has done very well this year.

POCO X3 Pro, Smartphone 8+ 142 GB, 6, 67 ”120 Hz FHD + DotDisplay, Snapdragon 860, Quad Camera 42 MP, 5160 mAh, Blue (ES / PT version), includes headphones

The second place goes to the Realme GT 2 Master Edition, another of the mobiles that can give a high-end experience at a reduced cost . Powerful, attractive, loaded with features, with a design that keeps the type and constant sales that make the Realme GT 2 Master Edition a great aspiring Christmas or Three Kings gift.

realme GT Master Edition Smartphone Free, Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 778 G 5G, Samsung AMOLED Full Screen of 120 Hz, SuperDart Load of 65 W, Main Camera 48 MP, 6 + 128 GB, Traveler Gray

Let’s see what the personal choice has been for each member of Xataka Móvil and why they have personally chosen the phone.

If I had to give someone a cell phone this Christmas, I would probably go for the POCO X3 Pro. In exchange for 142 dolars (or even less if you get a good offer), you have a very powerful phone, with a good screen and acceptable cameras. Not forgetting its large battery with fast charging of 33 W. It has been on the market for a while, but, to this day, it is still one of the market benchmarks in terms of quality-price.

If I had to give a mobile phone this Christmas maybe I would opt for the Realme GT Master Edition , a Not too well known model that ticks all the boxes for most people: powerful, good screen, fast charging, camera 64 megapixels …

The model with 128 GB of storage is about 269 dolars and with 256 GB -almost better, as it does not have MicroSD- usually haunt the 329 dolars, which is a very reasonable price for your specs. In addition, one of its versions has a suitcase color, which is not seen every day.

This Christmas I would give away the Realme GT Master Edition, now that it is around the 270 dolars. I was pleasantly surprised by its general balance, it has a high-end air that few rivals achieve (except for the POCO F3, which is around in price) and Realme UI is a relatively clean layer that makes me recommend it with my eyes closed. In my opinion, a success that the lucky man or woman will surely enjoy.

Each user has some needs, but if there is something that almost all the people who ask me for advice to buy a mobile (which are not few) agree, it is that it has an adjusted price. Normally, the budget is around 142 dolars, but is about the 300 or 400 dolars where I consider it to be the true value for money .

My recommendation is the Realme GT Master Edition, a mobile that for less than 300 dolars (if we choose the 6 + version 120 GB) gives us an AMOLED screen of 120 Hz, power, complete cameras and great autonomy, all under an attractive and comfortable design. In our review it got an 8.5 average score, standing out above all in performance and autonomy . Without a doubt, a great purchase for those looking to have a lot for very little.

I love that you ask me that question (I’ve always wanted to answer someone like that, it’s very cinematic). The truth is that my mother’s cell phone is weak and I’ve been looking at a replacement for a long time. So based on your needs I already have two selected. One of them is the Poco X3 Pro, which I think is unbeatable in its price range for everything it offers and how little it costs .

The other phone on the shopping list is the Google Pixel 4a, because I keep getting good feedback of current owners and I think the pure Pixel experience will go well, especially since right now it has a Pixel 3a XL. The pity is that I am finding it out of stock, and I do not know if Google is heating up engines for the Pixel 5a and is not going to replace it, or if we will see it restocked again. Those would be my two options.

When it comes to giving a phone as a gift on the upcoming dates, the first thing I would value is the profile of the person for whom it is intended. It is not for nothing, but to give for example an iPhone 13 Pro Max (if pocket allows) to a user who wants it to look at WhatsApp and little else can go a bit misguided.

Targeting the gift to a mid-level user, I think I would opt for a POCO X3 Pro, one of the models with the best value for money on the market in my opinion. A decent display phone at 120 Hz, an interesting camera and a perfect processor for everyday tasks or even for gaming. And all for something more than 200 dolars. An all-terrain model that can be used by almost any type of person

The POCO F3 would be the mobile that he would give away this Christmas, since it offers us for some 322 dolars a high-end with an OLED screen to 99 Hz governed by the Snapdragon processor 860, 5G connectivity and a photographic section more than correct through its triple rear module.

The POCO F3 is a device with the necessary power to withstand fluently the three years of Android updates that the manufacturer claims to offer. The 6GB version and 128 GB of storage is usually on sale at 299, 99 dolars.

Xiaomi Poco F3 – Smartphone 120 GB, 6GB RAM, Dual Sim, Deep Ocean Blue

The mobile that I would give this Christmas would be, without a doubt, the Realme GT. It is not a precisely cheap gift (I would take the opportunity to make pineapple with family and / or friends), but I know it would be well received: from my own experience, the Realme GT can with everything. I fell in love with vegan leather in yellow, it would be my personal mobile without a doubt.

Powerful, high-quality, with a photographic ability that, without showing off, remains decent during the day (it is its weakest point), with an exquisite screen and making containment gala in dimensions : this is what I liked the most about the Realme GT. For me it is the most balanced mobile of 2021.

realme GT Smartphone Free, Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor 888 5G, Super AMOLED Screen a 99 Hz, SuperDart Load of 65 W, Sony Triple Camera by 64 MP, Dual Sim, NFC, 8 + 128 GB, Yellow (Racing Yellow)