Who is she Ala Tokel? Biography, Instagram

Ala Tokel became a very popular Youtuber in a very short time. Her sleek and pretty style, dominance of make-up and good recognition of the products made her very popular. Ala Tokel has her own makeup studio.

Who is she Ala Tokel?

Ala Tokel gives valuable information about skin care, makeup techniques and beauty on youtube channel. It has 100,000 subscribers on its YouTube channel. I suggest you follow it for inspirational styles. So would you like to get to know the famous vlogger better?

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Ala Tokel

Ala Tokel Özyaşam Story

The successful vlogger, who completed her high school education at Erenköy Girls’ High School, graduated from Kadir Has University New Media department.

How old is Ala Tokel?

The beautiful Youtuber was born in Istanbul on December 3, 1994. For those of you wondering how old Ala Tokel is, let’s answer it now. She’s 27 now.

Whose daughter is Ala Tokel?

Ala Tokel’s father is from Istanbul and his mother is from Iran. His sister, mother and himself are named after Persian. Your sister’s name is Tara, and her name means the highest star in the sky. His name, Ala, means beautiful. Her mother’s name is Menije, and it means black tulip, which blooms once a year.

Ala Tokel Marriage

Ala Tokel married in a beautiful wedding. Then things didn’t go so well for him. In 2017, Eren Nightingale and Ala Tokel entered the world house and divorced.

The beautiful vlogger, who officially divorced her husband this year, also shared her difficult days with her followers. We don’t know why Ala Tokel got divorced, but I hope she’s happy.

Ala Tokel Profession

The famous Youtuber, who owns Ala Make Up Studio, a special concept makeup studio, serves women who want to discover beauty with makeup products and different makeup styles that are not available in our country. Night makeup, daytime makeup, express makeup and bridal makeup can be performed for different concepts.

Who is Ala Tokel’s Lover Ahmet Aksö z?

Ahmet Aksöz was born on March 14, 1994. Aksöz, whose father is from Adan, graduated from Thebes University Business Administration Department. He is currently continuing his second university education at Başkent University, Department of International Relations.

Ahmet Aksöz, the son of former CHP deputy Uğur Aksöz, is Ala Tokel’s lover. The famous influencer, who loves sports, plays basketball in the regional league. He also likes jogging. Ahmet Aksöz’s favorite hobbies are sports, travel and spending time with his friends.

He became famous by shooting funny Vine videos with his primary school friend Karya Çandar. The videos of the duo, which bring a funny and entertaining understanding to male and female relationships, are very popular. After the Vine platform closed, he continued his career as a social media phenomenon and actor.

Advertising films and programs involved in the Ahmed Aksöz, Sibila Cetinkaya platform with BLUTV head Yersin published in the program travel to Turkey and taste new dishes. In addition, the famous social media phenomenon from the Instagram account generally produces content on topics such as travel, sports and lifestyle.

Ala Tokel & Ahmet Aksöz Question and Answer

Ala Tokel and his lover Ahmet Aksöz shot a video. They answered questions from their followers about their relationships and private lives.

Question 1: How did you meet Ahmet?​

Ahmet answers this question first. She says that on a normal Tuesday evening, she looks at the DM box and receives a message. “Have I ever walked to you?” He states that he has received a message and says that he can never forget this memory.

Later, Lady Ala objects to the issue of capital letters. Mr. Ahmet says he said “I remembered if you walked” to the message and states that if a message was received from a woman like Ala, he would definitely remember. He says that they stopped talking by that time.

Lady Ala confirms this and Ahmet says that he does not answer him. Then he states that they never talked again. Later, he went to Erzurum Palandöken for the event of a magazine and Ahmet said that he was stressed when he saw that he would participate in this event.

Ahmet Bey says he came to this event one day late. Karya told Mr. Ahmet that Mrs. Ala was also at the event. Lady Ala looked away when she first saw Ahmet Bey. Karya and Ahmet laughed a lot at lady Ala’s message.

Mr. Ahmet says that the message inspires young people. Now, when young people walk to each other, they start with the message “Have I walked before?” Lady Ala has always run away from Mr. Ahmet in order not to come together. But Ahmet has always tried to catch him. Finally they faced each other. Mrs. Ala had a friend named Dilek with her.

Mr. Ahmet talked to Ms. Dilek first. Then Ala turned to lady and said, did you text me? Lady Ala denied that she was texting. After objecting for a while, he accepted. They met, chatted and realized that they got along well.

That weekend, Ala’s aunt’s aunt had a signature day in Ankara. Miss Ala is definitely not going to this event. But the fact that Ahmet is from Ankara affected him and they met in Ankara. Ahmet Bey took the lady Ala from her mother’s house and went to dinner. We met as friends for the first two months. Then we started our relationship on February 14th.

Question 2: Which Of You Is More Jealous In Your Relationship?​

Mr. Ahmet immediately answers the question by saying that he is more jealous. He states that people who love will be jealous. Lady Ala says she is jealous, but not as extreme as her lover. Mr. Ahmet states that in the environment, Mrs. Ala immediately went and made friends with her friends who liked her. So now that they are friends, he explains that he eliminates his opponents in this way.

Question 3: Ala Toksöz, How Are You With Karya?​

I’m closer to Karya, Miss Ala answers the question. He says locations and everything is very different. Mr. Ahmet states that Mr. Karya and Mrs. Ala had a lot of fun together, laughed and loved each other very much. He adds that if their relationship ends one day, they will remain close friends with Karya.

Question 4: Can You Cope With Ahmet?​

Mr. Ahmet answers this question immediately, nobody can cope with me. Lady Ala says the reason for asking this question is that the followers think Ahmet is a flirtatious. Karya and Ahmet think that they are understood in this way because of the videos they made about women.

Mr. Ahmet tells that he is not a flirtatious, even a domestic person. Lady Ala agrees, and says she’s not something to handle.

Mr. Ahmet went to Göcek for a man-to-man vacation with Utku Bey and Karya Bey in the summer season. Ala says the lady is very cool with her and is very comfortable. He was very happy.

One day, a message came to my lady Ala while she was in Ankara. At the next table, Ahmet is cheating on you, there is a message saying you better do something. Lady Ala gave a humorous reply to this message, saying, “It is the dirt of my man’s hand. Lady Ala always knows where and what her lover is doing.

Mrs. Ala says Ahmet doesn’t have time for such things because we’re always together. He says he will never cheat anyway. Ahmet Bey says that smart people would not want to lose such a big thing.

Lady Ala thinks that the reason for these messages is the girls’ interest in Ahmet. Ahmet Bey also objects to this, and Lady Ala talks about the interest of men.

Question 5: Ahmet Said That I Was Impressed By The Day Without Announcing It In A Video. Is It You, Sir?​

Lady Ala states that that person is not herself. Ahmet Bey says that this video stops as a black mark in his life. He says this video was shot on Thassos vacation. They state that they are not lovers at that time, they talk every day. Ahmet Bey explained all the details of the holiday to Lady Ala. At that time, Lady Ala was not very spoiled, but later she got a little angry.

Question 6: Why is Ahmet Registered in his Directory?​

Mr. Ahmet says you will be very surprised at the answer to this question. Ala was registered as her lover “Ahmet” in her guide. Lady Ala says she registered everyone with their name. Ahmet is better than recording him as “I am a bug”, he says. Ahmet was also registered as “Ala” in his guide. But “Ala” is such a beautiful name and it has many meanings, he says.

Question 7: What Are the Traits You Like and Dislike for Each Other?​

Mr. Ahmet answers immediately. Ala says the lady has her own special and very sweet things. When Lady Ala was shopping somewhere, she immediately came home and placed what she cheerfully bought like a child. Ahmet Bey thinks that his lover did not kill the child in him. He loved such small details. She says she can’t tell her big and main reasons and she’s sweet. Also, Lady Ala was very sweet while she was sleeping according to her lover.

According to Mr. Ahmet, the feature that Mrs. Ala did not like was stubborn. In fact, he liked people who passionately defend what he believes in. Lady Ala also admits that she is a little nervous and impulsive. Especially on special occasions, he was very angry.

Lady Ala’s favorite feature of her boyfriend is that while watching basketball or movies, she always gives details as if they were not watching them together.

Also, Mr. Ahmet did not like the fact that Mrs. Ala was dealing with the phone too much. One day Miss Ala started dealing with the phone at eight in the evening, and a few hours later she was still doing the same. He was dealing with the phone while watching a movie or TV show. Lady Ala objects to this situation and Ahmet Bey says that he watches boring things all the time.

He says he constantly watches Kaan Kural’s basketball program. He even quizzed himself about basketball from time to time…. Sometimes he was very happy when he asked questions and knew. Lady Ala did not know very much whether her lover liked these habits or not. His disliking habit is that he orders food every night.

Question 8: What did you last get to Ahmet?​

The last lady Ala gave Ahmet Bey a perfume called Ottoman Treasure. Mr. Ahmet liked this gift very much. If you like a light fragrance, they say we recommend it. Ahmet Bey also bought a sweatshirt as a gift for Ala.

Question 9: How Long Have You Been Together?​

They officially say it has been since the beginning of June. They say we have never built it in our minds. It developed very naturally.

Question 10: Who Gets Under The Fights?​

Lady Ala says that it is Ahmet Bey who always takes the bottom in fights. Ahmet sometimes forgot the subjects. The subject was falling apart.

Question 11: Do You Have A Future Idea / Dream?​

They say they have come up with marriage and baby questions because they have posted so many Mirel related videos. Lady Ala says she didn’t think of marriage for a while. She states that their work is the busiest, the time to focus is the most, and their relationships are going very well. He thought that marriage killed some excitement.

Ahmet adds that they already live together. He just says they don’t have babies. They had a cat and a dog. In general, they did not have very serious plans. They had plans like their jobs and careers to go well.

Question 12: Ahmet Is So Sweet And Very Naive. How does he react when he gets angry?​

Mrs. Ala says she is normally a very naive, very emotional and sweet person. Even if he got angry, Ahmet was very easy to soften. Ahmet Bey, even with a kiss, was immediately on the nerve. He was a very sweet and respectful person.

Question 13: Are There Any Situations Reflecting Your Relationship in the Videos Ahmet Shared with Karya?​

It is happening, and it must be, says Lady Ala, and she was doing a lot of trips. They laughed when they watched these videos.

Lady Ala had a fight with Ahmet for the first time and Ahmet went to Ankara. He made relationships after that fight. Ahmet Bey made a video of that fight the next day. Later, with an excuse, Ahmet called the lady Ala and their relationship started.

Ahmet Bey was obsessed with Irina Shayk. He was comparing everybody to him. He kept saying that he wouldn’t have done it if he had. Irina Shayk would be very relieved if she kissed Ahmet.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ahmet is putting forward an idea. Let’s make a kissable list, he says. There are Irina Shayk, Blake Lively and Rihanna on the Ahmet brain kiss list. Ala Tokel’s list includes Tom Hardy and Ryan Gosling.

Lady Ala is telling the video of Ahmet’s brain. He gave points to everyone. He only gave 7 points to Irina Shayk. Ala Tokel’s score is 6.9 points. Lady Ala says she should get 10 points. The next day, Karya and Ahmet shot a video of this incident.

Question 14: Will Ahmet Travel With You The Cosmetics Store?​

Ahmet says he is really trying to travel. But because Ala is the make-up studio of lady, she gave up after a while. One day in Rome, lady Ala walked into a Sephora store and shopped for an hour and a half. He thinks no man will wait an hour and a half.

Lady Ala says she never came with her.

Question 15: What Would You Do to Someone Who Is Trying to Have an Unnecessary Conversation with Ahmet without Taking Kaale?​

Lady Ala tells about a memory on this subject. While they were together in Ankara, a woman beside Lady Ala kissed Ahmet on the lips. Mrs. Ala watched this event from afar with her brain friend Ahmet. Lady Ala was not disturbed. He says that the woman got into a very bad situation.

Question 16: What is your Favorite Activity of Doing Together?​

They liked to travel to new cities. They liked ordering food from Vapiano and watching Netflix together. They loved that they were very tame. They liked watching documentaries. While playing games together, Mr. Ahmet was fighting because he was so ambitious.

Question 17: You Have Traveled Many Cities and Have Fun. Where Is Your Target Now?​

They wanted to go to New York, Africa, Cape Town and Cambodia. They were very fond of traveling together.

Question 18: At the Beginning of the Relationship Or Did You Say “Ok, This Is It” as time passed?​

Ahmet Bey saw the lady Ala and was very impressed. In fact, when they started the relationship, they were very resistant not to start. They realized that as time passed, they were able to get along. They appeared in an unexpected moment.

Question 19: Which of you Mirel Likes Most?​

They both love me, he says. Ahmet is very fond of Mr. Ala lady, you will call me mother, she said.

Question 20: Do You Think You Are Experiencing The Right Things At The Right Time?​

Lady Ala says she even has a tattoo on her body. “As you go through things, never regret events that make you smile,” it writes. If you are happy about something and it makes you smile, no matter what it takes, don’t regret what you’ve gone through, he says. It is very nice what they have lived up to now. Everything was in the right place at the right time, he says.

Question 21: You’re with someone so well-known. Have Any Situations Bothered You?​

Lady Ala says they are no longer looking at the Ahmet Brain DM box. Although they always posted photos of their lovers, the messages sent to Mr. Ahmet were not interrupted. He was not bothered by the comments or messages.

Mr. Ahmet says that this is a lot of fun and adds that he feels lucky to be in love with someone like Mrs. Ala. They were reading the comments and messages together with a laugh.

Question 22: If One Day In The Future You Would Remember Each Other With A Memory And A Feature, What Would It Be?​

Ahmet says that he will remember the moments when they had fun rather than laugh together. Ala lady says that Ahmet will remember his words wrong.

Question 23: Which subject is your brother Ahmet the most jealous of you?​

Ahmet Bey says that Lady Ala knows what to do and where. That’s why he says he’s not jealous and says he’s a jealous person in general.

Question 24: What Are Your Tactics To Influence A Man?​

Lady Ala states that she does not have a lot of relationships, that she only had a marriage and that she did not have a tactic because she did not know too many men. Ahmet says that you have to be yourself.

Lady Ala says that even if you are like someone else in the first few months of the relationship, then the real character will emerge. Lady Ala hated and loathed jealousy.

Mr. Ahmet thinks that your experiences have brought you today. That’s why we shouldn’t be ashamed of any of them. Ala talks about the lady getting married and divorced. He says we should not be ashamed of this. Being jealous of each other, being jealous of each other and not leaving each other alone was driving Lady Ala crazy.

Question 25: Do You Question Each Other’s Past?​

Neither of them questioned each other’s past and past relationships. They say the past remains in the past.

Question 26: What were your friends’ first impressions when they met Ahmet?​

Lady Ala was very quiet and passive when she first met Karya Bey. Normally lively and humorous, Lady Ala was very quiet when they first got together. Karya did not remember that they talked to Lady Ala when they first met. Ahmet Bey loved every friend Ala lady very much. They said he was very sweet, cheerful and harmonious.

Mrs. Ala’s friends also liked Ahmet very much. But when they first met, they saw Ahmet as a very flirtatious and outsider type. But after they met, they loved it.

Lady Ala answers questions about age, saying that we are both 25 years old. Ahmet is the brain sign fish and Ala lady is Sagittarius. That is why Ahmet was emotional and showing his love. But Ala lady was also showing her love in a very beautiful way. Despite their good dealings, they sometimes fight a lot. But they made peace right away without being offended. Ahmet Bey immediately forgot about the fight. Everything was going well. Ala and Ahmet are expressing their good wishes for the new year and the video ends.

My Favorite Makeup Items | Recommendations for Going Abroad​

Today I will share with you the features of my favorite makeup materials. Many of these products can not be found in Turkey, so you can buy from a large part of Europe and America.

Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation By Rihanna is one of my favorite foundation and costs $ 34. It has the following feature, it dries immediately on your face. So you need to buy very little while distributing. It is very nice to cover. It makes the face very matte so it is ideal for oily skin. You have to cross it on your face before it gets dry, spread it out, and then go through it with a sponge. I put this foundation on my favorite foundations list with its ultra-covering feature and matte finish. There are even in Turkey.

Too Faced Born This Way foundation is one of my favorite products. The Sephora price of this product is $ 39. I use the color of porcelain. This product is not matte finish, but slightly wet finish. It offers an ideal glow for summer make-up. It is suitable for all skin types and has high coverage.

I will talk about a great product that has a good coverage to almost cover the tattoo. The Kat Von D Lock-It foundation is awesome and costs $ 35. Having high coverage does not mean that it covers all pimples. If you have rough skin, it can turn your skin into mud. You can find this product in Nişantası and Akasya AVM.

Dior BackStage foundation is again a good product and costs $ 40. Actually I bought this from Istanbul, but because I saw it at Sephora, I wanted to recommend it. Medium coverage product. It is not very dense and does not weigh percent. It has a matte finish and I love it very much.

This is my second favorite foundation. But it is very expensive. The Giorgio Armani Beauty Power Fabric foundation costs $ 64. You can find this product in Istanbul. This product is amazing concealer. But not as much as Kat Von D, because it makes that skin look like porcelain. A product suitable for all skin types.

Another suggestion will be the Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless foundation. The price of this product is $ 46. In fact, this product does not have a great coverage. But I liked how it evened out my skin tone and I saw the result. Ideal for people who love light makeup. You can find this product in Istanbul.

I’ll talk a little bit about eyebrow pencil. I recommend it plain and only the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz eyebrow pencil. The price is $ 21. I would recommend this product to Sephora, but I’m talking about the American Benefits can use eyebrow pencil instead of these products in Turkey. We can say that it is almost an equivalent product. Moreover, there is also brow shadow and brow gel. You can also buy it as a set. Brow Definer is a product that draws a more eyebrow frame and fills the inside of the eyebrow. Brow Wiz, on the other hand, allows you to work thinner and allows you to draw hairy eyebrows.

I recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel eyebrow stabilizer. The price is $ 22. Other eyebrow gels cause the eyebrows to drop after a few hours, but this product glues the eyebrows pretty well.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed transparent powder is a very nice product and costs $ 29. It makes the under eye color a little darker but is pretty good for fixing.

The product Laura Mercier Translucent Powder is pretty awesome. The price is 39 dollars. You can pour a little on the brush and apply this transparent powder to your skin.

I recommend only one product as an eyeliner. Mac Gel Eyeliner is just fine. But according to me, the blackest and most beautiful looking Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is priced at $ 20. It dries very quickly, so it is a fast-consuming eyeliner. You can also find in Turkey.

I will talk about mascara. The Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara product is outstanding and its price is $ 24. I don’t believe anything can pass on this. I think the quality of the brush is important, not the paint, in mascara. It looks great when you drive it with a single blow. You can find it in Akasya AVM, İstinye Park AVM and Nişantası Sephora stores.

Alternatively, you can use Hourglass Caution Mascara. The price of this product is $ 29. It is really nice, but it takes more effort than Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It takes several coats to reach its performance.

I want to talk a little bit about the concealer. I recommend Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. The price of this product is $ 29. This product is a great product for under eye concealer. It is sold only in the USA but not at Sephora.

I also recommend Nars Concealer Radiant product. The price is 30 dollars. This product also covers very well.

I want to talk about Primer. I really like Farsali Primer. This great primer costs $ 54. A very nice product unique to America.

I can also recommend Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Face Primer. The price of this product is 44 dollars. I like it very much, but it can react in people with allergic nature.

You can also apply moisturizer instead of primer. The only effect of Primer is to increase the permanence of make-up.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is again on my list and costs $ 75. This primer is really expensive. So you can buy the small size. It has a silky touch on your face but does not work miracles.

Now I’ll talk a little bit about bronzers. Tarte El Princess Contour Palette, which you can use as a fixing powder and bronzer, costs $ 54. A very nice contour palette. You can only find this product in America.

Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Contour Powder is again a great bronzer. The price of this high quality contour powder is $ 44. I also recommend different palettes of the same brand. It has an amazing undertone.

If you want a quality and affordable product, I will immediately have a suggestion. I recommend the Tarte Pro Glow To Go product, which is a bronzer, highlighter, and fixing powder, and it costs $ 19. You can only find this product in America.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold eyeshadow palette is an indispensable product for me and its price is $ 65. You can find it at Sephora stores in Istanbul. It has everything from black, coffee tones to pink tones, to silvery and shimmery hues for evening makeup. If you wet the brush and apply glitter, you will make a brighter make-up.

The Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette costs $ 49. Its structure is incredibly beautiful. Its luminous colors illuminate the eyes incredibly when you touch the fountain of the eye. You can find this product in Istanbul.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam eyeshadow costs $ 42. There are slightly softer colors in this eyeshadow palette. You can find this product in Europe and America.

I love Hourglass Lighting Blush blushes. The price of this product is $ 40. There are peach and burgundy shades. Thanks to this blush, you can get a very healthy and very bright look while wearing make-up.

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush blush palette includes highlighter. The price of this product is 30 dollars. Moreover, there are a lot of color options.

Now I will talk about highlighter products. This could be the makeup product of my life. The BECCA Champagne Pop product is legendary and costs $ 38.

I love the liquid highlighter. It is nice that the liquid highlighter meets the foundation. My favorite product as a liquid highlighter is Cover FX Celestial. This product is $ 42 and is available only in America. It is like a serum and a very intense product. You have to apply it with your hand, not with a sponge. I apply this highlighter before contouring. I blend it around with a little sponge, then contour it and distribute it with a little bronzer. Whatever you apply on this product, it looks very good. Huda Beauty highlighter is ideal for those who want to buy a powder product.

When it comes to lipstick, if it is up to me, stay away from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Liquid matte lipsticks look terrible. As a lipstick, I recommend Huda Beauty liquid matte lipsticks. I also love Tarte liquid matte lipsticks. I also highly recommend Fenty Beauty lipgloss products.

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