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Who is the fastest footballer in the world? -!: All the details about Who is the fastest soccer player in the world? -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about Who is the fastest soccer player in the world? -!. Here’s what you need to know about Who is the fastest footballer in the world? -!, here are the details … Footballers not only kick a ball, but have to run long distances almost without stopping for an hour and a half (or more) in each game. So they have to be very fast and agile people, so we have set out to discover which is the fastest footballer in the world among the thousands of stories in total.

Soccer is a sport that raises passions and is highly recommended for children. At present, women’s football is gaining ground, its protagonists are no longer invisible and are becoming idols for a whole generation.

There are no big surprises on the list. that the one known as CR7 is inside, but he is not the fastest footballer in the world. Here we are not going to talk about teams, nor matches won, nor golden balls, we are only going to find out which crack of the ball is capable of running more than 35 km / h .

If we propose we can do a specific sprint that exceeds the 25 or the 30 km / h (or more), but it is rare to maintain that rhythm during a football game taking into account the state of the grass, pressure, time against, etc.

At the moment, outside the football fields, the fastest man in the world is the acclaimed Usain Bolt, right? Usain, with a world record of 44 km / h at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, has been overtaken by Marcell Jacobs , an Italian sprinter that in the Tokyo Games he managed to run the 100 dash in 9.8 seconds.

Within soccer fields, speed is of vital importance, since it is about scoring goals and for this you have to be alert, active, alert and be agile and fast. Not everyone achieves these rhythms, but age and physical preparation go a long way.

Kylian Mbappe with 38 km / h

This young footballer from 23 years and who makes his debut as a forward at Paris Saint-Germain Football Club in Ligue 1 in France has been recruited to 38 km / h, something that makes him the fastest soccer player in the world, at less, for now.

They are followed very closely by other stars of the ball such as Gareth Bale with 36, 9 km / h; Luis Advincula a 36, 8 km / h; Alphonso Davies to 36, 51 km / h; Achraf Hakimi to 36, 48 km / h; Adama Traoré with 36, 20 km / h; Iñaki Williams a 35, 8 km / h, among others.

As we have previously reported, the famous and acclaimed Cristiano Ronaldo is on the list. This athlete and ball star is currently Football Club of the Premier League of England and also in the selection of Portugal (his native country). This footballer has achieved other speed records, but currently reaches 35 km per hour when he plays on his land.

For the moment, and the year is about to end 2021, these are some of the fastest soccer players in the world. Perhaps in 2022 there are some surprises, such as new players or cases in which current players are able to improve their own times.

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