Why aren't the breasts perfectly symmetrical?


Why aren’t the breasts perfectly symmetrical? The size and shape of the breasts are very important for women. However, the breasts are rarely symmetrical. They may even have a difference of a beanie. But why ? Explanations.

Asymmetrical breasts, we can say that it is a norm. Like many parts of our body such as nostrils, feet or even ears. Few women have two breasts of the same size and shape. This is due to water retention and blood circulation. But not only. It can be related to genetics and it is passed from mother to daughter.

Weight loss or gain can also be a factor, as the majority of breasts are made up of fat. If you gain or lose a few pounds, it is not impossible that your breast size will change. In general, the left breast (but not always) is the most voluminous. It can also “fall” lower and the nipples do not “point” in the same direction. Don’t panic, it’s a totally natural phenomenon that has all its charm!

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In most cases, it is easy to mask this difference with padding. However, for some people, the difference in volume is such that it is not easy to cover up. Some women will employ breast surgery to mask the problem. Be careful if you think about it, ask yourself the right questions beforehand: “ Is it really useful or not, isn’t the problem coming from my head? ”Don’t worry too much, men will love your breasts anyway!