Why do almost all celebrities use iPhone? -!

Why do almost all celebrities use iPhone? -!: All the details about Why does almost all famous people use iPhone? -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about Why do almost all famous people use iPhone? -!. Here’s what you need to know about Why do almost all celebrities use the iPhone? -!, here are the details … Celebrities from cinema, television, singers, influencers … Most have something in common beyond be known characters and is that in their pocket they always carry an iPhone. Although logically we find exceptions, the Apple smartphone has been sweeping the famous for years. Is there a special reason? Well, beyond that each one can have their own reasons, there are two fundamentally that could be common so that almost everyone chooses to wear the apple logo on their phone.

Apple is still seen as a luxury brand

Yes, there are brands that offer mobile devices more expensive than the iPhone, but it is undeniable that in the end Apple’s are still the most expensive. This is mainly due to the fact that the company does not offer low-end in its terminals. This helps the apple brand to remain closely linked in the end with prestige and glamor .

No, not everyone who uses iPhone does it to “pretend.” Logically. In fact, the company offers devices at more popular prices that make them increasingly affordable to a larger audience. And in the end, issues like the ones we dealt with regarding prestige are still purely subjective elements.

However, it seems that this continues to attract celebrities. Beyond the fact that they may have their particular reasons and have a certain preference for iOS over Android, they understand that the phones of the bitten apple are still seen as symbols of purchasing power. And yes, there are excellent and even more expensive Android mobiles, but their brand image has not achieved a

Something similar happens with accessories and fashion accessories. And although Apple is still a full-fledged technology brand, in the end there is a certain niche of its audience that continues to see them as a luxury brand in the purest Louis Vuitton, Rolex or Channel style.

The exceptional case of influencers

Today there are many characters who have become famous thanks to Instagram or who use this social network to perform advertising actions or improve your personal image. Therefore, it is essential for them that they can show high-quality photographs there. And, despite the fact that there is always a compression of the images, it is the iPhone that guarantees the best results.

Is it because iPhones have a good camera? Yes and no. Apple devices offer excellent results thanks to their computational photography technology and other factors, but there are also Android devices with excellent performance in this area. However, for some reason that has not yet been fully explained, the Instagram app in the Google operating system is not optimized and offers considerably lower results than those of iOS.

Using Instagram on Android always implies that the photos and videos look of poorer quality, unless they are inserted from the gallery. We even find mobiles that in their camera app already integrate suitable formats for Instagram without losing so much quality, but the fact of having to make these contents through an app other than Instagram’s own seems to be enough for those famous people involved in the network social media opt directly for an iPhone.