Why is it bad to have coffee before breakfast? -!

Why is it bad to have coffee before breakfast? -!: All the details about Why is it bad to have coffee before breakfast? -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about Why is it bad to have coffee before breakfast? -!. Here’s what you need to know about Why is it bad to have coffee before breakfast? -!, here are the details … Many people are used to having a coffee as soon as they get up and after a few hours, stop to have breakfast or at least eat something solid. This custom can cause us some other health problem and we must stop doing it from today.

Coffee is a very widespread drink throughout the world and its strongest rival is tea, but it does not reach the fame or figures that coffee has. A drink loved and hated in equal parts and that is full of benefits, as well as contraindications if we exceed its consumption.

Drink coffee as soon as you open an eye in the bed is something that hundreds of thousands of people do around the world. A new study explains why we shouldn’t drink coffee before breakfast, and the reasons are quite compelling, as we could suffer short-term and long-term consequences, regardless of age and gender.

Disadvantages of coffee before breakfast

The University of Bath concludes, after studying almost Eating breakfast affects glucose metabolism in the body . Therefore, it is better to have something for breakfast, and then have coffee.

In the study, several checks were made, separating the participants into different groups, so that everyone drank one drink right after waking up. What was proven is that sleeping well or poorly and having a sugary drink upon waking did not alter the metabolism excessively. However, drinking coffee right after waking up increased the blood sugar response by 50%. Therefore, experts indicate that to counteract the potential of blood sugar level, it is best to have breakfast and then drink coffee.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach is also negative for our stomach, and even more so, if we suffer from a digestive disorder. By drinking coffee before breakfast, what is achieved is to increase the production of acid in the stomach and that translates into specific short-term and serious long-term discomforts such as ulcers, gastritis and the like.

Other consequences of drinking too much coffee

Also, the abuse of coffee during the day and that extended in time, can lead to a adrenal gland failure due to overstimulation. Coffee is usually drunk to stimulate the brain, be alert, not fall asleep, have more energy, etc. In the long run, it has been shown that the adrenal gland, which is responsible for cortisol, will reduce the secretion of this hormone because it will not see it necessary.

Cortisol is essential for our body since it helps to respond to stress, fights infections, regulates blood sugar, maintains blood pressure, etc. If cortisol levels are low, the body is not able to regulate glucose, blood pressure, we will have anemia, fatigue, lack of appetite, etc.

In addition, coffee It has other consequences such as addiction, and it is that it manages to alter the chemistry of the brain and little by little (and without realizing it) we need to drink more cups of coffee a day to achieve the same effects that we previously achieved with a cup or two. According to experts, the maximum is 4 cups of coffee per day for a healthy adult.