Will DAZN go up in price when it includes LaLiga? -!


Will DAZN go up in price when it includes LaLiga? -!: All the details about Will DAZN price go up when it includes LaLiga? -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about Will DAZN go up in price when it includes LaLiga? -!. Here’s what you need to know about Will DAZN go up in price when it includes LaLiga? -!, here are the details … DAZN and Movistar have retained the rights to broadcast the Spanish LaLiga matches in the seasons 2022 / 23, 2023 / 24, 2023 / 25, 2025 / 26 Y 2026/27 . For the first time in a long time, the Blues share the rights with another company, in this case the most important sports OTT of the moment. Although the competition does not start until the middle of August next year, there are many steps that must be taken until then. One of the things we still don’t know is if DAZN will go up in price or if it will offer football at the current price of 9, 99 dolars per month (seems unlikely).

Movistar will broadcast 5 games per day, plus 3 full days that it will broadcast exclusively. For its part, DAZN will broadcast the other 5 remaining matches of the day . In addition, as is established in Spanish legislation, we will have one open game per day. That meeting is currently being played in Gol, but its continuity for the season has not been confirmed 2022 / 2023. It could be Gol or there could be a surprise, that will be one of the enigmas to be solved in the coming months.

The second enigma to be solved is the possible agreement between Movistar and DAZN so that we can watch all the games on both platforms or, at least, on one of them. This seems quite simple because they already have an agreement at the expense of Formula 1, MotoGP or 4 linear channels with the Copa del Rey, the Premier League and the Euroleague basketball.

The third important point will be to see how they negotiate with Orange and the terms of the agreement that they can sign. The French have already made it clear that they want to continue broadcasting LaLiga and that, for them, it is an important product. In relation to the 5 Movistar games, they do not expect too many changes as everything is regulated by the CNMC. The interesting thing will be to see the type of agreement they reach with DAZN.

Will the price of DAZN go up when including LaLiga?

AND finally, we come to the fourth enigma that will be solved over the months and that is none other than the price of DAZN. Currently, the OTT for sports costs 9, 99 dolars per month or 49, 99 dolars per year if we pay it at once. This price seems somewhat unrealistic due to the significant investment effort they will have to make to offer LaLiga in Spain.

So that we Let’s get an idea, DAZN Italia tripled its price after taking over the rights to Serie A. The sports streaming service increased its monthly fee from 9, 149 dolars to 29, 99 dolars in less than a month, although to attract new customers and retain current ones, it put a promotion of 19, 99 dolars during 14 months.

In the case of DAZN Germany, which only broadcasts some games by sharing the rights with Sky, the price rose at the beginning of the year to 14, 99 dolars per month or 149, 99 dolars per year (which makes a few 12, 99 dolars per month prorating the cost that we will pay for one time). As we can see, in both cases they are prices higher than those of Spain.

The situation of DAZN, except for a future agreement to broadcast the Movistar matches, is more similar to that of Germany than to that of Italy, where you have the full rights. For this reason, the rise of Spain may not be as exaggerated as that of Italy and more similar to Germany.

For now, everything is speculation, but what It seems clear is that DAZN will go up in price if we look at the movements made in some of the markets in which it has acquired the soccer rights in that country.

How much would you pay for DAZN with LaLiga included?

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